Monday, August 31, 2009

stupid basket

s 终极一班!!!!!!!
stupid basket make me wanan have time machine..
stupid idiot make me feel guilty..
stupid dustbin make me worried of u all..stupid feellow make me browse all the high sch picz...
stupid idiot make me feel so envy bout my past figure..
frm slimmer to fatterfrm happy to sad...
YW! i wanan have TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!
Sesta OK~!

where is joey~?

BI teacher


kiss kiss~!

hhaa i hav no idea wat i m staring at..

days with emily

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st holidae trip...

its already the forth days i release frm bookz...
frm wed till today (sundae) it seems short...

to me..i had experience all the up and down during this few days...

the eve after exam ..went to club room to clean up all stuff...
for me..this trash collector sure gt lots things wanna take..
too bad...they ... afraid to show me all those "trash" ...ahah
so wat can i do is make use of the thrown alumminium tray to do the club board...hee..

to be cont.

Monday, August 24, 2009


today..should bless..
i hav no much complaints bout the paper..
jst tat my luck wasnt good...choose either 4 or 16
i kkep erasing my num btwn this 2 for plenty times .in the end..ya thnks i choose the wrong one...
end up..the rest of the quest..all wrong..

today ..did a good deed..congrats eugene..
i kinda tired..yet no taking nap..studying chap 8=0 , sorry mj i forget to return ur book...
still need u come sch at night to collect the ps ..

no much feeling..way home..discuss bout clubs affair..seems lots couple being match makes..btw fun..
being called ...att girl ..yeah...its me...true me...wats the diff if i talk differently in real ? me still me...i wont change for others except there are some1 worth for me to change...
i persist with my vry own ass char..sit or stand up to u ..

lift open.. saw the squash guy..on the to lib to saw him again..a yet familiar stranger..x hav pretty much impression towards him..jst tat found him looks nice todae...wondering how come we being familiar stranger for so long..ha...met kinda lots during 1.1 squash audition..camps..camps...camps..yet..we are still stranger ;)

k thats the end.

Friday, August 21, 2009

fri . day

yah..i this is my another post bout thanking my friends whom giving me really great parties on my bdae..

i m glad and bless

i am contented..

i really appreciated the effort...

the intention...

the gift...

the foods..

the cards..

the everything that u all did for me..
i really happy..coz i used to feel im so small...yet ..still ther are alot around me..

i m happy havin lunch party with JI cliques

thanks for the food..snackz...cake....PUFF!

I m happy having tea break party with BBs

I m happy with the gifts...i really like it..

thanks to u all~

thanks for the mp4 which i really wanted for so an unexpected gift..that really make me $$%^$&$!!!

to view my bdae party pics with JI clique..pls click on qian yu blogs..there are lots~!

vry touched that actually ..i thought i was nobody ..yet ...i m not alone..there are lot lots ppl who care bout me...
who willing to spare / sacrificed their time jst for me..audreyng....
thanks to them whom spent time with me along these days month years..
thanks for preparing the most delicious food ever...specially for me~!!!

stll rmbr..that time stressing modani...end up yw joey and ewen need to come my house to lim teh
i told yw:"sob sob...yin wen..i vry poor thing...i really cant stand with stress anymore..i vry vryvyr kelian.....
yw replied .."no audrey , nononono....u are vry lucky actually...
i puzzled..yet touched..

cant wait to go back klg...
lepak lepak with my siesta gang...thnaks for the preparations for my 19th thou i wondering wat kind of surprise u all prepared for me~heheh..

actually i wasnt wanna post bout bdae..i jst feel a lil stress?examining now...vry stress recently. even proj are over..exam is already in the corner...
i cant study well...
i sick of studying till 3 ++ everyday
i sick of calculating..
sick of alpha..
sick of number..
study rd so what?
i cant even score though i know hoe to do...
sick of exam..sick of nervousness ..sick of burliness..
sick of stupid MISTAKE~!
ergh!!!!! i hate my self...i hate i hate i hate~!!!
y cant jst let me come out ffrm the examination hall without a glummy face~!?
y i must be the careless one??
k thats the end..

p/s : btw ..for the previous blog i think i forget to thank izuan...the one who help me lots in ideation..

while for relationship..
i wanna say good luck to eugene..and congrats to Gnie~!

for present..i wanan thank jannah and mingjing!~ thank u thank u ..
I LIKE THE DRESS lots~!thanks for the slimming effect..hahha...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


i wanna thank u all`!!! i wann thank to those who greet and wish me..
I almost CRY~!!!
not coz of touched...IS COZ OF PRANK~!!!!!
omg..i cant the one always prank ppl will kena prank by ming li and weiling~!
wahhaa...scared me sia..say kak zainap found out we broke the bed..haha..
no matter wat~ I REALLY THANKs them....
i really appericiate on wat u guys do ..i relaly happy coz i reallise how much u all did for me....i m vry satisfied and happy..ya ..this is more than enough..i m vry happy even thou withou the present..
btw there are already lots of present frm u all`!!!wohhoo..thanks for the "bra" ahah ..the WAtch..the PIGLET? the COW? the sockz ...and the pens~! i reawlly liek it..especially the B and the W that makes baby gek till cant slp .wahahahah~!!

thanks for lotlotltotlo unexpected birthday wishes~! i really happy~!!!!..yah..seriously happy..k i shouldnt happy too much...kk thats the end of my bdae..ya ..i think is enough ..ehhehe ..thank u~!!!
thank to zen..for the wall paper? ..thanks to joey for the lovely songs...
thanks to ming li to the brilliant prank idea...thanks for the 3 setsof bubble tea ..and 3 set of mossee damn nice lar~!wahhahaa....

overall ..i m happpy ..thank u ppl~!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

TOdae. my last day of 18th....Tomorrow...happy birthday aud~!

Say bye to 18th aud~!..

yah..welcome my new 19th ..
sounds a lil sorrowness...haiz..
ppl say 18 is the most glorious moment for girls..
to me ? yah.. a lil??
Ya a little bit sad to say bye to 18th..yah..i experience alot within this year...
from my 18 to 19..i gain...
i grown....
from stupid a lil clever...
from a lil organised..
from busy... to even most busy....
this year..i get to know even more more friends..
i m happy ..coz reallly ..I able to get few good friends this year which i m vry happy with it..

I m Busy gril as wat ppl know..ya..i hoope my next 19 ..
this wont happened..but too will..haha..
I wanna thnak my mom who give birth of me...

Tomorrow is my birthday ...
I m not tat excited as wat usuallly I am..
this year..full of stress..which actually covered my happiness..
x much feelings... expectation...
everyone is really busy as well..
no nth...

celebration are nice..ya..but FREINDS lets put piority on exam~
so celebration really dosent matter..

to those feel sorry by not celebrating with me..
reallly dosent matter..i really ok with it..coz even me dont really hav the mood to celebrate.
to those in klg..
i really wish i could be there..celebrating with u all..

finally , let me have the last wish..
I wish...

I can be more cheerful tis year...
NO more BUSYNESS( bullshit)
Spent More time with my BESSTIE..and also my fam...
BE good and Be nice..
DO BETTER...BE more Alert ..
ALL the best in the new house..No more bad incident...

Within this year..
i wanna thank ..
my JI clique . . who always lesbianise with their care..craps a lot...(destress)
my MSN friends~!..
which most of them really help me a lot in my assignment...hahha..really appreciate..
btw i hav smtg to say..( plz feel free to reject me if u really hav smtg on ...dont feel ps..I might ask for help "as friend"..but i dont wan ppl hav thought of me taking advantage of if willing to help i m fine with dont feel burden to reject..i might always ask for help coz..i really need help..ha..)
who really really give a lots of warm...
anyone in the club will really there or me whn i m in club room.which.i really appericiate..Main com in bb really like family to me..We having fest in club...and thank for the understanding allowing me stay late in the club room..thank for the concern frm grace joel and si qi..and thank to davin who always bullied by me thanks to lq who didnt pressurize me;)
especially yessie and eugene.
i really wanna thank u all ..u all are there for me while i m really down..I thanks for the listening ear..i thanks for the concern and care..which i might not show out but..seriously..i m touched by those actions;).
i wanna thank mdm hufang as well a very understanding teacher..who solve alots of my ptp problems..i vryr touched..
I also wanna thank friends like
pc..who willing to accompany me during my vry down period..
zw..who solve lots of my "stipid elcetric shock" complaints and my shouting
victim..and help me lots(esp the lappy~!)
ah dong...who really help me during the custom incedent..( i would nvr forget that)
I wanna thank wl and mL.
. my closeest friend ..intimate mate...i wanan thank the care and i keen for forgiveness if i really did anything wrong where even me myself dint realise...I might making lots of mistake ...and vry slow...thnak for the tolarence..and i really wish we could be the most "intimate " friends ever...
I wanna thank my KLG GROUP!!!!~~~
wohoo siesta and the my klg cliques...& yewhui
I really miss u all~!thanks for rmbr my bdae...thanks for always jio me for outing ..even though really i rejected the outing everytime..but i really asking me..(coz it let me realise hey, frinds u all nvr forget me..even though i m busy all the time..)not that i didnt treasure u all ..hope u all understand my situation..
I wanna thank my fam~!
NG family--thank u daddy thanks for calling me when i need u ther for me.. even everytime i give kinda cold reply..but i realy need u to be ther for me..i thank by ask me to stop when i m doin my modani till 5 in the morning...
i wanna thank mummy by treating me as princess when i m at home..thanks for the serve ..which u would really rarely do those..thanks for listnet to my complaints and giving me more care:)
i also wanan thank bea and adrain..who treat me better coz..they using bartering system whey..i already buy lots present to bribe them..

ibu family~!-- terima kasih ibu ..girl rase terharu betul mase ibu kasi girl advanced birthday..smpi skrg girl belum buka..thanks for being care bout wats happend to me in sg..thou u cant help much ..but i really feel ur care ;))

thanks to those admire me?haha by making my 18-19 life more intersting ?haha

THis year
I wish i can have..a slimmping pills..a self potrait...a BIG PIC of my FRIENDS And me....
A secretary ....a helper....a new brain.( clever brain)..more concern frm fam.(i wish they could realise that my big bag pack are actually worn out..)..I wish i could get a new phone tis year..and MP3!!!when only i can get my pay~!?

hope..i can quickly achived those by this year~!!aud aud aud~!!!study more ! EARN MORE!!!!!

I hope i dint left out anyone...k byebye~i need a chiong book rd my new house~!
p/s: jst for information..we did move out frm the house yesterday for 2 days..frm 15(3 pm) till 16(12 ++) unimaginable??haha..tats us.. super slow motion;) 3 of us subjugate the al the stuff we accumulate for one yr plus...we are PRound it it man! limbs are aching sia...

k here the end of the long-winded story..thnanks for scolling down the page till the end;))
k byebey~mucks love frm aud

Friday, August 14, 2009

TOday is a special DAy..

every day is a special day..
everyday is a busy day..
no exception...i m busy as well today...

I had been throught!!!! I had came over those stupidos stress from my projects~!!
I m relief...finallly...

no more heavy project clinging around me....

God bless.. teacher like our video alots.. love ya...

btw...thanks to modani ...i being ran thorought in and out in the printing shop for 3 times.. damn ps...long long Q summore...

Feel suprise ? i ;m uploading my blog again..
this is my only free time after chionging my projectssss for this few weeks...
close friend of should knew busyness wasnt a crap...
i m really busy due to my poor time managment and my packed schdule...

thanks to zhiwei ..i only can finished rendering my scene on to proceed it..

if without the lappy...i think till todae i still will squat down and cry..hahah
thanks to me such a wonderful voice for the fish and cat...hey teacher did like it~!Mucks~!
thanks to izuan ..who help me a lotss lotss on ideation as well..thnaks for the helping hands ..really appericiate...besides , i also wanna thank eugene and tony correcting my sucksy english for my ideation nor modani journal...
I m relief todae..suppose to slp ealier coz within this few days or specifically since after last blog i updated..i only slpt for few hrs <>

sturggle struggle struggle..finally everything is over...

after the modani interview in the mor..though can really hav a good rest at home after that...holy cow...i need to go for the brief pula for the poly forum..jst get informed..-,-..( coz i dont even hav time to check my email..--.---) luckly it was intersting .. end up..i m able to went home at 6 with ml...
CAnt imagine ....

I m moving out tmr...a lil too fast...or maybe a lil un bare..tonight..end up ..i didnt take my nap also.... We coooked our last Wonderful meal tat we used to do be4 we start our packing process...

shiok ar....

then..we packed packed usual...Wl and ml will be vry happy ..coz..

they are gonna throw things again~..while me?

ha usual...will be much more elert then ever! thanks to Wl huh...she throw away my wire infront of me...WAoo~! she stepped my tail sia... She hide away the dustbin frm me avid me frm collecting it..hahah`but how could i t be!~! wires is my life....i get so anxious when she throw..luckly i manged to save the wires...besides lots of the usefull paper bag or some nice material also being throw...sob sob...

after cleannign up ..we did talk and chi chat alot... we took lot lotslots of pics here..jst to take the opportunity we have in this house..stupid retard pics are countless..hahha..tats y now only i only time for me started to blog... coz after tmr..there was another bettle to go .. EXAM!!!!
haiz..wanna leave this room rd....tmr moving out..abit wanna cry though they wasnt treat us vry good..coz ..however..i already stay here for one yr plus..have feelings towards this house ...finally MuckX..I love u once again my room...and byebye....god bless me...plz

let me have a brighter future....

let me able to adapt the environment there as fast as possible ..thank u~!;)thats all i need for now...k tata...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


today ..sunday....the day where i supposed to be in msia..and on the way back to here..too bad..i m not home..ya...i decide to stay....for the gps BOND?...

i hesitate..i struggle..untill..the day ..the date where weiling is born....i m sorry once again..coz i do my vry best to give ur bdae like mingli...sorry... halfway missing...finally ..i really BRoKe Down...after talk in the ph with bout club stuff wit way...cant stand ....ran to toilet ..hide inside the cubical ..splash out...cried out as much as i want ...i can feel the wound..the cuts..finally heel wat i want...i feel much more better...

dad call again while heeling in process~!erhmm..CHOP..k talk liek normal..after heeling process...feel so stupid...while other still celebrating wl bdae..wat the heck m i doin???go out with my stupid reddish eye..smpt malu..cant talk...luckily after tat wl console me ..dont think too much aud~! so embarrass! yan ming still call me sia...strong audrey dont act strong. lar.....-.----wth~hahah btw still glad tat WL like the bag packed tat i and ml bought for her~;)

on fri ..still lll hesitating....thou 12 smtg is the camp rd....finally i decide to go....coz of smbdy stupid msg..awake me frm being over dysphoric ...yah..i go there intend to spent my happiest moment to the fullest...but,...seems i failed to do tat..
fun cant be fullest when some1 dont even enjoy..kinda regret it wasnt the camp i was in is it worth for me to stay ?
i m bored by keep on askin..
impatient me perhaps really doubts ..
however ...overall the camp was still fun~especially when we playing healthy drinking game...hahha...tat was and modani still surround me ...i think i really siao...
haha..the nx mor ..we packed...we eat the nicest BEEF FRIESS and also burger...then ..go home....straight away take nap...gosh..i think i really homesick.till even nap also i dream of msia...i rush back on national day and end up no bus to travel back to sg~hahaha..(in dream also rush~haizz) restlesss....

ok .a lil regret...but wl say at least i did smtg..yeah..i research maths...and lil of photography proj..thnak god ..i feel better today by shopping around prime and yes liek auntie..hahha...k tats the end and hope tat i can finish my MODANI@@@!!! good luck aud ..and thanks to those who give me comment k?makes me feel really much better~!thank u!

btw...sat night and the special weird day for me tat i didn't met be4... gt 3 guys gt crush on me within 48 hrs..and tell me bout tat...kinda weird huh...haha..really cant believe...thn cass tell me gt 3 I crush on me on Tues...means total up 6 in a week ..woo~puzzledddd..ya..thou some of them jst jk sia but still funny haha..haha....ok i dont wish to put in excat font..coz this is my own reference tat i found it vry weird & special...;)even Wl also numb with this rd..hahah,...