Monday, April 27, 2009

thesse week day

i happy happy with wat i havin now..part time job wasnt tat miserable for me on the 2nd day..than god...satisfied...but life are getting tougher tougher and tougher...once again i m doin nooby in my lec ..really cant understand wat she talking about...mumbling?gosh..forget bout it ..dont feel liek talking bout tat..hard time really get into me again.perhaps i really need to study rd.... besides,thoses really got lot task waiting for me to solve..3 more poster to go on...notice board...tee design...a bit stress ..scared cant do on time..hope god do bless me again..give me strength to finished and accomplished all my task perfect and nicely....
lov, aud

1 comment:

  1. much things to do o~~
    3 posters~
    T-shirt design~~
    haha...sad lar~talented ppl like you susah want lar~haha