Friday, August 21, 2009

fri . day

yah..i this is my another post bout thanking my friends whom giving me really great parties on my bdae..

i m glad and bless

i am contented..

i really appreciated the effort...

the intention...

the gift...

the foods..

the cards..

the everything that u all did for me..
i really happy..coz i used to feel im so small...yet ..still ther are alot around me..

i m happy havin lunch party with JI cliques

thanks for the food..snackz...cake....PUFF!

I m happy having tea break party with BBs

I m happy with the gifts...i really like it..

thanks to u all~

thanks for the mp4 which i really wanted for so an unexpected gift..that really make me $$%^$&$!!!

to view my bdae party pics with JI clique..pls click on qian yu blogs..there are lots~!

vry touched that actually ..i thought i was nobody ..yet ...i m not alone..there are lot lots ppl who care bout me...
who willing to spare / sacrificed their time jst for me..audreyng....
thanks to them whom spent time with me along these days month years..
thanks for preparing the most delicious food ever...specially for me~!!!

stll rmbr..that time stressing modani...end up yw joey and ewen need to come my house to lim teh
i told yw:"sob sob...yin wen..i vry poor thing...i really cant stand with stress anymore..i vry vryvyr kelian.....
yw replied .."no audrey , nononono....u are vry lucky actually...
i puzzled..yet touched..

cant wait to go back klg...
lepak lepak with my siesta gang...thnaks for the preparations for my 19th thou i wondering wat kind of surprise u all prepared for me~heheh..

actually i wasnt wanna post bout bdae..i jst feel a lil stress?examining now...vry stress recently. even proj are over..exam is already in the corner...
i cant study well...
i sick of studying till 3 ++ everyday
i sick of calculating..
sick of alpha..
sick of number..
study rd so what?
i cant even score though i know hoe to do...
sick of exam..sick of nervousness ..sick of burliness..
sick of stupid MISTAKE~!
ergh!!!!! i hate my self...i hate i hate i hate~!!!
y cant jst let me come out ffrm the examination hall without a glummy face~!?
y i must be the careless one??
k thats the end..

p/s : btw ..for the previous blog i think i forget to thank izuan...the one who help me lots in ideation..

while for relationship..
i wanna say good luck to eugene..and congrats to Gnie~!

for present..i wanan thank jannah and mingjing!~ thank u thank u ..
I LIKE THE DRESS lots~!thanks for the slimming effect..hahha...

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