Monday, April 6, 2009

days in SEREMBAN~

清明时节雨纷纷,街上路人欲断魂。。haha.izzit like this??
lolz..goin back to seremban ..going to BAI SHAN..know wats that? noexception..goin back every year ..i think this is a vry good tradision..thou we dont really pray..but we do visit our grand parents every year..never change~

lolzz 百无禁忌 ..i did took lot pic there..early in the morning...when i was a kid..i wasnt afraid of this fest instead..i like it a lot..its very mystery to me and yet vry fun..the part that i like was SHOPPING~!shop wat? i liek to shop "ji zhap pou" i dunno wats that called in chinese..jjee know y?coz i can really see and buy lot of paper stuff there..lookz damn reawl....the stuff thery sell really make us laugh...liek wat teh heck~hahha.wat stuff also hav..the only diff ..theere are only one CAP==>yen luo wang's potrait~ehhe

out of sudden ..bea ask me ~"eh~ hell airline ler..then tat eman mama and yeye all stay in hell lar?no heaven for them?i replied" hehhe..ya..all hell ..hell still can enjoy..."such a puzzled topic,..i also dunno how to answer..loz,,,

at night kinda tired rd..but 12 seems not my slpin time..stilll gentel with my own bracelet..alll my wires and ropes? do do till i shiok..ling ling saw it..ask me to sell her one too..crazy,..btw .i vry happy..coz at something tat somebody will "buy"~will xing shang~hhaha..even by twisting the wires already picking my fingers....but by doin another one for her is damn worth the praisement..i will rmbr~
hehei like it ..the bracelet..i make it frm klg~on the way to sereman.frm ther continue again till late night .haha

nx day we go to the grave yart..honestly..i kinda liek the environment there(LOZ~!@,@)hehe reallyy.the scenary there are nice~!summore vry errie feeels at all...
hehe..kk tats my nice feeling bout the shao mu..some ppl dont like it..but i kinda like it..weird is i scared of tample..but i liek here..funny huh...i also dunno y..mayb is adventurous ?

seremban..nice old town for u to taste all the FOOOD~!really cant wait to eat all the things in one day man..nice ngou lam fan ,dan tart and also cheese tarT~!the tart there really damn tart also need to grab..chiong..damn funny.... eat eat..non stop...vry FAT LOLZ..
hehe kk all the pic here..ENJOY~!..sorry in the pic ..i kinda looks like siao zha bo..sorry ya..

yo~!paper stuff road show~

car bag clothes ph ..all here..wat else u need??

LV beg man~mai jk~!

cant bear to burn it~


burn burn burn... pollutions~

delivering his new card to his parents~-.-

lovin ??

new phooto shoot?

ISH~!gotT CHA~stealing FOOD?~?

actually mama kinda pretty..yeye also havin ang mo look..

dad's uncle..look like caucassian...

majong~realyy hav all teh majong deck in it`
vry specified~!

my big aunty~

egg tart tat u cant STAND~!

p/z: Oopps sorry this is the pic where tooken todae~we bake a CHEZZE CAKE AGAIN~!WAHA DAMN NICE~!

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