Sunday, April 19, 2009

todae..mixture of the day

wat happen todae..

planned to write blog bout me and my happy zero wk.but..sad to say "someone "off the moddem staright away..cant on9..go interview for job in tm1..changed to tues go there hav a window shop with wl..lastly shop alone coz go home also nth to do~!..luckly met up charles to jog in the eve..frm tp to ikea?sound try..wasnt too far...not too tired.jst tat stomach too fulll..can t run fast..felt so bad bout it... after tat buy some food in giant ..then walk back home frm tm...found it nt enough..i jog again in the park..for 1 round..fufil the desire?hahha..i m sickening i think...hahah..k then went home with tired body....ccan on9 damn liek usual..out of sudden ..she came in again..scoled me liek no one biss..i drink tap water k~?did i need to purposely to refill ur empty bottles???how i know wat if they dont hav water to drink..should i refilled ur bottles for u ??i dont even drink a single drop of water frm there todae k~!..really brings my mood down to the fullest ..i m so PUZZLE~! i m so undeserved...cant fight backk..speechless..twice....TWICe..i really feel so sheuwy...k dont feel liek talkin this rd...
btw..dunno y suddenly gt lot ppl talk to me in msn sia..hahaa so out of sudden ..every1 poop out~! funny ..hope tat i can hav a blod bout freshie and me asap..~!k ends..

TMR SCH REOPEN~!!!! i hope i can do vry best in my yr 2~ok this is my vry last wish in the end of...YEAR 1 holidays..

lastly..nites and DO GOD BLESS ME..
muckz ,
love audrey~

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