Saturday, August 15, 2009

TOdae. my last day of 18th....Tomorrow...happy birthday aud~!

Say bye to 18th aud~!..

yah..welcome my new 19th ..
sounds a lil sorrowness...haiz..
ppl say 18 is the most glorious moment for girls..
to me ? yah.. a lil??
Ya a little bit sad to say bye to 18th..yah..i experience alot within this year...
from my 18 to 19..i gain...
i grown....
from stupid a lil clever...
from a lil organised..
from busy... to even most busy....
this year..i get to know even more more friends..
i m happy ..coz reallly ..I able to get few good friends this year which i m vry happy with it..

I m Busy gril as wat ppl know..ya..i hoope my next 19 ..
this wont happened..but too will..haha..
I wanna thnak my mom who give birth of me...

Tomorrow is my birthday ...
I m not tat excited as wat usuallly I am..
this year..full of stress..which actually covered my happiness..
x much feelings... expectation...
everyone is really busy as well..
no nth...

celebration are nice..ya..but FREINDS lets put piority on exam~
so celebration really dosent matter..

to those feel sorry by not celebrating with me..
reallly dosent matter..i really ok with it..coz even me dont really hav the mood to celebrate.
to those in klg..
i really wish i could be there..celebrating with u all..

finally , let me have the last wish..
I wish...

I can be more cheerful tis year...
NO more BUSYNESS( bullshit)
Spent More time with my BESSTIE..and also my fam...
BE good and Be nice..
DO BETTER...BE more Alert ..
ALL the best in the new house..No more bad incident...

Within this year..
i wanna thank ..
my JI clique . . who always lesbianise with their care..craps a lot...(destress)
my MSN friends~!..
which most of them really help me a lot in my assignment...hahha..really appreciate..
btw i hav smtg to say..( plz feel free to reject me if u really hav smtg on ...dont feel ps..I might ask for help "as friend"..but i dont wan ppl hav thought of me taking advantage of if willing to help i m fine with dont feel burden to reject..i might always ask for help coz..i really need help..ha..)
who really really give a lots of warm...
anyone in the club will really there or me whn i m in club room.which.i really appericiate..Main com in bb really like family to me..We having fest in club...and thank for the understanding allowing me stay late in the club room..thank for the concern frm grace joel and si qi..and thank to davin who always bullied by me thanks to lq who didnt pressurize me;)
especially yessie and eugene.
i really wanna thank u all ..u all are there for me while i m really down..I thanks for the listening ear..i thanks for the concern and care..which i might not show out but..seriously..i m touched by those actions;).
i wanna thank mdm hufang as well a very understanding teacher..who solve alots of my ptp problems..i vryr touched..
I also wanna thank friends like
pc..who willing to accompany me during my vry down period..
zw..who solve lots of my "stipid elcetric shock" complaints and my shouting
victim..and help me lots(esp the lappy~!)
ah dong...who really help me during the custom incedent..( i would nvr forget that)
I wanna thank wl and mL.
. my closeest friend ..intimate mate...i wanan thank the care and i keen for forgiveness if i really did anything wrong where even me myself dint realise...I might making lots of mistake ...and vry slow...thnak for the tolarence..and i really wish we could be the most "intimate " friends ever...
I wanna thank my KLG GROUP!!!!~~~
wohoo siesta and the my klg cliques...& yewhui
I really miss u all~!thanks for rmbr my bdae...thanks for always jio me for outing ..even though really i rejected the outing everytime..but i really asking me..(coz it let me realise hey, frinds u all nvr forget me..even though i m busy all the time..)not that i didnt treasure u all ..hope u all understand my situation..
I wanna thank my fam~!
NG family--thank u daddy thanks for calling me when i need u ther for me.. even everytime i give kinda cold reply..but i realy need u to be ther for me..i thank by ask me to stop when i m doin my modani till 5 in the morning...
i wanna thank mummy by treating me as princess when i m at home..thanks for the serve ..which u would really rarely do those..thanks for listnet to my complaints and giving me more care:)
i also wanan thank bea and adrain..who treat me better coz..they using bartering system whey..i already buy lots present to bribe them..

ibu family~!-- terima kasih ibu ..girl rase terharu betul mase ibu kasi girl advanced birthday..smpi skrg girl belum buka..thanks for being care bout wats happend to me in sg..thou u cant help much ..but i really feel ur care ;))

thanks to those admire me?haha by making my 18-19 life more intersting ?haha

THis year
I wish i can have..a slimmping pills..a self potrait...a BIG PIC of my FRIENDS And me....
A secretary ....a helper....a new brain.( clever brain)..more concern frm fam.(i wish they could realise that my big bag pack are actually worn out..)..I wish i could get a new phone tis year..and MP3!!!when only i can get my pay~!?

hope..i can quickly achived those by this year~!!aud aud aud~!!!study more ! EARN MORE!!!!!

I hope i dint left out anyone...k byebye~i need a chiong book rd my new house~!
p/s: jst for information..we did move out frm the house yesterday for 2 days..frm 15(3 pm) till 16(12 ++) unimaginable??haha..tats us.. super slow motion;) 3 of us subjugate the al the stuff we accumulate for one yr plus...we are PRound it it man! limbs are aching sia...

k here the end of the long-winded story..thnanks for scolling down the page till the end;))
k byebey~mucks love frm aud

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