Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my 1st hashing RUN~!!!!

ya todae..went to hashing run with a bunch of old ppl..hahhaa ..old commity ther with jiu mu...who are active in sport..she bring along me mummy and her bao bei (my cousin bro)haha..kind anice my vry first experience..we a group of 20 throught the estate road..over the hills ...over the slope.. the bridge and the MUDDY ROAD~!GOSH~! damn disgust ..can imagine ?jst after raining..phew....muddy..all mud stick on my shoe..leg cant pluck out frm the muddy road...luckly..the air is vry fresh though kinda mendung...even jog also kinda smooth..wont feel tired..luckly i did jog int he normallday..those uncle autie ar..really geng ..their stamina kinda good ~haha..really sportman and sport women there...lolz..6 km on muddy road wasnt tat simple.but wasnt that tiring too..thou sweat a lot bt.vry nice.SHIOK AR~!
p/s..this hash run club suppose to be a youth club on 70-an ~who know those youth are them which become uncle auntie who still stick ot tis club..somethings tat kinda regret is ..ther are no freshie in new teenage..seems like gonna "dlupm"vanish slowly?~really hope tat there are youth who take over this nice club ..coz it is a vry nice activity which can excersice et gather lot of ppl~whwha ..end here
love, aud~

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