Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hey yo ..yup today is the totally ends of 2 weeks yog which slotted in the critcal period of our mp..

btw..i m still glad tat i had joined this...and honestly ..

i gonna miss all this~

the cute racer from virgin island had won a gold medal!!

which is the most unexpected one ..

coz frm the beginning we thought tat he just look like an easy goin

with his worn outfit...

hey boy..if u still remember me, i m the blue eye girl tat u always said.."hey, ur eyes are blue again today~" lolz...

dint expect tat the boy tat always asked frm lunch frm us is the winner of the 1st yog ..good luck boy!! ;)

**here he is ---virgin islander ian barrows boys byte class II...;)

if time can be reverse ;

* for the spain coach tat givn us suprise every single day with his mesmerizing eyes..

i should had approarch him to take photo together ..

and i m still curious bout the last word that he whisper to me..

if i got chance to meet hope so ..he will telll me again tat u have a beautiful eyes~LOL!

* for the yog workforce, i should take picz with everyone of them~! lousy phone bat flatt in such critical day..haiz....

wires name tat had is ready forget to bring again..

card that should write dint able to pass

*during the competition period , i shouldn have talk to those athlets rather than just givin a polite smile..which is not me aud~ aiks.. we are too conservative ? lol..

* me and yan ming SHOULD BE COME on TIME at least once?

* i wanna say " hey u are really very pretty and unique , avatar girl , " lol

and compliment so go to the peru guys and usa girl ..

however , overalll is still vry memorieable as

we make alots of adults friend who really brought us to the higher rank of more lame jokes and crapping around..but with a lots of prank frm our funniest brother john..

who make us get peck on cheek and hand

besides, we also made kinda few funny suntec f&b boy where we work together during food distribution ... !

and of course!

the venue operation bell , molly , annie , kamariah yasmin and f&b head conrad and the transport ariff & media team kia and cute smiling man ...which brightent each day we having there ;)

and i wanna thanks for the FULL BUNCH(or consider box?) OF ENERGY BAR!! which really BRIGTENT our EYES!!

aunties ben se comes again...

thansk for reserving the bars for us , thanks for giving the sourvinier to us ..thanks for the caring heart from u all!!

thou i m kinda sad and sienz when we need to work fr 2 weeks time, and spent mins like years initially, i m glad tat i hav ym as companion , shifted to f&B to help up and meeet a lot of voluteers adults!!!

there wont hav this chance any more,
nice food;nice drink;nice teh tarik ;nice ppl ;nice experience;

NSC YOG ,u 'll never be forgotten !!!! ;)

#10 08 10---- 25 08 10#

Friday, August 20, 2010

101 ..i saw my dream guy..=LEE HOM=

wassnt it the super duper dream day tat i always wanted to grant?!
wasnt tat the wish tat i thought i cant achived??

today ..i made wish into reality...

it also ends the dream of a fanatic dream ..
it turns my possible to immposible..
let me back to reality..

i was few seconds on the stage..
some how i cant feel the passion tat i used to have..
i cant feel the urge from him..
i see sorrowness in his watery eyes..
i see pupets in his formal smile...
i see soulless when he is staring at me..

i get to give him the letter tat i used to write when i m crazy over him..
i get my bdae greeting from him when i request it..
somehow..i m stonning after i left the stage...
lee hom seems a robotic smiley charming puppets tat doin his job blindly...
i found dissapoinment and gratefulness in the same time..
sound sacrastic...

hweva, his memo changed my point of view when i reach home and read..
he seems the one i familiar with again..
i found the same person tat having the common problem all along this years...
i found tat he really busy for along this entire life..
endless bundle of task waiting for him to encounter...
endless impossible for him to convert it to possible..

house where he stay is just a hotel ...just like hw i went home everyday at 11 plus
home is always far away and hard to reach..just like how i m away frm klg frm sg....
family is always waiting for u at how dad and mom is there for me...
partner is always one step away from him...liek how i still cant find mine...

i regret giving him bimbooish letters..
wat he really need is just a simple encouragment from fans or friends..
tats good enough...
all i can say is..if can just go ahead with a break !
forget about every glamour moment ..
enjoy ur simple life...

he makes me remember ..
my home tat waiting for me ...
dad mom , i love u ...
life is always happier when u simplified it..
simple life simple happiness tat u can find it when u are with a simple person...


lets be simple ..

xoxo... do smile for ur bottom of ur heart ppl~

ok audrey, tats the end of ur childish day dream plann...move forward to ur reality!!
thanks lee hom , by making me the end for my stupid dream...
u are the greatest familiar stranger tat i ever seen ;)
all e best~

wats life for?
spent ur whole life with a simple family with a place where u call it
20 august 2010 novena square 2 singapore

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100 appreciation and contented heart on 100th POST!!

hey people!! its my brithday today~!!!
i wanna say thanks you tahnks you by makin my 20th life so wonderful!
i love my friends and of course my dam cool supportive fam!!

i like the 1st suprise tat given by mingli and mingli at pu tian on 13th

i like the sweetness dare tat given by cute yan ming by giving me 2 cakes 3 dan tart 2 candles and on lighter

i love the little spike in the middle of the night for my official 20th birthday with a small choco cake from orgy (yan ming) ;deon tee ; and noob nnob wj tat kena areoplane by me

i wana thanks the cute cute little treat for MCD breakfast

i experince the tiredness and zoombieeness to YOG after the whole night chit chat ...

i APPRECIATE the little warmness from merlyn tat given by YOG incharged while i still slackin on table and slp~

i LOVlyLIKE the hardness tiredness unglamness unexpected suprise given by ALL my cliques and bb mate and my MP MATE~!!!the coolingness of having cold mango swendsens icecream .. the crazyness of cream fight!

and finally ..

i wanna thansk my loyalty deadly love cliques tat plotting a nice dinner white lies round and round( by jannah) and the CUTE DECORATIONS OF 7 CAKES In TOTALL!!! and the unfinished chicken bbq!!

i liek the sweet warm greeting msg and call from friends and family ...

i m touched by those ppl taht giving out wishes in facebook..i trying my vry best to reply each one of the ppl that put effort to sent me wishing greedings!!

the most important thing is
I WANAN THANSK the eefort of buying the gift that i unexpected yet my needest!
and the REALLY SUITES ME Product by WL and ML!!!

thou i m zoombie look allike 20 yrs old lady ;

i think i m lucky enough to deserve those..i m contented ...
thank you;
I LOVE MY 17 AUG 2010 !!!

LASTly, happy birthday AUDREY!!!