Monday, April 20, 2009

yup..todae again

yup..3 smtg ..after finding those stuff for the soccer competitionss...
vry tired ..kinda tired..and haggard as well..
no ffeling vry good..dunno y..dont feel good todae..moody the whole day..moody stil after bath..
1st day wasnt tat impress me..class are dull..course are dry...teacher are monotone..math cant slpy ..i m liek usless..dont feel liek talking bout it..luckly meet up clubs freinds..chit chat make me forget out those...go jog witl wl and anthony on the way "escort" yessie home?after my meeting....jog jog jog..mixture of all feelings vanish out slowly..while i joggin..i like those kind of ffeelings...thou my leg damn crampy rd....
msn chat late at night..

lolz..recently lots couple poops out~!haha ..congrats man..especially joey..funny lol."Guys mayb flirting around all day, but b4 they go to slp, they always think about the girl they truly care about".. true?haha..nice status...but kinda diff to be forgiven if i havin such bf?..hahha..think a lot today..and did share some of my experince..feel better after talking bout the past.hahaha thou no least i did say smtg ... about ngim jim finding bf?i did declare need to explain to much to others dont give a damn towards wat other think of long i m clear bout wat i m doin ..i think i m right...i dint feel sorry ..make clear towords myself..its more than enough...not many can know me through my outer..nor found it its deep in the inner .....(end*)

btw thx to dong tat find for me the soccer pic tat i gonna use it for the soccer competitions poster tat i gonna pass up soon~!so i can slp now......hear mummy and dad voice jst now...feel like goin home
k craping again...k lar all the best to me and wl and anothony for the interview...
k muckz love,

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