Sunday, August 16, 2009


i wanna thank u all`!!! i wann thank to those who greet and wish me..
I almost CRY~!!!
not coz of touched...IS COZ OF PRANK~!!!!!
omg..i cant the one always prank ppl will kena prank by ming li and weiling~!
wahhaa...scared me sia..say kak zainap found out we broke the bed..haha..
no matter wat~ I REALLY THANKs them....
i really appericiate on wat u guys do ..i relaly happy coz i reallise how much u all did for me....i m vry satisfied and happy..ya ..this is more than enough..i m vry happy even thou withou the present..
btw there are already lots of present frm u all`!!!wohhoo..thanks for the "bra" ahah ..the WAtch..the PIGLET? the COW? the sockz ...and the pens~! i reawlly liek it..especially the B and the W that makes baby gek till cant slp .wahahahah~!!

thanks for lotlotltotlo unexpected birthday wishes~! i really happy~!!!!..yah..seriously happy..k i shouldnt happy too much...kk thats the end of my bdae..ya ..i think is enough ..ehhehe ..thank u~!!!
thank to zen..for the wall paper? ..thanks to joey for the lovely songs...
thanks to ming li to the brilliant prank idea...thanks for the 3 setsof bubble tea ..and 3 set of mossee damn nice lar~!wahhahaa....

overall ..i m happpy ..thank u ppl~!!!

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