Wednesday, April 1, 2009

waha..ends the foolish day~ trick did works..seems liek adicted to trick ppl man..hopw i dont get cheated by others nx yr man..hah cant wait for another yeear,hehhee...vry touched tat teo and joey did call me...hehhee..omg..the story line ar really stuck on my head..luckly managed to twist here twist there..sorry ar teo..cheat u damn lot WAAH~! ron ..wat a nice name..nice mixed..nice figure.....
hahah yessie still thought is rownny...wat a nice guess..makes me erhh...haha ..jeannie more funny eaily get punching ur pillow wasnt good enough~!LOLZ~!
.haha..i need to quickly declare by jst now ..or not i m goin to get a punched by u all..april fool watch a disgust movie..advice here..plz dont watch BLOODY VALENTINES..coz it is DAMN BLOODY!@..btw..the tom inside vry HANDSOME ~!i which it wass my RON~~whahaa..k lar todae blog stops here~!MUCKSZ~!

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