Monday, April 27, 2009

thesse week day

i happy happy with wat i havin now..part time job wasnt tat miserable for me on the 2nd day..than god...satisfied...but life are getting tougher tougher and tougher...once again i m doin nooby in my lec ..really cant understand wat she talking about...mumbling?gosh..forget bout it ..dont feel liek talking bout tat..hard time really get into me again.perhaps i really need to study rd.... besides,thoses really got lot task waiting for me to solve..3 more poster to go on...notice board...tee design...a bit stress ..scared cant do on time..hope god do bless me again..give me strength to finished and accomplished all my task perfect and nicely....
lov, aud

Saturday, April 25, 2009

today ; yesterday

today =i hate...

todae suppose to my exciting beginning for me..exciting to hav my 1st day..went i was there..i m totally bored til the end..i m misareable coz i cant do anything~!wat i can is jst serve those expressionless customer~!1st tiem i wish i could hav more crapping customers...aunty ya aunty more crapp more ..dont buy also least let me service u....haizz...wat a tragedy..thou i m crapping queen bt wat should i talk to tehm ..~!? how to approch them?even me myself also dont liek salesgirl to stalk me~!shop without pestering of salesgirl are much more freedom k~ i go with my smily face..back with my glummy face..i dotn ffeel liek working rd man~!!!!!i hate this..leg are numb face are glum. feel like crying..feel homesick..i wish i no need to work for my entire life...tmr..zoombie goes to work again..-.-"

yesterday=i love ..

my meannigful life was yesterday.ginuieeseee records of human wheel barrow..break by temasek poly on yest..i m proud of it ..coz i did get chance to participate on it..such a meaningful day..
the only part that i was a little eternal i dint manage to participate into the longest human rail..hahha .its ok lar..endeoouurens..this most xciting part.i feel the pain of them when they are still holding on ..salute to..jeannie and june;jun yang and nic..wheel barrow competition aslo won by us ...thz to them engine finally won as a team ...the victory maes us feel good..makes me out of suden vry high ,even bonds me closer towards other...tat feels really cant describe..nice and powerful..pic tells thousands throught my expression..

11+ finally it ends...activities havent end yet..thats the time we are chionging towards another ecp..celebrating club's friends bdae...thou tired but ir was nice..nice coz i found how sincere and how many effort did my friends paid or sacrisfied for her..lucky girl should appreciate it..nice long chat with the winndy breesszz along the beach where her tent was tend...
chit chit chat the end..4 plus only i reawch home.with a tired boodies..which full of bbq food on hands....thought taking cab can reach home faster..thz to the cute uncle..put me in the wrong the end..i still need to walk home~ha!
hate to-lov yest
k every things end here.type with a tired body.k bye.hope tmr will be better for me..GoD plz bless me..thank you~!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tdae todae again holidays end..thougth goin for the interviewed...3-5...10+i m already ther...walk to tm make my leg pain man..really no mood..interviewed once again ..failed..

damn slpy..but ned to help up for book selling in the club..all day there after eating my lovely spag at home with ML..

for being fuly occupied my time...i did bring my lappy and continue doing the poster..i though vry tough bt is not vry tough, i kinda like it ..vry enjoying spent my lovely time in the super cold club room..finaly done with the out come~thx to eugene to figure out to use the prog..thanz davin tat used be4 but seem dunno how to use and help out of LQ in the last minute..which know hoe to use adobe but didnt teach in the 1st place-.-"......however..i found it vry intersting using photo it~!!
jogjog jog 4 round todae..leg havin muscle rd~!ya..i think should stop alternate day..i dont wanna be macho girl..haha

Monday, April 20, 2009

yup..todae again

yup..3 smtg ..after finding those stuff for the soccer competitionss...
vry tired ..kinda tired..and haggard as well..
no ffeling vry good..dunno y..dont feel good todae..moody the whole day..moody stil after bath..
1st day wasnt tat impress me..class are dull..course are dry...teacher are monotone..math cant slpy ..i m liek usless..dont feel liek talking bout it..luckly meet up clubs freinds..chit chat make me forget out those...go jog witl wl and anthony on the way "escort" yessie home?after my meeting....jog jog jog..mixture of all feelings vanish out slowly..while i joggin..i like those kind of ffeelings...thou my leg damn crampy rd....
msn chat late at night..

lolz..recently lots couple poops out~!haha ..congrats man..especially joey..funny lol."Guys mayb flirting around all day, but b4 they go to slp, they always think about the girl they truly care about".. true?haha..nice status...but kinda diff to be forgiven if i havin such bf?..hahha..think a lot today..and did share some of my experince..feel better after talking bout the past.hahaha thou no least i did say smtg ... about ngim jim finding bf?i did declare need to explain to much to others dont give a damn towards wat other think of long i m clear bout wat i m doin ..i think i m right...i dint feel sorry ..make clear towords myself..its more than enough...not many can know me through my outer..nor found it its deep in the inner .....(end*)

btw thx to dong tat find for me the soccer pic tat i gonna use it for the soccer competitions poster tat i gonna pass up soon~!so i can slp now......hear mummy and dad voice jst now...feel like goin home
k craping again...k lar all the best to me and wl and anothony for the interview...
k muckz love,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

todae..mixture of the day

wat happen todae..

planned to write blog bout me and my happy zero wk.but..sad to say "someone "off the moddem staright away..cant on9..go interview for job in tm1..changed to tues go there hav a window shop with wl..lastly shop alone coz go home also nth to do~!..luckly met up charles to jog in the eve..frm tp to ikea?sound try..wasnt too far...not too tired.jst tat stomach too fulll..can t run fast..felt so bad bout it... after tat buy some food in giant ..then walk back home frm tm...found it nt enough..i jog again in the park..for 1 round..fufil the desire?hahha..i m sickening i think...hahah..k then went home with tired body....ccan on9 damn liek usual..out of sudden ..she came in again..scoled me liek no one biss..i drink tap water k~?did i need to purposely to refill ur empty bottles???how i know wat if they dont hav water to drink..should i refilled ur bottles for u ??i dont even drink a single drop of water frm there todae k~!..really brings my mood down to the fullest ..i m so PUZZLE~! i m so undeserved...cant fight backk..speechless..twice....TWICe..i really feel so sheuwy...k dont feel liek talkin this rd...
btw..dunno y suddenly gt lot ppl talk to me in msn sia..hahaa so out of sudden ..every1 poop out~! funny ..hope tat i can hav a blod bout freshie and me asap..~!k ends..

TMR SCH REOPEN~!!!! i hope i can do vry best in my yr 2~ok this is my vry last wish in the end of...YEAR 1 holidays..

lastly..nites and DO GOD BLESS ME..
muckz ,
love audrey~

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my 1st hashing RUN~!!!!

ya todae..went to hashing run with a bunch of old ppl..hahhaa ..old commity ther with jiu mu...who are active in sport..she bring along me mummy and her bao bei (my cousin bro)haha..kind anice my vry first experience..we a group of 20 throught the estate road..over the hills ...over the slope.. the bridge and the MUDDY ROAD~!GOSH~! damn disgust ..can imagine ?jst after raining..phew....muddy..all mud stick on my shoe..leg cant pluck out frm the muddy road...luckly..the air is vry fresh though kinda mendung...even jog also kinda smooth..wont feel tired..luckly i did jog int he normallday..those uncle autie ar..really geng ..their stamina kinda good ~haha..really sportman and sport women there...lolz..6 km on muddy road wasnt tat simple.but wasnt that tiring too..thou sweat a lot bt.vry nice.SHIOK AR~!
p/s..this hash run club suppose to be a youth club on 70-an ~who know those youth are them which become uncle auntie who still stick ot tis club..somethings tat kinda regret is ..ther are no freshie in new teenage..seems like gonna "dlupm"vanish slowly?~really hope tat there are youth who take over this nice club ..coz it is a vry nice activity which can excersice et gather lot of ppl~whwha ..end here
love, aud~

Monday, April 6, 2009

days in SEREMBAN~

清明时节雨纷纷,街上路人欲断魂。。haha.izzit like this??
lolz..goin back to seremban ..going to BAI SHAN..know wats that? noexception..goin back every year ..i think this is a vry good tradision..thou we dont really pray..but we do visit our grand parents every year..never change~

lolzz 百无禁忌 ..i did took lot pic there..early in the morning...when i was a kid..i wasnt afraid of this fest instead..i like it a lot..its very mystery to me and yet vry fun..the part that i like was SHOPPING~!shop wat? i liek to shop "ji zhap pou" i dunno wats that called in chinese..jjee know y?coz i can really see and buy lot of paper stuff there..lookz damn reawl....the stuff thery sell really make us laugh...liek wat teh heck~hahha.wat stuff also hav..the only diff ..theere are only one CAP==>yen luo wang's potrait~ehhe

out of sudden ..bea ask me ~"eh~ hell airline ler..then tat eman mama and yeye all stay in hell lar?no heaven for them?i replied" hehhe..ya..all hell ..hell still can enjoy..."such a puzzled topic,..i also dunno how to answer..loz,,,

at night kinda tired rd..but 12 seems not my slpin time..stilll gentel with my own bracelet..alll my wires and ropes? do do till i shiok..ling ling saw it..ask me to sell her one too..crazy,..btw .i vry happy..coz at something tat somebody will "buy"~will xing shang~hhaha..even by twisting the wires already picking my fingers....but by doin another one for her is damn worth the praisement..i will rmbr~
hehei like it ..the bracelet..i make it frm klg~on the way to sereman.frm ther continue again till late night .haha

nx day we go to the grave yart..honestly..i kinda liek the environment there(LOZ~!@,@)hehe reallyy.the scenary there are nice~!summore vry errie feeels at all...
hehe..kk tats my nice feeling bout the shao mu..some ppl dont like it..but i kinda like it..weird is i scared of tample..but i liek here..funny huh...i also dunno y..mayb is adventurous ?

seremban..nice old town for u to taste all the FOOOD~!really cant wait to eat all the things in one day man..nice ngou lam fan ,dan tart and also cheese tarT~!the tart there really damn tart also need to grab..chiong..damn funny.... eat eat..non stop...vry FAT LOLZ..
hehe kk all the pic here..ENJOY~!..sorry in the pic ..i kinda looks like siao zha bo..sorry ya..

yo~!paper stuff road show~

car bag clothes ph ..all here..wat else u need??

LV beg man~mai jk~!

cant bear to burn it~


burn burn burn... pollutions~

delivering his new card to his parents~-.-

lovin ??

new phooto shoot?

ISH~!gotT CHA~stealing FOOD?~?

actually mama kinda pretty..yeye also havin ang mo look..

dad's uncle..look like caucassian...

majong~realyy hav all teh majong deck in it`
vry specified~!

my big aunty~

egg tart tat u cant STAND~!

p/z: Oopps sorry this is the pic where tooken todae~we bake a CHEZZE CAKE AGAIN~!WAHA DAMN NICE~!

Friday, April 3, 2009

LOLZz...meeting out todae

lolzz..early in the mor..gosh ..woke up by dad..climb mountain again....geezz..luckly i liek it..i M TOO FAT ~!!damn shiok..thou climb half only..but damn tired man..later on gonna hav my vry 1st hair cut for this yr? wha ha~! hair too long d..keep on droping cancer woman..ha~! hair liek wilt grass which can burst easily..scary..
LOLz..get into the glass house which i though it was in tmn intan..had moved to town jakun .dah lame pindah i alos duno..kinda sad to say bye bye to my ori hair style be4 tat ..i hav took damn lot of pic of it..
coz i GONNA CHANGE MY HAIR STYLE~! student price can get 18 while adult need 24 can i consider as student??waha..dare not to cheat i m stp student man...ya so i say ..ya i m student ..(frm where?)frm collage...ghee..i (end up still paying price in btween 18+24 / 2=22 -.-)ha...look old a bit then need to charge more izzit~
hehe kinda satisfied with my new nerddy hair style~!hehe co zthis is my 1st time havin such a straight fringe~!kinda terrified when she advice me to hav it~hehe..luckly end up it loooks quite cool~coz it is different~!wahaa`~!i think it looks like those jap doll in the 1st plce..kinda cool after she curl up my hair~!=

nerdy jap helmet..

but baby wasnt tat luckly..she havin a totally diff hair stylish frm me~hheheh she got a hair stylish tat kept on askin her to rebond her hair..while i havin a hair stylish who advice me to hav a curly hair~!hehe..end up...she havin a "mo gu tou"~plus a little of sting ray tail~!waha~!damn funy ..nice?+ a little of weird~ehhe
k pointless to say a keep on nagging with her hair style..luckly i maaged to get a better hair style if not i surely get nag like her...

hehe..find yew hui jst now..heheh..she still so sweet and nice..get complement frm she and her mom too..hehe next find teo joey and yinwen(nx date )after meeeting up yew hui for dinner..hehe luckly ..they think it was nice too..thz ya..though my face looks much fatter...ehhe..
k i shall end here~!
LOZ which u perfer?the ori aud or the helmet aud??? ya .aud..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

waha..ends the foolish day~ trick did works..seems liek adicted to trick ppl man..hopw i dont get cheated by others nx yr man..hah cant wait for another yeear,hehhee...vry touched tat teo and joey did call me...hehhee..omg..the story line ar really stuck on my head..luckly managed to twist here twist there..sorry ar teo..cheat u damn lot WAAH~! ron ..wat a nice name..nice mixed..nice figure.....
hahah yessie still thought is rownny...wat a nice guess..makes me erhh...haha ..jeannie more funny eaily get punching ur pillow wasnt good enough~!LOLZ~!
.haha..i need to quickly declare by jst now ..or not i m goin to get a punched by u all..april fool watch a disgust movie..advice here..plz dont watch BLOODY VALENTINES..coz it is DAMN BLOODY!@..btw..the tom inside vry HANDSOME ~!i which it wass my RON~~whahaa..k lar todae blog stops here~!MUCKSZ~!

MY vry 1st bf PIC~~

LOLZ ~!!! THANKz TO U GUys that giving blessing..thou it was an invalid blessing ..hahha..thak for the kepoh ..HE------>was the one ~!!!WAHAHHAA..sorry by wasting ur ph bill..wasting ur saliva..wasting ur energy to get sshocked~!QWAHA~!HAPPY APRIL FOOL TO ALL MY DEAREST FRIENDZZZ~!!!! PLZ DO SCOLDE ME YA~!!!!! todae i m forgiven`!!!!WAHA~!
to those who get cheated 50%..are also consider thou u dont admit.u all xing zhi du ming lolZ~!WAHAHA GOTTT CAHK~!!!!!

LOLzzz thank to my Bf ..i get to know u all more~!wahhaa..thz for the concern..thz for the kepoh..thz for the curioscity~...hehehe

l; m gonna show u all his pic..its kinda sudden..waha~!
WAHAL!at least i know hoe concern u all..heheh FINALLY ~!HAPPY 09APRIL FOOL~!!!!!
p/s :do post ur commentzz..waha.if havin any enquires~!;)