Saturday, April 25, 2009

today ; yesterday

today =i hate...

todae suppose to my exciting beginning for me..exciting to hav my 1st day..went i was there..i m totally bored til the end..i m misareable coz i cant do anything~!wat i can is jst serve those expressionless customer~!1st tiem i wish i could hav more crapping customers...aunty ya aunty more crapp more ..dont buy also least let me service u....haizz...wat a tragedy..thou i m crapping queen bt wat should i talk to tehm ..~!? how to approch them?even me myself also dont liek salesgirl to stalk me~!shop without pestering of salesgirl are much more freedom k~ i go with my smily face..back with my glummy face..i dotn ffeel liek working rd man~!!!!!i hate this..leg are numb face are glum. feel like crying..feel homesick..i wish i no need to work for my entire life...tmr..zoombie goes to work again..-.-"

yesterday=i love ..

my meannigful life was yesterday.ginuieeseee records of human wheel barrow..break by temasek poly on yest..i m proud of it ..coz i did get chance to participate on it..such a meaningful day..
the only part that i was a little eternal i dint manage to participate into the longest human rail..hahha .its ok lar..endeoouurens..this most xciting part.i feel the pain of them when they are still holding on ..salute to..jeannie and june;jun yang and nic..wheel barrow competition aslo won by us ...thz to them engine finally won as a team ...the victory maes us feel good..makes me out of suden vry high ,even bonds me closer towards other...tat feels really cant describe..nice and powerful..pic tells thousands throught my expression..

11+ finally it ends...activities havent end yet..thats the time we are chionging towards another ecp..celebrating club's friends bdae...thou tired but ir was nice..nice coz i found how sincere and how many effort did my friends paid or sacrisfied for her..lucky girl should appreciate it..nice long chat with the winndy breesszz along the beach where her tent was tend...
chit chit chat the end..4 plus only i reawch home.with a tired boodies..which full of bbq food on hands....thought taking cab can reach home faster..thz to the cute uncle..put me in the wrong the end..i still need to walk home~ha!
hate to-lov yest
k every things end here.type with a tired body.k bye.hope tmr will be better for me..GoD plz bless me..thank you~!

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