Tuesday, July 20, 2010

99 sad post

again..depressed..and tired..
using freinds lab to do the stupid c4d since 6...
i m really tired doin stuff with stupid matter..wat can i do other than tat?
i always wondering y m i doin things with slow pace yet without any good outcome...
324 material for me to fill in one by one tracing the material make me insane man..
please help me..i really dont wanna stay here doin nth man..its really holding me on ! i really got lot undone task... shitz..y i always looks so stresss?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

i m tired

i seriously tired trice again...
i dunno wat kind of thing happened to me again..

i had cried badly just after i saw her pm..i know smtg tat gonna happened again..
i cant controlled myself when i heard mom's weeps...
i dint know tat i m tat emotions..
i dint know tat i care about her so much until she was gone..
is a sudden death
a tragedy ..
a single minute...

if now ask me to describe about one minute..i would say ..
please give methe one minute to bring her back...

i cried i cried i cried....
i cried a lot this few weeks since after i back from msia...
i have no idea wat m i doin ..
"personal taste" the korean drama truly brightent my day ,
i end up feel depress when the show is ended..
those star struck feel came back again
which i hate the most..

i m totally moodless to do things..like drug addict..
i kept ask myself to be active liek how i used to be..
but facts cant lie...
my face dosent showed tat i m happy thou i m still crapping...

i fall , i forgot , i panic , i lost , i depress ,i emo though out the whole week and finally yah
let me cried as loud as possible..
good luck for tmr PR1?
will it come true ..
today is like a dream to me....