Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tdae todae again

today..my holidays end..thougth goin for the interviewed...3-5...10+i m already ther...walk to tm make my leg pain man..really no mood..interviewed once again ..failed..

damn slpy..but ned to help up for book selling in the club..all day there after eating my lovely spag at home with ML..

for being fuly occupied my time...i did bring my lappy and continue doing the poster..i though vry tough bt is not vry tough, i kinda like it ..vry enjoying spent my lovely time in the super cold club room..finaly done with the out come~thx to eugene to figure out to use the prog..thanz davin tat used be4 but seem dunno how to use and help out of LQ in the last minute..which know hoe to use adobe but didnt teach in the 1st place-.-"......however..i found it vry intersting using photo adobe..like it~!!
jogjog jog 4 round todae..leg havin muscle rd~!ya..i think should stop alternate day..i dont wanna be macho girl..haha

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