Friday, April 3, 2009

LOLZz...meeting out todae

lolzz..early in the mor..gosh ..woke up by dad..climb mountain again....geezz..luckly i liek it..i M TOO FAT ~!!damn shiok..thou climb half only..but damn tired man..later on gonna hav my vry 1st hair cut for this yr? wha ha~! hair too long d..keep on droping cancer woman..ha~! hair liek wilt grass which can burst easily..scary..
LOLz..get into the glass house which i though it was in tmn intan..had moved to town jakun .dah lame pindah i alos duno..kinda sad to say bye bye to my ori hair style be4 tat ..i hav took damn lot of pic of it..
coz i GONNA CHANGE MY HAIR STYLE~! student price can get 18 while adult need 24 can i consider as student??waha..dare not to cheat i m stp student man...ya so i say ..ya i m student ..(frm where?)frm collage...ghee..i (end up still paying price in btween 18+24 / 2=22 -.-)ha...look old a bit then need to charge more izzit~
hehe kinda satisfied with my new nerddy hair style~!hehe co zthis is my 1st time havin such a straight fringe~!kinda terrified when she advice me to hav it~hehe..luckly end up it loooks quite cool~coz it is different~!wahaa`~!i think it looks like those jap doll in the 1st plce..kinda cool after she curl up my hair~!=

nerdy jap helmet..

but baby wasnt tat luckly..she havin a totally diff hair stylish frm me~hheheh she got a hair stylish tat kept on askin her to rebond her hair..while i havin a hair stylish who advice me to hav a curly hair~!hehe..end up...she havin a "mo gu tou"~plus a little of sting ray tail~!waha~!damn funy ..nice?+ a little of weird~ehhe
k pointless to say a keep on nagging with her hair style..luckly i maaged to get a better hair style if not i surely get nag like her...

hehe..find yew hui jst now..heheh..she still so sweet and nice..get complement frm she and her mom too..hehe next find teo joey and yinwen(nx date )after meeeting up yew hui for dinner..hehe luckly ..they think it was nice too..thz ya..though my face looks much fatter...ehhe..
k i shall end here~!
LOZ which u perfer?the ori aud or the helmet aud??? ya .aud..

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