Saturday, May 30, 2009

The day i M proud of....

~~~~~~~21 st Bdae TAITAI!!!~~~

Model of the year~ with charles and keith handdy bag~!

the programmer~!hahhahhaa

Princess DIary --21st!~

hAPPY 21st Vermicelli !!hehe guess wat it is~

Guess where is the present~!Wat is the round board made of~ the important day for my dearest...the one i met after emily...the one i met in advantures club..The one..become my roommate even i jst knew u for one day...

Dearest mingli....I m happy to become one of the important ppl in ur 21st bdae which u care bout ur 21st...I m happy to give u such a warmmy celebration thou it wasnt as deluxe as wat ur boss and other friends can give..all we can do is havin a simple celebration at home...

I m happy that u say u prefer such a warmmy celebration...i m glad tat u did enjoy ur 21 bdae eventhou u nvr being celebrating ur bdae for so long and havin probs with ur project and also relations with ur friends...

I m happy ..coz u jst simply cried and touched when u saw our simple bdae wishes and suprise...
and also whn i say we bought the pendent for long time ago..coz u really thought we will FORGET ur bdae????
I m happy when u say once u wear it ..u wont take it off....

thankz for givin such a touched reaction towards our effort thoug we havin critical exam for theses few week which cant really put in effort to celebrate for u ..ha..

thanks for being my mentor..thankz for talking crap ....thankz for being a big sis of us..thankz for the diff perspective view tat i can learnt frm u ...thankz for everything tat makes me grow mature..

ur tears= our achivement..

.thank u strong girl! its vry hard to see u cry!!!;)

Audrey with love~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

haiz..wat a day

haiz..wat a day.todae kinda relax..
but things dosent go smoothly..

i lost ...i lost my cash card~!if i realise in the 1st place,=..i might able to find back..till todae only i realise..haiz hope..lost where?imust be in the photostae machine..forget to push out again...
haiz..ppl also forget to take..i did return to the would others do tat to me too??

again ..todae i lost my precious eraser..tat spent our happiness drawiing session together...its my buddy for sketching,..hope i still can find u back in the lab tmr~!

again ..todae i forget to plug out my pendrive in the earlier lab..luckly found it back..phew..all my proj inside..scary sia..thz to mj who take back for me... ideation~!alamak..the cartoon havent start idea~!

todae wanted to print in the free excess lab..ass lar..all printer also cant use..wasting my precious slping time only..

so overrall todae..nt my day...todea quite relax yet make me sad
i forget my eraser my pendrive and my cash card...
cool huh?anyone ? can beat after me??

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


heloo every one..suprisingly im vry tired and sleepy now..thoug slept at 6 to 7 jst now..for so long i nvr been home for tat early rd...sob sob..

while i was taking my sweetest nap..hp rang..received a call frm yiyi..

I got my PR offered letter~woh...nice?should be happy?hahha ..erm..honestly kinda unexpected...lolz dunno y ml and wl want it so time to summit...think i will drag it to few week time seh..all proj ..homework..exam`!

die,...plaanned to read..teleprint..yet,,..i m wasting time after woke mummy bout the vendor bout the shirt...tell her bout the pr letter..nth much....but the again shirts is another heavy task fr me again....

after eating my "dinner"..planned to study..end up?
talk talk talk chiittt chitt chat chat..haizzz....end up talk til 10 ++
good also lar...for quite long we dint hav a nice stupid chat in the room rd..3 of us..stupid fellow...

till now..damn slpy rd..still need to find the pic of jelly fish~!my ideation cartoon doesnt WORK~!!!sad sad hatty jelly fish kena reject~OMG need to redo redo and redo..haizzz troublesome `!!!alamak ...tmr mct....fri gt more week is alredy EXAM~!OMG i reallly faint..
cant breath seriously....

k lar..thz for viewing my blog..thou i thought tat jst those comment ppl r viewing my blog~didnt expect tat there are really sombody else who reading my blog plz comment wat eva after u view my blog so at least i know u r ther for me~!

"blog is the only way to know wats happening to u recently.".ya ..
its truth....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy birthday..dearest..

17th may 3 months advanced to the day i was born..
again..after a yr
happy bdae once again to
my sweetest bf ....

not vry excited..nearly forget..
soo soon it past for a yr..still rmbr last here stil full of imaginations...and dream..
today..wsnt feeling well....physical nor mental..

i m tired..i m down..
ya true..the tee tat had settle really makes me feel surprisingly not vry happy todae..
mayb due to the issue and conflicts tat are inconvenience for me to tell...
ya mayb ..few minutes more i m gonna take my bus..and start my battle again...
my blog sounds so bored ..everyday sian siansia ..dull..negetive...and meaningless
when can i hav my funniest blog ever again..

lots thing happened in btwn today and the last day i blogged
..incident tat happened in my sg house..make me totally home sick..
i hav the opp to come back..yet i dont hav opp to meet the one that i wanna talk to...i really misss friend..ya..thankz to popo and mummy ..
luckly she liek the present i bought her ..its more then enough..thou i been struggling the time when i reallly buzy with my hmwrk and my job..
ya ..be4 i went back to the saddest battle field..i had done all my things in klg..time are packed~ya..coz again smtg screw me up...again cant surf internet at home..coz landlady no money to paybil..-.-"
hope tat my critical period had over...

quiz again are coming on friday....
my mct proj still doin reserch..
my ideation proj ..sill stuck in the middle..
perhaps i m really a POOR organizer....

GOD bless me.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

wat a dissapointed day

the tee... took my lots of time to prepared it..htough of do it well..thought will b out by tis week..once again ..prob bumbs out...out of sudden , this morning mom called me....the vendor yest only get the draft..nx weeek only can received it..y ? y? Y? y things cant jst go smoothly...once again i delayed it.....
haiz..I blame my self cant do things nicely..thuo i did lot of effort, so wat? i blame myself cant have the outcome ..... one day i havent get my t shirt on thier hands..a say it nice..really really...the stone in my heart still tightly killing me....

modani math quiz modani quiz..all ...alll...crumple int he 1st day of weekk...shit ...mon is my important day..till now..i still struggle with my modani animations...
GOd..thank god u let sharon back on the ritght time..GOd.lz give me strength for these few days..i really dont feel liek working..i hav lotltoltotlto of thing shavent accomplished..plz..i really need strength to finish it..i didnt slp early for vry long time being....

in a nut shelll..good luck to me aud....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

向左走 ;向右走

lolz..dont get frightent with the chinese title..hahaa..dont expect me to write chinese..coz i rewallyy will spent lots time in it!`~ha..
there is another stupid incident tat i wanna share with u guys..
.ya..be4 reading it..plz mind ..ya its real..I might be silly ..and is incredible for u ..haha however hope tat throught this will make u all destress and
happy 1 xia~!ha~!

ok..todae is 31st april which the day i supposed to go home..and thz to my stupid mind i decided to work on this day at sakae sushi tat i had being stop since end of last yr..thankz to weiling ..i managed to buy stuff to popo and fam on time and yet still can catch up my schedule time straight after sch~
yup~!11 30 !my time to knock off@! due to guiltyness..i work a little longer to pay back my little lateness so i went off around 11 40 ..calling mom while walking relaxly towards mrt station ..i totally forgot the time..stil berlengah lengah..ting ting~


GOSH!~the last train! i m rushing towards the tab machine..gosh who know i stucked ther stupid card cant scanned throught the pouch..every minutes count~!finnally get to rush in.....

with a panic mind..thanz to it..i rush to the opp direction..-.-"""i cant do anything wat can i do is jst rush into the cabin thou i now i was in the wrong train..which go towards boon lay...wheras i should go towards pasiris..COZ I CANt found the train towards pasiris ..its on other floor ...if i rush there..i no need to go homw..coz not even a single train tat i can take...

ya thank sto it..i hopw i m dreamming.....close my eye..and i wasnt dream yes blurness covered me...wat should i do ..BLANK**

ok thank to my mind again...or thank god...i found tat actually i stiill hav another choice..i called my aunt....which stay in boon lay...with a tired body ...i say yiyi ..can i stay over night at ur house tonight??* damn sudden..kao~!i got house...yet need to slp at yiyi many thing havent do~..gosh...luckly ..still managed to stay over night there..wat a joke for yiyi..

ya reach there,243W bus to her house, 12 25end,thanks to it..i reach ther by 12 26..-.-""WALK TO HER HOUSE~!!!! -.-reawlly suewwww...awhile walking to her house ..SHOCk me..i saw 243Wpass me by...wanan vommit seriously...damn gek sim....wat to do..this my life for 1 may 09

thanks to it i havin my vry good LABOUR DAY .....