Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy NEW yeaR??

Is reallly 2010 is my new Happy Year??

i really hope soo...hope so...

10 yrs back when i was a kid ..i m so excited to step into 2 digits world...
Now i m one yr older.. i m no longer under the TEENAGE category ..

frankly i reawlly dont feel like growing up...
i have a important regretments in my teenage life...

2010 really is the year i gonna say Bye to my 19th last teenage life..
will i still act like teenage? or i m a young adult already ? i dunnoo...

Teenage life really hav a lil of regretment...
omg..i think i really gonna be OLD CRAcK single ? a bechelorette till the day it ends....

I m not choosy ....jst that the right one havent appear or i dont even hav one? ..i doubt myself ..perhaps i m too lousy to deserve the Gd one..

I WISH....
to have the mate that i really wanted..
NO more Busy life..
No more pressure ..
No more house moving ..
BB & friend are bonded ever more stronger... neither msia or sg..
SLIM and pretty ..
Maintain my result..
I wanna have HIGHLIGHTS in my 20th life..~!!!!!!

all e best my friend ..MY ur 2010 wishes come true... I hope mine come true also~!!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

NuDe SnoW

heloo every one is me again..with a lil luck here ..i manage to on9 in the hotel lobby~
jst after out snow crazzzy ness trip.wahhahaaa....

too early to happy...i jst get informed tat my LOA is not being approved~ jezzz..
2 days more i gonna reach sg already~ then straight away school in the next day...(* homework * assignment..make me drozzy again..

finally there are snow here after we went to a nice expereince~hahha....

today early morning we went to the nude spa~haha imagine..naked infront of others liek nobody bussines...ya ..tat is wat we forced to do..Oooppss..drooling guys dont envy me~hahahha can see lot of sexy chio bu there.hahaha ....

then eat eat eat....thats all wat we do~
k tired+ good but somehow not in a good moodd....
k lar byebeye;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Korea Xmas??

hello everyone is me again~ MERRY X MAS~!!!


yah..stil in korea ..i doubt there are lot of ppl envy-ing me rite??

too bad..i wanna say.. now kprea time 11 20 time for me to slp..i dunno whether the korea trip is nice or not~? is noce..but its always end damn early ..imagine i celebrate my 19th Xmas just within one 9 smtg to 10?? yah..tats all..a lil dissapoint...haa....

btw ..really damn tired ..jst after my SKI ~wahahhaa..i hope all my friends were here~ we are still crazying here all day long~ suddenly ...i MISS u GUYS~!!!!

but....i hate to go back too..i really dont hope to do my home workk...jeeszzzz plz help me~

really feeling like crying....gosh......

i hope i will still be happy.... neverthe less... homework and burden of house finding still bothering xmas wish...

i hope to settle all my home work and get my new "room".....
i dunno y ..i dont feel good now ..a llil sad..dunno y ..

wake up aud~! i should enjoy my trip to the fulllest~!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

should i ?

lot of things happendz.. frm happy excited to
stress and shock..
well mix...

working and assignment really stress me up..
goin to work i still need to pray ...the feeling are jst like exam
assignment havent done anything yet..

once again ..we need to move out..-.-...
again prob btwn landloard and landlady...
bout $$ again that bring us out...haiizzz..

will korea any longer be fun for me?
i have no idea....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BaCk at the wrong time

here i m again..change my blog wall yesterday..have the x mas mood for sudden...long time didnt updte my blog due to overload time cusume ..(wasting time for nth)..lots of thing happen in btwn this few weeks ..frm bdae
to ibu visit
to bus incident
to take pic in custom..
to landlord steal pots
to diet plan
to working stuff
to exam mood..
to food temptation..
to Xmas winter clothing
to sneaking in action
to super hyper for my 1st xmas suprise
to self destress for pre exam..
till now ..cant wait for tmr exam to end....tmr picnic to COME~!

ya time for me to go back for my LAST MINUTE work again....
me really padan muke..wat to do ..hiakkeee hiakkkeee..
k bye~
in Xmas Mood~^^

Thursday, November 19, 2009

19 nov 2009

happy bdae jannah~!
have a great day today ~
can dress up preety preety for jannah's birthday ...
having "make up"session during our digi com lab..
having our luxury lunch in BBq Tm1~!
teachin express net infra in 30 mins.....

rushing to work...

having my 1st dental job at tmp inter...
good experience..yet leg damn pain coz of my stupid shoe....

vry nervous..but fun~!

hehe overall happy and lucky..
coz again i forget to take my POSB card after i withdraw my money and top up my ez link ..thanks to the china guy who ran out and find the owner(* which is me) ..
hhehe..i still ngong ngong..dunno tat was mine..since i m holding the ez link rd...Blek..luckly mum dunno ..or nt ..kena nag by dad again..hehhe... wl also cant stand me rd..hahhaa..

kk tmr tough job summore... k bye with the tired body~;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

10 x ( 1 400) / 100 x 140 = 19600!!!

woohoo~ i m vry happy yet tired..coz i jst break my long lost JOG record~! hehehe..i had jog about 10 rounds.. 7 formal round + 8 informal round...hehehhehe...
leg damn cramp noww..hehe..thnsnk ya dong.. by built up my confidence to JOG again~!whahaha.. i love this feeling...sweat like hell frm 8 15 ? to 1026?? wahhaha aSHIOK ALLALAA,...

19 600 steps ++ can u make it??whaha~
kk time fr me to study ready.. tata

Thursday, November 12, 2009

FATED =/= bdae present

fated not to donate..

even ya some say dont believe in those luck or curse...

but it did works..the more i want..the more i urge... ya ..

i wont get...

hapy bdae mom... mom's bdae present is the stuff tat i intend to bought kinda long time ago ... haiz..cant get to buy the stirrer as well... dad dnt allowed... no sponsor ship frm him..everything cant work~

i really a very dissapointed when the nurse say sorry u cant donate coz ur vein is too small...
i was like wth! i already mentally and physically prepared..jesszzz..the worst thing is she say come again 6 months later...didnt do house chore ar? need to do more excersice..-.----" wth~
my hand already so muscular..say me didnt excersice.. vry insulted plzz..... lol@
vryvry envy mingli and yan ming tat can donate bloodd...
wanna donate blood ...coz this is my frst time and it will be an memoreable day ..present for mom.......
wat a joke...
3 of us ..mingli weiling and me... in the end..the most unwilling got it.. ?


Thursday, November 5, 2009


wats HAp*sAd stands for??

im home~ dearly home ..ya ..i m back at 10 plus after 3 weeks in sg..

finally home..

i m kinda moody yest...kinda nt feeling gd..

vry tired and stress ..

vry nervous...vry confuse..

vry wat eva...

yest i m struggle to join programme..i saw all the click together..makes me feel like joinning back the programme..but i know..again i might be liek last tiem cant commmitte....i dotn wanan be unfair to others..listen to Cp.. he say aud ..u should join too much of CCA...gonna maintain ur grade.. again..ya ask opinion on Jan..ya ..thanks to Jan she give me a firm answer..ya it makes my mined clear...

then after posting the notice board..went to opp sch for CCN day survey with yessy , davin and Long lost eugene...

Company eugene eating in the food court..

Usuall me... i m not taking any order..

this where smtg affect me again..

yessy askk...y u always dont wanan eat?wanna save money or wat?Y nvr buy things?

she dint saw me buy things ..ya mayb i seems vry kiamsiap to her..but its true ..i didnt really buy food...but i also spent money on stuff liek BOM for nth..jst wanan spent..(this wat according to weiling..lolz...)

i speechless for sudden.....coz...

even me also dunno y m i so stupid and struggling ....

i dont wanna buy food ..coz i forced myself ..not to eat...

MIND hav those concept..

"not to spent on unnesccary $ on foodd..since it will jst make me gain weight... i rather spent those on clothing..."

its a rite concept..i m phobia bout gaining weight after havin drastic change since after poly life started..

I dunno wher my money goes..ppl saw me seems spent kinda lil..same to me..i though i spent a lil..but not... i did spent a lot..but i dunno where..even me myself also puzzled...

mayb i spent on others more than myself..i need to save money to buy present..there are too many ppl birthday....

i m pretty stupid.. alswaays abuse myself...i easily get temp..but ya..i need to CONTROL~
DIeT + save money =win win situation~

written on thurs nite.. to be cont..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat?

now..12 43..

kinda sleepy but yet i already took my long lost nap after cam back frm the camp at3 till 6 smtg ...It was raining...feel kinda good...
I 'm happy to hav my long lost gathering dinner with ming li and weiling..Its sweett~

Today activities kinda success , as in the participant did enjoy from preparation till the end of the performance....respond frm the participant is the Hinge of the an wonderful camp..
SO i m glad that they did enjoy the performance..

I ' m sorry to LQ and yessie..if we really dint cooperate well.. i m sorry if i m too autarchy by insist of giving extra prizes to the participant or any funny funny suggestion...DO the last min souvenir to the participant..
sorry beinng keep on searching material for the participant ..end up i mistook ur board(joel)...
and also thanks to LQ ..ur paper mask...

I really must thanks to all me WONDERFUL HELPERS~!!! i really really love ur spontaneity and sporting ,efficient character ..tats y we managed to finished all souvenir for 3 empire within 2 hrs~~thats fast ;)


thou today is a short day..but its kinda long debrief i m havin..prepared for the worst be4 i go i m still ok with it..suprisingly the feedback wasnt tat cruel..... for programmes ya its true..its kinda cocked up durin the night walk..logistic items is not complete and we didnt realise...mis com on wat task we should do.. .we really make the log m i...
i m nervous ..panic..the outdoor log have probs..ther are no time for me for futher brief to some of them.... hence its wher all the problems poop out...

luckly we managed to start on time even the set up a lil too simple and crude... i m sad when i saw all the helpers start to be tired and bored ....i feel so bad bout it...coz i feel the same too..walking 2 level of night walk up down up down nonstop.really kiling me..poor legs...i think gonna have big muscle again..
ppl who dare to come for nightwalk for sure wasnt timid type moreover 90% of we expect to scare them ...tired of scarin them..instead, it looks more liek a joke ~lolz
nearly break down yesterday.. seriously feel like give up..its vry discouraged thats confirm bt i jst cant control myself.... after bath its already 5 smtg...i m like dead meat..but i cant slp yet..i still in to write a story line for the next day performance use..goodness..thats is seriously killing me...type out the rough crapping storyline that i dont even know wat m i writing about...6 plus only i take my nap till 8...

woke up by davin.. then straight away chiong the slide..who knows..nooby davin..sent my draft to the LT and show all to them rd..-.--"" basket..all typo and grammer mistake sia..being laugh by all the 60 over participant sia!! later on , davin's lappy lag pula..gosh..the power point that i do , did not save...really gone crazy in the LT.... luckly got the copy frm pc...really used tat broken ppt...embarasss plus dissapoint..

This is my 1st time being a real makes me realise that i really got lot lot more to learn about... effort is not enough...stresness is shown on my face during nightwalk...
efficiency , awareness , and communications are equally important...
i have to many things and ppl to apologise to....

Kinda dissapoint on myself....i do think most of the time , my intention become troblesome idea to others.. i think i m the one ruined the camp..

however.. its kinda suprise davin say quite a number of participant say it was good , and jst now i also get a inbox msg frm izzul which make me really feel much more better..i feel vry happy ..then summore got good feed back frm qian yu and yan ming which pull me up frm my downess... lolzz..

those words is useless if wasnt told by participant itself ..tats really makes me better..
btw still need to thanks for the good encouragement from all the helpers and friends...

if i wasnt one of the programmer and this post swap to a better programmer
perhaps this halloween camp will be much more better than this??

Friday, October 30, 2009

Night walkl

in Lti m SUPER sad and exhausted ...
..cant imagine i was typing out my depression..
Camp is much more tougher and disappointed than i expected..
i feel sorry ..i feel bad..i m ...
the failure....

Monday, October 26, 2009


seriously tired..programmer is thousand times tougher than i thought..
plz hold on...i fully use my brain...

plz god..few more days...let it success....
coz one night camp ...
stressness,, guiltynesss ,
today ur tears really make me feel bad...
i had no idea....
i m sorry if i neglected u...
coz even me cant manage myself well...

the end-
blooddy aud.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

4th day of sch

4th day of sch ..
already killing my softly..i predictted my life ....
is gonna be more tiring.....

thank god..i m still free frmm books..can escape frm lec and tutorial for mean while..
club stuff really piercing me.....
neither organiser nor programmer is a good things when both come together..battle begin...
book seeling ..kinda sacred me too...both us blur blur..he blur blur... keep the money really can feel the stress..everyday count $...tired..really tired..i can go blind soon ...use logicall mind to think the method to count $ every night is a battle not telli..ya..gone case..everything need to recount..perhaps those kind of things really need biss student to do..

i cant understand myself..m i doin lots of work?or i do last minutes work..m i over react or i m jst too much...too ambitious?m i doin the rite things...wat are other do while i m squeezing my head to think of the games ..wat are others do while i m trying my vry best to tell meet up the helpers..i m tired by standing 4 hrs to explain...m i kinda focus too much on wanna make this camp great?
but i m kinda loosserr..i cant come out with the things on conclusion much discussion...everybody is REAL busy .....i m sorry if i try to escape by absent last time...but i did my vry vry vry best this few weeks to really come out with smtg..i did put on serious effort here.. ..i m sorry to the helpers if i m lil to sudden or randomm..

hard effort mess up the plan...i dunt know m i doin the rite thing? all i know is recruite more ppl .. previous case for helpers for participant..again... i recruite ppl blindly....the more the better like robot.coz i thought the camp will be sucks with little kinda small amount of participant..till i found out the amount is exceed...gosh..i know the mess wat i did already.. perhaps need to replan some of the programme again...pheewww..
tmr ashrae time for discussion again...

i did put in my effort..myb is jst not enough....did u?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

wat should i feel?

where should i start..start form?

REFRESSSHH my memorryyy....
k come back to msia....after my bdae outing with tei yw and em they all...

while having evening lunch with teo and em..get called to OFFICE LADY~
woohoo.. for 3 days....

coz wat..coz i need to rush back to sg again for meeting and also camp~~~
3 days working..dont even ask bout $$ coz i already prepared to really jst gain experience..working in chia sin travel last day of working..however total up i jst work for 7 days only ..HA! ..3 days be4 camp 4 days after camp --

these few days i manage to get rm140..hard earn money seh.... (btw..convert to sg..i really able to get that amount in 2 days time..but on the other hand , ii wont experience that much if i work in its still consider worth it ..)

good i get my salary..ha...really unexpected "salary"..
the only things is i try not to go there to frequent coz..
in order not to be toooo free , i need to bring my new moon there to read to spent my time..hence i go alternate days.. coz i wanna collect more task to do in one day... when they ask me to work again after i came back frm camp..hehe..

is true..i did learn lot of things..especially on fill up passport~~~ can recognise the faces ready sia..and also VISA~ hehe..china visa ? india visa? no problem..ask me next time~
heheh....smmore need to type type type..translate trip schedule..gosh..make me nervous only...see my eng already knwo how broken it is..

on tues, during my off day..intend to pluck the tooth rd...damn ass..closed pula..
luckly go find yewhui..happy happy her for while ...
scare me sia cox i hav no much time to pluck out my tooth ready since i need to take out the thread
on wed night i m damn tired ready lar ..yet still cant slp ..coz i still need to rush "smtg" before i gonna pluck my tooth on thurs.. ALL BECOZ OF THAT ~ make me miserable..make me disgrace..make me sacrisfied..make me ..squueeeze my brain..

i manage to go on thrus during my off day as well..i wasnt tat painful , perhaps i m more BRAVE~ or mayb can say i m jst too used to it..
cant even talk due to the stitch....dont even wish to talk plz...
..the next day ..still need to talk on the phone..wasnt a good task to be an operator during this time~..phew..luckly som1 created pain killer..

erhm..overall i m still happy with the job..hope tat i can be tour guide next tiem XD ~ !
erhm..nth much to say jst wanan say happy birth day ayah and dawisha!~ hav a nice food fest ibu house 3 in one...laksa johor...nasi serai....roti jala....
and also kfc treat in chia sin..with may, kat , anita , eugene dll....

and sorry to miss yw..that cancelled her bdae steamboat celebration coz of me?? lolzzzz..k lar..oh ya..and today i bought another sandal again..heee..(choose damn long..untill i get paiseh sia...) too many mouth spoilt the mood....
k thats all my recent story about~thank u~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brithdae Present~!!!!!

Guesss wat?
yin wen will be the 1st one who vry anxiously to see this post...

M i rite , miss yw??

ya...thats a great and tired day..
woke up at 7 ++ back at 8++
break record sia.
todae having girlzz POWER GATHERInG..
too bad...Hoey is substitude with EMILY..wahhaha..
early in the mor..
teo 's mom fetch us frm ibu house..
me teo and bea eat our breakfast at NASIB then lepak at anika
while waiting for yw and emily to arrive ...

9 + waiting in anika..for?..heheh....$$ frm mummy..coz i really pokgai rd....
seriously intend to treat u all with my own $..too bad...fated not to..coz mummy also forget to bring her purse...blarhh..

9++ we went to MCD..* without odering ANY FOOD..jezz..damn paiseh lar...but yet we still muke tembok and stay there till around 1+..wahahaha..
theres where my bdae gather suprise BEGIN.....

yup yup..thanks to YW... wrapping my PRESEnt with her vryvryvyr NICE PLASTIC BAG(*she gt my style?)
open it up...i saw.... A MUG!!!!!which is told to be hold with care~!coz its vry EXPENSIVE..initially ..i dunno y..i still waiting for somemore suprise ....wahhaha...then they ask me to open..OMG>>hehhehehe i cant stop laughing....giggling..IS OUR PIC ON ITTT~!!!WOOHOOOOOO~~~~ ehehehehheheeee....damn happy lar...initially ithought was the normal printing mug....see lar..even purple contex also uselesss....dint realise man...damn HAPPY LAR...gonna bring back to sg~!!~~woohooo....

nvr the last...i also vry touched with the wishes...know y? coz it stated there to ask me drink more water..slim down and DONT STRESSS.haha...simply touched by tat dunno y...

after that..I go K again~!!!!! thou yest jst after a greawt K with ibu they all..damn worth it man 12 for 2 hrs~!!wahahha...be4 tat we still went to giant to buy a bottle of pepsi..chak!* damn auntie sia...
in K exception...emily teo yinwen and me...SHOUT YELL SCREAM..sing..the least....ahhaha .kk
actual fact is me lar and emily ..scream and yell the most liek 38..i think i did sang alot...paiseh ar...coz to DE-STRESS lar..well u know..cant shout at sg..later kena good to learn chinese know y? coz when ever there are chinese song i can good to listen to eng song as well , know y? COZ U CAN SING as well~! wahhhaha...after tired shouting and time for us to move on....folllow the "clever " emily go and meet the guys in CINEMA huh.. at kp .....yet suppose to be at klg mall....thankz huh emily.....

went to klgmall..ya..join them for pizza hut...? ya..we saw..empty plates..-.-they jst finished their lunch..ya..with a starving stomach..we chatting there for awhile ..actually the situation kinda weird sia..dunno hw to explain....hah..end up 4 + we really get our butt up say bye and search for FOOD...neither second floor nor 3rd florr...end up...WE GO BACK TO THE CIRCLE..we eat in pizza hut ..-.--"" ya ..same set of food eat eat talk talk talk...time flies...its time for us to go~! haiz..i regret i jst agree to work at the travel agency..i work for experience or i work coz of my itchy mind...find trouble..find restless.....again.....ya i wish ti work coz i can learn..yet..gather is more important? if complaint kena blamed again later....sorry lar teo i also wish i could meet u guy tmr~...

damn it...i havent meet lar..... luckly sat work half day..still gt time to sneak out~!
yeah...and one thing i realise....HangOUT without $$ is miserable~!!!!


thanks to teo yw ewn JOEY~ thanks for the lovely mug..thanks for the long jouney present..lovlvoe~!
k G9..good luck to me for tmr;) watch this~!

Monday, September 21, 2009

selamat hari raya everyone!~

hello~! long time no see my friendsz...
heeeheh..being so long i havent update my blogz ya..
ya kind true from pre-forum at sp to forum at pulai spring....
to Today~! i already celebrated my 2nd of raye her in ibu's house ehehe... fun in sp ..IS eXtreme lluxury life by eating 6 meals perday sia (shall we call it food fest?)in pulai....
Is heaven eating in ibu house sia~ all the kuih like doubt..

okk ..otalk less bout PF, i gonna talk bout my raye celebration this year while waiting for the slide vid uploading in u tube..hehe..
the day be4 raye ..jst came back home arnd 10 after esc meeting..damn tired man.summore need to pack.the nx day ..BALIK KMPG~! early in the 5 alradey woke up....11 smtg reach home~
wanna hav nap? DREAM ON~!

dad already ask us to paint house sia...cant jst give me chance to nap..-.-
ppl raye..we also sibuk raye sia...heee..after that mummy pulak...
the one here in klg everyday cant do the cake mer? mst wait me do the last minute task...
K~ done is bake..few hrs later.after PACK to ibu house (pack again..-.-)
quickly go n nap after tat....

kk ..phew luckly the cake is nice~hehe....kk go ibu house and slp lo~!
k..after go ibu house..godness..gonna is full with joyness of raye by KIDS
..wondering how ibu manage to hav soooo many grandchild in such a short period~!omg..all so gov must be vry ENVY ~ahhahaa

k after chat chat teast teast..time for me to become santarina again...brouch for everyone...and special watch for angah~poor present this yr~ok luckly there are clappers given during poly forum..i managed to coop few....wahaha....opps...the clappers seemsnt enough for the kids sia..i coop 5 already man...
luckly each one have it...and some willing to give out;) thnakz fatin~

k ..then we need to prepare food for the nx morning...and also cut the pandan leaves into tiny tiny slices..for the "kubur tour" tmr..all stilll in raye mood.still having fashion show on wat to wear fr the nx morning..wat tudung to match..blablabla.end up ..i slpt at 3 smtg and neex to woke up at 6 ..jeszz

early in tthe morning..."visitation" to kubur wasnt a new things for us..i think i nvr missed a single time since ever i started it when i was 7 i thnk..however..kinda new for the kids and lead by us..the new generation~!
yeah yeah~ make up session is here by angah..thanks to her...ehehe..while waiting for the salaman session..

i think everybody is cam whore after get influenze by me..hahah..end up all of us taking lots lots lots of photo..stil rmbr ..along scoled and say ..dah lah...jgn main ambik gambar je...kau x nk makan anak nak makan...and end up abg KB say.... owh alarh..xpe ...diorang dah biase lapar...WAHAHAAH~! gosh..see larr.. adults also cant stand the power of CAM~

happy pixzzz..happy food...~ lil g=regret sia..forget to take pic of food..coz TOO HUNGRY RD~Q
thne after tat mummy they all came...jiu jiujiu mu popo auntie angie...all came..spoilt my mood sia...jiujiu jiumu came je wei..i thnk better dotn weat the baju kurung..u look damn fat..-.---..i already didnt wear my kebaya plz... baju kurung also look fat...i hav nth to say sia....the wheather already DAMN WARM!wear this is a tradision k..i also wish i can wear casual....ignorance is the best friend of mine....ignore them with smilleee..heeeee is wat i can do thou cut in my heart is bleedinnggg.

after tat...boboy fam also here to eat..then ..abg kb fam...then TEO~my only freind who came this yr for raye..hehe damn ps..still need her to be entertained in kitchen..hahaa..wat a sad this year jst OnE come over only..alangkah baik if joey is here.;)
later on..too tired ready..end up slpt on the sofa with jai's lapppy on my lap...sllppp till 8 plus...woke with kids chat talk watch tv eat play comp~make slide show..hehe slp...

that s the nth much ....most of my time i spent in kitchen..ppl hired indo maid..
this fam vryvry rich..hired a CHINA maid....wat a nice contrast..wahha thats wat they called me...water tap here nvr close i think i keep on washing the dishes the CUPSS...until craps sia..same cups can be seen non stop for few mintues...imagine how many times it is used..i think i gonna be wanita melayu terakhr...hahaha..kinda tired..but is fun~when there are companioon frm kids and also angah MAKnit..the crazy one...kept us talking ;)

In a nutshell...guys..plz stop drinking baverage...i wash the cups till i sienz..and plz dont place tghe oily and NON oily dish together~! ..for woman..plz dont cooknice food or drinks can!?@the guys watching tv outside cant tempp neither me sia~!!!eat enjoy slp is the only think i can do to spent my time so thats the end for our happening hashim family story~

thank you;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

early in the morning...

yeah...woke up early in the morning..6 + ...struggling whether to woke up now or later?..struggle..struggle jst to save money to take the shuttle bus frm sch at 7 15...or i go my own where i 'll reach sch later at 9 45.....jst for the sake of 1++ to 2 actaully took me todae the whole mor and yesterday to think of the decisiion...

i m a lil sick which even myself cant stand it...
should i go sch early spending my time by doin my own stuff there, y not?

or should i jst ya ..go sch later man by havin a nice slp or even be more relaxing by goin sch later...

haha..due to the sickening syndrome ,instead of continue slpin ; i woke up at 6 + eating breakfast with ming li and ya..jst finished watching 17 again...wat a joke...
ha... k
thats all for my stupidity ,i m goin to sp~ta~~

may god bless me this noobiest girl..let me be calm after checking my result.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

unusual me blooging again..

kinda unusual..
sombdy say...
my blog are dead ..coz i can leave my blog for decades...
i wrote 2...
know y?coz i take nap jst now..cant slp..nobdy to talk to..
and...coz i feel eerriee by posting the blog jst i need a new one to update so tat the previous one is at the bottom...ha!

usual me..coz too free... finally i hav time to read others blog...even some tat i dunno...thats more weird...too busy to too free...much diff that i still dunno how to react..i realise really really really lot of them written their blog in chinese...

really gt that feel?
i should give a try~but..
really cant...i borrowed a new moon..3 inch thick...i doubt my ability to finish it by fri..i think i couldnt..
i read the chinese version..i stunned ..i nearly slp..i cant understand...
"basket says": "aiyah..give aud the chinese or eng version also useless..."
coz.....50% go to chinese ; 50% go to english...
too bad ..this is me...fated not to read books..coz
both i cant understand...ha~
this is me....crapping queen..
cant blog in chinese coz dunno han yu ping ying..
cant blog in english coz LOTS OF TYPO and GRAMMER mistake tat can make ppl faint...
wat lang should i use? my own kingdom lang..
use aud influneze...auddie lang..( mixture of chinese english from grammer~!)

to those who nearly faint..plz forgive me..and dont forced urself to read...coz mostly my blog cant be read even me myself wont read the 2nd time..coz dont understand either~!whahahahaa

黄 咏 薇


too bad..i give up...
i need to spent thousands time to write those han yu ping ying..

i ll try again..when i m patient~

actually lots to blog about..i m free..yet ..lot of stuff waiting for me to do..jst feel like wsting time..
dont u think so?

wasting my nature..back to nature..feeling so good..
9 plus woke up in the mor...dragging my time by stonning...10 plus only start to do some house handy craft...wat else? munching food....cant stop..

constipation these few days which makes dad and mom worried liek helll...kinda if i didnt constipate be4..wondering is it due to my long distance aunt?

ya..actually recently after having celebration with wl after exam..the nx day after buy yessy stuff..i rushed home meet my dear for while few hrs(thz for the lamp post!)..then rush to kl..
attend funeral...hmm an unsual funeral..(1. is too glam 2.she is young 3. her incident)
due to my rich grand uncle... her daughter in law had pass away due to colon cancer(gt link wit constipation )she is mother of 2 young kids...kinda pity her..late 30 i think..

the funeral is beyond my too glam..thou i m not vry close with her..but i really admire...her positive att to survive...she makes me think of anita mui..ya ..her att are like her..
to those who read newpaper ..u might saw her in the newpaper..(the star , zhong guo bao , xing zhou)on friday and sat..

May god bless in peace michelle aunt..

Monday, August 31, 2009

stupid basket

s 终极一班!!!!!!!
stupid basket make me wanan have time machine..
stupid idiot make me feel guilty..
stupid dustbin make me worried of u all..stupid feellow make me browse all the high sch picz...
stupid idiot make me feel so envy bout my past figure..
frm slimmer to fatterfrm happy to sad...
YW! i wanan have TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!
Sesta OK~!

where is joey~?

BI teacher


kiss kiss~!

hhaa i hav no idea wat i m staring at..

days with emily

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st holidae trip...

its already the forth days i release frm bookz...
frm wed till today (sundae) it seems short...

to me..i had experience all the up and down during this few days...

the eve after exam ..went to club room to clean up all stuff...
for me..this trash collector sure gt lots things wanna take..
too bad...they ... afraid to show me all those "trash" ...ahah
so wat can i do is make use of the thrown alumminium tray to do the club board...hee..

to be cont.

Monday, August 24, 2009


today..should bless..
i hav no much complaints bout the paper..
jst tat my luck wasnt good...choose either 4 or 16
i kkep erasing my num btwn this 2 for plenty times .in the end..ya thnks i choose the wrong one...
end up..the rest of the quest..all wrong..

today ..did a good deed..congrats eugene..
i kinda tired..yet no taking nap..studying chap 8=0 , sorry mj i forget to return ur book...
still need u come sch at night to collect the ps ..

no much feeling..way home..discuss bout clubs affair..seems lots couple being match makes..btw fun..
being called ...att girl ..yeah...its me...true me...wats the diff if i talk differently in real ? me still me...i wont change for others except there are some1 worth for me to change...
i persist with my vry own ass char..sit or stand up to u ..

lift open.. saw the squash guy..on the to lib to saw him again..a yet familiar stranger..x hav pretty much impression towards him..jst tat found him looks nice todae...wondering how come we being familiar stranger for so long..ha...met kinda lots during 1.1 squash audition..camps..camps...camps..yet..we are still stranger ;)

k thats the end.

Friday, August 21, 2009

fri . day

yah..i this is my another post bout thanking my friends whom giving me really great parties on my bdae..

i m glad and bless

i am contented..

i really appreciated the effort...

the intention...

the gift...

the foods..

the cards..

the everything that u all did for me..
i really happy..coz i used to feel im so small...yet ..still ther are alot around me..

i m happy havin lunch party with JI cliques

thanks for the food..snackz...cake....PUFF!

I m happy having tea break party with BBs

I m happy with the gifts...i really like it..

thanks to u all~

thanks for the mp4 which i really wanted for so an unexpected gift..that really make me $$%^$&$!!!

to view my bdae party pics with JI clique..pls click on qian yu blogs..there are lots~!

vry touched that actually ..i thought i was nobody ..yet ...i m not alone..there are lot lots ppl who care bout me...
who willing to spare / sacrificed their time jst for me..audreyng....
thanks to them whom spent time with me along these days month years..
thanks for preparing the most delicious food ever...specially for me~!!!

stll rmbr..that time stressing modani...end up yw joey and ewen need to come my house to lim teh
i told yw:"sob sob...yin wen..i vry poor thing...i really cant stand with stress anymore..i vry vryvyr kelian.....
yw replied .."no audrey , nononono....u are vry lucky actually...
i puzzled..yet touched..

cant wait to go back klg...
lepak lepak with my siesta gang...thnaks for the preparations for my 19th thou i wondering wat kind of surprise u all prepared for me~heheh..

actually i wasnt wanna post bout bdae..i jst feel a lil stress?examining now...vry stress recently. even proj are over..exam is already in the corner...
i cant study well...
i sick of studying till 3 ++ everyday
i sick of calculating..
sick of alpha..
sick of number..
study rd so what?
i cant even score though i know hoe to do...
sick of exam..sick of nervousness ..sick of burliness..
sick of stupid MISTAKE~!
ergh!!!!! i hate my self...i hate i hate i hate~!!!
y cant jst let me come out ffrm the examination hall without a glummy face~!?
y i must be the careless one??
k thats the end..

p/s : btw ..for the previous blog i think i forget to thank izuan...the one who help me lots in ideation..

while for relationship..
i wanna say good luck to eugene..and congrats to Gnie~!

for present..i wanan thank jannah and mingjing!~ thank u thank u ..
I LIKE THE DRESS lots~!thanks for the slimming effect..hahha...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


i wanna thank u all`!!! i wann thank to those who greet and wish me..
I almost CRY~!!!
not coz of touched...IS COZ OF PRANK~!!!!!
omg..i cant the one always prank ppl will kena prank by ming li and weiling~!
wahhaa...scared me sia..say kak zainap found out we broke the bed..haha..
no matter wat~ I REALLY THANKs them....
i really appericiate on wat u guys do ..i relaly happy coz i reallise how much u all did for me....i m vry satisfied and happy..ya ..this is more than enough..i m vry happy even thou withou the present..
btw there are already lots of present frm u all`!!!wohhoo..thanks for the "bra" ahah ..the WAtch..the PIGLET? the COW? the sockz ...and the pens~! i reawlly liek it..especially the B and the W that makes baby gek till cant slp .wahahahah~!!

thanks for lotlotltotlo unexpected birthday wishes~! i really happy~!!!!..yah..seriously happy..k i shouldnt happy too much...kk thats the end of my bdae..ya ..i think is enough ..ehhehe ..thank u~!!!
thank to zen..for the wall paper? ..thanks to joey for the lovely songs...
thanks to ming li to the brilliant prank idea...thanks for the 3 setsof bubble tea ..and 3 set of mossee damn nice lar~!wahhahaa....

overall ..i m happpy ..thank u ppl~!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

TOdae. my last day of 18th....Tomorrow...happy birthday aud~!

Say bye to 18th aud~!..

yah..welcome my new 19th ..
sounds a lil sorrowness...haiz..
ppl say 18 is the most glorious moment for girls..
to me ? yah.. a lil??
Ya a little bit sad to say bye to 18th..yah..i experience alot within this year...
from my 18 to 19..i gain...
i grown....
from stupid a lil clever...
from a lil organised..
from busy... to even most busy....
this year..i get to know even more more friends..
i m happy ..coz reallly ..I able to get few good friends this year which i m vry happy with it..

I m Busy gril as wat ppl know..ya..i hoope my next 19 ..
this wont happened..but too will..haha..
I wanna thnak my mom who give birth of me...

Tomorrow is my birthday ...
I m not tat excited as wat usuallly I am..
this year..full of stress..which actually covered my happiness..
x much feelings... expectation...
everyone is really busy as well..
no nth...

celebration are nice..ya..but FREINDS lets put piority on exam~
so celebration really dosent matter..

to those feel sorry by not celebrating with me..
reallly dosent matter..i really ok with it..coz even me dont really hav the mood to celebrate.
to those in klg..
i really wish i could be there..celebrating with u all..

finally , let me have the last wish..
I wish...

I can be more cheerful tis year...
NO more BUSYNESS( bullshit)
Spent More time with my BESSTIE..and also my fam...
BE good and Be nice..
DO BETTER...BE more Alert ..
ALL the best in the new house..No more bad incident...

Within this year..
i wanna thank ..
my JI clique . . who always lesbianise with their care..craps a lot...(destress)
my MSN friends~!..
which most of them really help me a lot in my assignment...hahha..really appreciate..
btw i hav smtg to say..( plz feel free to reject me if u really hav smtg on ...dont feel ps..I might ask for help "as friend"..but i dont wan ppl hav thought of me taking advantage of if willing to help i m fine with dont feel burden to reject..i might always ask for help coz..i really need help..ha..)
who really really give a lots of warm...
anyone in the club will really there or me whn i m in club room.which.i really appericiate..Main com in bb really like family to me..We having fest in club...and thank for the understanding allowing me stay late in the club room..thank for the concern frm grace joel and si qi..and thank to davin who always bullied by me thanks to lq who didnt pressurize me;)
especially yessie and eugene.
i really wanna thank u all ..u all are there for me while i m really down..I thanks for the listening ear..i thanks for the concern and care..which i might not show out but..seriously..i m touched by those actions;).
i wanna thank mdm hufang as well a very understanding teacher..who solve alots of my ptp problems..i vryr touched..
I also wanna thank friends like
pc..who willing to accompany me during my vry down period..
zw..who solve lots of my "stipid elcetric shock" complaints and my shouting
victim..and help me lots(esp the lappy~!)
ah dong...who really help me during the custom incedent..( i would nvr forget that)
I wanna thank wl and mL.
. my closeest friend ..intimate mate...i wanan thank the care and i keen for forgiveness if i really did anything wrong where even me myself dint realise...I might making lots of mistake ...and vry slow...thnak for the tolarence..and i really wish we could be the most "intimate " friends ever...
I wanna thank my KLG GROUP!!!!~~~
wohoo siesta and the my klg cliques...& yewhui
I really miss u all~!thanks for rmbr my bdae...thanks for always jio me for outing ..even though really i rejected the outing everytime..but i really asking me..(coz it let me realise hey, frinds u all nvr forget me..even though i m busy all the time..)not that i didnt treasure u all ..hope u all understand my situation..
I wanna thank my fam~!
NG family--thank u daddy thanks for calling me when i need u ther for me.. even everytime i give kinda cold reply..but i realy need u to be ther for me..i thank by ask me to stop when i m doin my modani till 5 in the morning...
i wanna thank mummy by treating me as princess when i m at home..thanks for the serve ..which u would really rarely do those..thanks for listnet to my complaints and giving me more care:)
i also wanan thank bea and adrain..who treat me better coz..they using bartering system whey..i already buy lots present to bribe them..

ibu family~!-- terima kasih ibu ..girl rase terharu betul mase ibu kasi girl advanced birthday..smpi skrg girl belum buka..thanks for being care bout wats happend to me in sg..thou u cant help much ..but i really feel ur care ;))

thanks to those admire me?haha by making my 18-19 life more intersting ?haha

THis year
I wish i can have..a slimmping pills..a self potrait...a BIG PIC of my FRIENDS And me....
A secretary ....a helper....a new brain.( clever brain)..more concern frm fam.(i wish they could realise that my big bag pack are actually worn out..)..I wish i could get a new phone tis year..and MP3!!!when only i can get my pay~!?

hope..i can quickly achived those by this year~!!aud aud aud~!!!study more ! EARN MORE!!!!!

I hope i dint left out anyone...k byebye~i need a chiong book rd my new house~!
p/s: jst for information..we did move out frm the house yesterday for 2 days..frm 15(3 pm) till 16(12 ++) unimaginable??haha..tats us.. super slow motion;) 3 of us subjugate the al the stuff we accumulate for one yr plus...we are PRound it it man! limbs are aching sia...

k here the end of the long-winded story..thnanks for scolling down the page till the end;))
k byebey~mucks love frm aud

Friday, August 14, 2009

TOday is a special DAy..

every day is a special day..
everyday is a busy day..
no exception...i m busy as well today...

I had been throught!!!! I had came over those stupidos stress from my projects~!!
I m relief...finallly...

no more heavy project clinging around me....

God bless.. teacher like our video alots.. love ya...

btw...thanks to modani ...i being ran thorought in and out in the printing shop for 3 times.. damn ps...long long Q summore...

Feel suprise ? i ;m uploading my blog again..
this is my only free time after chionging my projectssss for this few weeks...
close friend of should knew busyness wasnt a crap...
i m really busy due to my poor time managment and my packed schdule...

thanks to zhiwei ..i only can finished rendering my scene on to proceed it..

if without the lappy...i think till todae i still will squat down and cry..hahah
thanks to me such a wonderful voice for the fish and cat...hey teacher did like it~!Mucks~!
thanks to izuan ..who help me a lotss lotss on ideation as well..thnaks for the helping hands ..really appericiate...besides , i also wanna thank eugene and tony correcting my sucksy english for my ideation nor modani journal...
I m relief todae..suppose to slp ealier coz within this few days or specifically since after last blog i updated..i only slpt for few hrs <>

sturggle struggle struggle..finally everything is over...

after the modani interview in the mor..though can really hav a good rest at home after that...holy cow...i need to go for the brief pula for the poly forum..jst get informed..-,-..( coz i dont even hav time to check my email..--.---) luckly it was intersting .. end up..i m able to went home at 6 with ml...
CAnt imagine ....

I m moving out tmr...a lil too fast...or maybe a lil un bare..tonight..end up ..i didnt take my nap also.... We coooked our last Wonderful meal tat we used to do be4 we start our packing process...

shiok ar....

then..we packed packed usual...Wl and ml will be vry happy ..coz..

they are gonna throw things again~..while me?

ha usual...will be much more elert then ever! thanks to Wl huh...she throw away my wire infront of me...WAoo~! she stepped my tail sia... She hide away the dustbin frm me avid me frm collecting it..hahah`but how could i t be!~! wires is my life....i get so anxious when she throw..luckly i manged to save the wires...besides lots of the usefull paper bag or some nice material also being throw...sob sob...

after cleannign up ..we did talk and chi chat alot... we took lot lotslots of pics here..jst to take the opportunity we have in this house..stupid retard pics are countless..hahha..tats y now only i only time for me started to blog... coz after tmr..there was another bettle to go .. EXAM!!!!
haiz..wanna leave this room rd....tmr moving out..abit wanna cry though they wasnt treat us vry good..coz ..however..i already stay here for one yr plus..have feelings towards this house ...finally MuckX..I love u once again my room...and byebye....god bless me...plz

let me have a brighter future....

let me able to adapt the environment there as fast as possible ..thank u~!;)thats all i need for now...k tata...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


today ..sunday....the day where i supposed to be in msia..and on the way back to here..too bad..i m not home..ya...i decide to stay....for the gps BOND?...

i hesitate..i struggle..untill..the day ..the date where weiling is born....i m sorry once again..coz i do my vry best to give ur bdae like mingli...sorry... halfway missing...finally ..i really BRoKe Down...after talk in the ph with bout club stuff wit way...cant stand ....ran to toilet ..hide inside the cubical ..splash out...cried out as much as i want ...i can feel the wound..the cuts..finally heel wat i want...i feel much more better...

dad call again while heeling in process~!erhmm..CHOP..k talk liek normal..after heeling process...feel so stupid...while other still celebrating wl bdae..wat the heck m i doin???go out with my stupid reddish eye..smpt malu..cant talk...luckily after tat wl console me ..dont think too much aud~! so embarrass! yan ming still call me sia...strong audrey dont act strong. lar.....-.----wth~hahah btw still glad tat WL like the bag packed tat i and ml bought for her~;)

on fri ..still lll hesitating....thou 12 smtg is the camp rd....finally i decide to go....coz of smbdy stupid msg..awake me frm being over dysphoric ...yah..i go there intend to spent my happiest moment to the fullest...but,...seems i failed to do tat..
fun cant be fullest when some1 dont even enjoy..kinda regret it wasnt the camp i was in is it worth for me to stay ?
i m bored by keep on askin..
impatient me perhaps really doubts ..
however ...overall the camp was still fun~especially when we playing healthy drinking game...hahha...tat was and modani still surround me ...i think i really siao...
haha..the nx mor ..we packed...we eat the nicest BEEF FRIESS and also burger...then ..go home....straight away take nap...gosh..i think i really homesick.till even nap also i dream of msia...i rush back on national day and end up no bus to travel back to sg~hahaha..(in dream also rush~haizz) restlesss....

ok .a lil regret...but wl say at least i did smtg..yeah..i research maths...and lil of photography proj..thnak god ..i feel better today by shopping around prime and yes liek auntie..hahha...k tats the end and hope tat i can finish my MODANI@@@!!! good luck aud ..and thanks to those who give me comment k?makes me feel really much better~!thank u!

btw...sat night and the special weird day for me tat i didn't met be4... gt 3 guys gt crush on me within 48 hrs..and tell me bout tat...kinda weird huh...haha..really cant believe...thn cass tell me gt 3 I crush on me on Tues...means total up 6 in a week ..woo~puzzledddd..ya..thou some of them jst jk sia but still funny haha..haha....ok i dont wish to put in excat font..coz this is my own reference tat i found it vry weird & special...;)even Wl also numb with this rd..hahah,...

Monday, July 27, 2009 my only free time i spare for my self

this is the time wher i suppose to sleep since..tmr is another battle for me to run...venue?
MOdani free excess lab...grill fish...a tiny me crazy..
seriously ..unhappy feelings came across again...i kinda break down todae..since nx week all my project need to pass up already...

went out with yessie and eugene on sat..(which makes me hesitated frm quite long) since i haven't finished my things..but end up ..i still go ...coz a break really needed by me..thanks to them...while happy..sorrows inside....

.woo..out of sudden ,reading bea blog..seems liek she really grown up huh..having relationship rd i think...nowonder so feminine rd..... which suddenly link of mine...
"relationship " visit me recently..which come in the wrong time....vry frustrated..vry complicated....vry confuse...
.feel sorry if i m too direct or too random tat day...
like PMS...but actually i m not.which is even worst...
dunno y so fras tat day which make me so explosive..wher my courage get frmm.. ? no ideas..frm subway sandwhich?ha..
which hurt someone but i m jst hack care on tat day...coz..i jst wanna clear at least some probs that bear in me...

is it guiltiness or wat.... i feel empty on sun and tats too for todae...i do my teleprin research for whole day..yest ..end up zero...feel like vomiting and cry...i m ike stupid freak...
frm morning till night...doin the same stuff....appreciate on those who help me..vry touching thou some =0..but it let me realise ,hey audrey..u still have friends with u ...
ya i m ..i should feel fortunate....

projectssss......assignment....ideation...mct....modani... make me CRIED!!!! i really duno how to handle...staying back doin ideations...haizz....wl+ ml=tm1(shopping); bb main com =celebrate joel's end up alone ..doin stupid stuff in the club room.....

nx weekend..critical weekend...i really cant cope..wanna go home? how ?fridae camp...chalet.... dental appointment...mct? modani???gosh..break down..really breakdown..
now only is my time where i can free myself...i being enclose to myself...i dont wish to talk..i lazy to talk..i feel bad by not celebrating joel's bdae with a good mood today ..sorr if i showing glum my face..
coz ..i 'm just...
TOO TIRED?neither physical nor mental

thnks to those who love me...thnaks to ming jing ..jannah...and my cliques
thanks to yess , eugene , grace , Lq ,..its touch when u all make me feel tat i m still play an important role in the makes me feel really better.....
i want to go for camp...go for chalet..yet..i wana go home....wher ? wher? should i go....

In a nut shell..i need to beg god....give me strength to live...give me a relax mind set..let me take my learning life happier...i want to live happier....i want poly be my memorable life...

thank u .....& gnite

Monday, July 20, 2009





Y ? HOLY COW !!!!
Y ?


Y Y i need a pair of eye...
Y Y Y ear... to
Y NOY see...wats inside me ... ,
Y Y lend me urs ?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

lolz...happy for a while?

let me be happy for a while..ya..
double happiness frm larlene and bea..destress for a little while?hehe
after a big storm happen on Wednesday in my sg house..
ya just for anyone information..
yeah i m moving out soon...frm a..
(disappointed land which used to be my wonderland)
to a new room which few blocks apart.yeah..out tricks work~really gt sombdy called us..
thanks to pc who help me distribute those notes whithin the few days...and also Mr eugene...haha who accidentally become our WITNESS for our new rental agreeement ..(which make eugene proud of it..)lolz~!

Big storm on tat day..which i already annouced to most of my friend..haha..
perhaps i like to blame or tell ..
due to this mayb ppl think wat for u keep on telling everyone bout it..try to get pityness frm others? ..
no i m not..i wanna shout out coz.i jst cant keep things in my heart...perhaps i m vry childish..k tats me..u can choose nt to listen thou...

ok no matter wat..thou i m vry sad bout it bt seriously only tat i really know tat i m wrong..frankly speaking ..after a big scoled frm her..perhaps i really WOKE UP frm my ass attitude (as wat she say) ..thankz for scolding me far..i havent get a big scoled frm "STRANGER"...
haha ..thhankz for this incident ..i really GroWn up..and
the moral of the story is..
@think more for others..
@DONT BE TOO NAIVE..( be good infront dosent mean she really mean it)
@BE MORE ALERT..(plz get the hints frm others..)
@dont cross over the border line btw landlord..and tenant...liek wat ml say....
"there is no such things as a forever freinds.."mayb she is summore we are jst a relationship btw tenant and landlady..all the past are fake...ya..mayb u dont even treat me as friend...
i m wrong..i apologise here...but ther are smtg tat i wanna say..i used to be vry appreciate..the kindness and the easy goin of u...however..after the electric cut incident..drastic changed btw our realtionship..we end up movin out with a akward situation ...k thats the end..

Monday, June 22, 2009

wat days m i having now?

why why why...
wher is my happiness?
why i m so negetive these few days..
i m confused...i cant differentiate....
when m i happy? ..when m i sad?..i dunno
y i m happy ..y i m sad..
y i m in the messs..y i m unlucky..y i m tensed y i m emoish...
should i glad...should i satisfied..should i be happy...
perhaps ...alll are illusion.....
i can be happy while i m sad...i can be sad while i m happy...
can u ?

m i sickening ..or...perhaps i ned sombody to teach me wat to so how to do..anyone..
willing to help?...
i dunno where my problems are..whats the prob and difficulties i having now...
My room are no longer home...i dont wish to go home..this is the saddest part i found in me...


in a nut shell i m confuse..... makin eugene quit smooking campaign is a achievement for me..good deed?if he dont mind....jst to say eugene u make me proud if ucan really quit smoking....perhaps smtimes i really gone toofar..i declare my sorryneesss 1st..haha

k bye all the best to me...DONT BE CARELESS ANYMORE~!!!!
god bless me..

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Diary of Shoppaaaholic queen -11/06 09

<----WOOHOO~!!!! our BOOTY~!!!! my shiok -est day in my life..i really spent liek crazy..things seems zero $$ for me!!wohhooo.~!
not because i m spendy is because things are cheap~!!!! cheap~!!!
all i need to say is..thank you ..thank you and thank you..
thank you daddy our mobile ATM todae....thankz for happy because of our happy ..thnakz for the cheap stuff~yet nice! #daddy..I LOVE U~! i know u willing to let us spent coz u know i m stress...i appreciate it a lots~!

thank you mummy for the spent in pasar malam~!love ya~!where we grab our 3 bags there~!gosh..2 of mine!!damn excited to bring back~!wohhoo!!!!and also nice tee~!!!!!~~gosh
damn soft...and smooth....nice texture~!regret didnt buy more~
we are tired but ALL WORTH!~! WOHOO>>ya .thnakz being make me feel balanced after stress up so much in sg... leisure day i nice resort--my aunt house wahhaa..
everthings seems so enjoyed..ya..forget bout my project..k i know i need to face it after this week..k jess stop emoing..
ok~! OVERALL today is A HAPPY DAY!! I LOVE U GUYS~! everyone~!thank for the shirts.thanks for the shoes .thanks for the bags...thanks for the bottoms..thanks for the FOOD~!
i 'm HAPPY and yet..really ...i m SATISFIED~

<---my 2 helpers= ah sei and maria snatch thief~!

whoo..which to choose~!?

<-- we hired miss universe to take care of our stuff~!
hehhe..this wat we call SHOPPING~!

mushi mushi.."taxi plz ..deliver our stuff for us~"

the shoe~S4'--shoe forever~

one ATM +one GUARD = one SHOPaHOLIC~!
#the end#

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bb C@mPZ R0cKZ~!!!!PEnDuLuM~!

Ya..finally is the 2 weeks holidays for me...step ahead to the tougher bettle..
3 49 at kl , my aunt house now..
jst about to wake up after fed up connecting the internet to my pc at 10 + jst now...

finally are awake and wanna blog bout me CAMP~!WOOHoo~ PENDULUM..
jst came back frm my bb camp..
it was awesome..coz the turn out rate are quite high~unexpected return frm the camp..

1st of all ,be4 the camp start i m kinda moody ..honestly..feel kinda blue when qian yu and yan ming say they wasnt like storming(*krong ~!krong~!)when weiling callled me and say " one food poisoning and another one need to attend wedding" ha..i understand..coz really is diff for them also..ya i know...however ..luckly the wl gt come ...luckly ur devil side cant win ur angel side...and finally u came..thx alot.

Feeling nervous when i get to contact with my freshie at the 1st time..during ice breakiing..honestly..i cant break them well..luckly all are kinda sporting .but yet quite ..but yet diff to control..
during ice breaking period..others start to high rd..our group..are so dead..even me and mon cant bring them up..kindaworried ..and a little depress..i scared our group are so dead...
being stu ..i dont mind..haha as long i can warm them up ..
i tried my vry best to interlock them well..succed?i not sure..hahha..btw my super hyper active perhaps did a little effort in it?hhaaa..."hunks" are cooperative but not vry high..btw.thz to the girl who are vry is carmen -my freshie and another one is weiling-my dear..both girl are more hyper cooperative then guys lo plz...playing the 007 and chuckie chuckie are us well ~and also the punishement~whahahaa..damn stupid being running along the concourse level...and shout we lov engine*4.

after tat was the mass game..which combined all the 52 participant there..nice game for the squirell and tree~!i lov it..thou i m group leader.but i seems more enjoyed then them...ha!after that..dinner time...coz camp start at 4..we went opp sch to eat by group...decide to eat kfc?i asked them to run!coz i scared no place to sit..since ther are so many other group are eating opp sch....sorry bout tat....i made Jerup rolling on the floorr...scared me..luckly he is tough enough...
however..his falls are wasted..coz in the end we are eating at techno food court.ha! coz all no $, in the end,after ordered my drinks ..walk walk walk..-->i went appetite.take my bag and.cooked my half left the time i m back to techno..they already finished their dinner and about to be back to the end i ate in sch..

Game time after tat~woohoo.nice one...1st eat eat again~!this game is nice..just after eating ,we are asked to finished all the food given one by one..1st are the wasabi twisty..we as a group are like Hungarians..barbarian ...munch the snacks like no1 business ,drink condense milk together, peel and eat the sourish the disgust bitter grout tat i cooked(ha~!)..damn fun..i think we are the fastest team..€

later on around with lots of other game...running around the sch like mad fellow..leg are aching like hellll..(i cant even walk properly now-.-")
however , the most interesting part is the part we did our CHEER~! I LOVE IT!!!
"dum DUM dum DUM..pendulum*2 Pen pen PENDULUM!!"
the chim choreography are nice and amaze me~!i love the team work tat we hav..even they are mostly guys ..but they dont mind to be GAY~hahha..hard gay~wahhaa..i love the idea..i love the cooperation..thkz at lot..i like the enthuse of the "sub comm"they dont mind keep on changing the patterns the step ..the cheer..again again and agian till it was perfectly PERFECT!i like the way we cheer ,the respond tat given after leading the cheer...the way we called our self 'PEN PEN,or ben ben or even BEN10!!gahaah!..WE did bond together tightly tat time~
though it NG n messed up most of the time but i liek the spirit A LOT~!which i dont found it in the other camp be4..

frm wat i heard .yes..we did vry good for our 1st day...we are the fastest grup~congrats u guys~hehe..later on ..was the Tee designing stuff... I LOVE IT!!! we think of the lots of stu idea.thou not many respone or ideas tat given out by the sub comm..but we did came out with one templates ..NICE one~heheh...btw...the tougher parts are to cut the templates..the fabric paint given are we need to consider alot..after cut of the templates...n try to tab the paint smudged..
again...i cut vice versa of the design at...the stupid hard card board with my whole concentration till my back pain sia...i think at the moment ...i m more enthuse then them..ha..psps....
finnallay it cut..too bad..the returns are sucks worst to make it as a smudged seriously..feel like givin up...
however ...carmen and suey..did came across with a good idea and design...~!after several try and erro..hehe...we came out with smtg new~!.by having the concept of by not WASTING the ink.. came across to print the residue at the back instead of print on a paper~so waste...hehee
coz of tat we havin AWESome yet simple design tat diff frm others..
we are like a printing thing systematically..helping each better and better each time ....jokes around..
<--tamplets <---outcome tee~!

i m touched tat they willing to stay back and insist to accomplish it thou it was already late night and is optional for them to stay..i m so stress up when we cant hav a good tamplet and when printing time....i m vryvry glad when i heard the compliment..the encouragement and the good feed back frm them.phewww relief..happy!Thou we are last grup to leave but the hard work pay ~!vy the time we around 3 smtg...after tat only we went to bath...together..erm ermmi means girls k...

after tat...wasnt a time for me to slp k...while others are slpping..we still doing the cards for the usual.i m doing my favor task..twisting and coiling the wiress for 50++ ..can imagine how dead meat we are...-.-"6 plus..only we start to slp...-.-Zzzzzzzzz tired sia...

8 + woke up..alerted by my sub com who went home yest..mummbling on the phone..and finnally awake..after breakfast ..havin games again~again~we did do thing together..playing captains ball at the bb court..shiok ar..thankz to the strategy given by thinage..hehe we won some point~after tat was the tug the war...tat one kinda scary..we won in the 1st place with nice strategy frm suey..too confidence when vs the 22nd team we won..end up
some one felt down some one hurt his ankle..feel bad bout it..sorry sky n keith..coz y?thou all smal size..ther are a huge tat behind which we dint realise~!!!hahaaha...shiok exciting and fun...thou was damn warm..

~IQ EGG~!heehe..try be4 to drop ur eggs frm 8th floorr yet still remain its perfect view...hmm hmmm..bidding time~bid for material to do protect the egg ,1st time i can feel the nervousness by bidding..strategised..stragtegised..howeveer..haha..we dint managed to bought the 2 things tat we really needd....due to some miscommunicate and wrong strategy and being tricked by other group..haha we did learnt a lot~^^....all havin parachute.except out team...ha~..special one..with only masking tape string tissue and straw...we did a nice one.".dumpling ketupat"!...hahaha..its really miricle if the egg wont die terribly..hahhaah

show time~all land slow nice and steady..hahha except for ours..waha!POOM!fastest...hav a leakage..jst side of the dumpling flattent..haha..who cares?we are happy enough..with the outcome..thou we know..its already crack inside..hahahno leakage consider vry good enough~
later on the tembusu area...playing rush hour game...quite fun..but...we ..haha..the last team..hehe..stuckin the memorising part...kinda touched..when we hear tat cheer frm other empires...."p is for pendulum we go whooo ha who ha pendulum.."so touching~thankz guys!!
after few more small ends. and start debrief in The lt 33 ,our daily meet point..they show the slides of our camp...thankz to them...i saw my ugly pic in it...damn ps sia....hahha..
finally we did get into 3rd place~!!woohoo.kinda suprise..coz we dint do well in the 2nd a vry good bond for all of us....
i might be super 38..
i might be hyper active..
i might be super fierce and serious..
i might look scary with my greenish eye..
all i need to say is..i enjoyed...
the process we played..we design..we complaint...WE HAV FUN!!!!
thnakz for let me havin my happiest moment after my dull exam...

PEN ! PEN!!!