Monday, November 8, 2010


I lost my phone again...since after 5 yrs be4 the picket pocket incident...

yah..deserved it..coz i really cant recall wats happening to my phone.. never really treasure it until really gone..

always thought that lucky will be by my side..everytime it goes ,and it back..
finally it really gone silently....

it makes my heart pumping up and down..i cant differentiate its a prank again or the real thing really happens to me...
i cant cry out perhaps i really still cant believe i really misplace it this time...untill i really cant find it up and down..

2hrs after being stonning facing mp project only i realize the mia of my phone... wat i saw is just my file and pen in the toilet..unanswered phone give me a slim hope again..plenty calls ..plenty massages...
until..i really need to face the fact that really missing this time round..

broke down....

i dunno who to ask for help..i m lost....and i hate myself being unsober....
i dunno wat m i doin...

all the way from itech lab to ladies then mplab..such a short journey in a single block.. this things happen to me.. noone i can blame except for my real carelessness...

i dint do bad things..i dint take advantage of others properties..i just need the same treats from others....

is this a challenge or trickz?
it happend when i m so struggling with my happends when i still need to have flimming and talking with a SMILLING FACE in this critical period?
gosh.... i wanna END THIS!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

that kind of girl


























* always..i being so confused about myself..i dunno how to describe myownself...self puzzled...finally ..i realised..wasnt me the only one..smtg tat tell me who i m ...
those who dont understand me ..well ..yah ...i wanna say..

yes....i m these kind of girl....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hey yo ..yup today is the totally ends of 2 weeks yog which slotted in the critcal period of our mp..

btw..i m still glad tat i had joined this...and honestly ..

i gonna miss all this~

the cute racer from virgin island had won a gold medal!!

which is the most unexpected one ..

coz frm the beginning we thought tat he just look like an easy goin

with his worn outfit...

hey boy..if u still remember me, i m the blue eye girl tat u always said.."hey, ur eyes are blue again today~" lolz...

dint expect tat the boy tat always asked frm lunch frm us is the winner of the 1st yog ..good luck boy!! ;)

**here he is ---virgin islander ian barrows boys byte class II...;)

if time can be reverse ;

* for the spain coach tat givn us suprise every single day with his mesmerizing eyes..

i should had approarch him to take photo together ..

and i m still curious bout the last word that he whisper to me..

if i got chance to meet hope so ..he will telll me again tat u have a beautiful eyes~LOL!

* for the yog workforce, i should take picz with everyone of them~! lousy phone bat flatt in such critical day..haiz....

wires name tat had is ready forget to bring again..

card that should write dint able to pass

*during the competition period , i shouldn have talk to those athlets rather than just givin a polite smile..which is not me aud~ aiks.. we are too conservative ? lol..

* me and yan ming SHOULD BE COME on TIME at least once?

* i wanna say " hey u are really very pretty and unique , avatar girl , " lol

and compliment so go to the peru guys and usa girl ..

however , overalll is still vry memorieable as

we make alots of adults friend who really brought us to the higher rank of more lame jokes and crapping around..but with a lots of prank frm our funniest brother john..

who make us get peck on cheek and hand

besides, we also made kinda few funny suntec f&b boy where we work together during food distribution ... !

and of course!

the venue operation bell , molly , annie , kamariah yasmin and f&b head conrad and the transport ariff & media team kia and cute smiling man ...which brightent each day we having there ;)

and i wanna thanks for the FULL BUNCH(or consider box?) OF ENERGY BAR!! which really BRIGTENT our EYES!!

aunties ben se comes again...

thansk for reserving the bars for us , thanks for giving the sourvinier to us ..thanks for the caring heart from u all!!

thou i m kinda sad and sienz when we need to work fr 2 weeks time, and spent mins like years initially, i m glad tat i hav ym as companion , shifted to f&B to help up and meeet a lot of voluteers adults!!!

there wont hav this chance any more,
nice food;nice drink;nice teh tarik ;nice ppl ;nice experience;

NSC YOG ,u 'll never be forgotten !!!! ;)

#10 08 10---- 25 08 10#

Friday, August 20, 2010

101 ..i saw my dream guy..=LEE HOM=

wassnt it the super duper dream day tat i always wanted to grant?!
wasnt tat the wish tat i thought i cant achived??

today ..i made wish into reality...

it also ends the dream of a fanatic dream ..
it turns my possible to immposible..
let me back to reality..

i was few seconds on the stage..
some how i cant feel the passion tat i used to have..
i cant feel the urge from him..
i see sorrowness in his watery eyes..
i see pupets in his formal smile...
i see soulless when he is staring at me..

i get to give him the letter tat i used to write when i m crazy over him..
i get my bdae greeting from him when i request it..
somehow..i m stonning after i left the stage...
lee hom seems a robotic smiley charming puppets tat doin his job blindly...
i found dissapoinment and gratefulness in the same time..
sound sacrastic...

hweva, his memo changed my point of view when i reach home and read..
he seems the one i familiar with again..
i found the same person tat having the common problem all along this years...
i found tat he really busy for along this entire life..
endless bundle of task waiting for him to encounter...
endless impossible for him to convert it to possible..

house where he stay is just a hotel ...just like hw i went home everyday at 11 plus
home is always far away and hard to reach..just like how i m away frm klg frm sg....
family is always waiting for u at how dad and mom is there for me...
partner is always one step away from him...liek how i still cant find mine...

i regret giving him bimbooish letters..
wat he really need is just a simple encouragment from fans or friends..
tats good enough...
all i can say is..if can just go ahead with a break !
forget about every glamour moment ..
enjoy ur simple life...

he makes me remember ..
my home tat waiting for me ...
dad mom , i love u ...
life is always happier when u simplified it..
simple life simple happiness tat u can find it when u are with a simple person...


lets be simple ..

xoxo... do smile for ur bottom of ur heart ppl~

ok audrey, tats the end of ur childish day dream plann...move forward to ur reality!!
thanks lee hom , by making me the end for my stupid dream...
u are the greatest familiar stranger tat i ever seen ;)
all e best~

wats life for?
spent ur whole life with a simple family with a place where u call it
20 august 2010 novena square 2 singapore

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100 appreciation and contented heart on 100th POST!!

hey people!! its my brithday today~!!!
i wanna say thanks you tahnks you by makin my 20th life so wonderful!
i love my friends and of course my dam cool supportive fam!!

i like the 1st suprise tat given by mingli and mingli at pu tian on 13th

i like the sweetness dare tat given by cute yan ming by giving me 2 cakes 3 dan tart 2 candles and on lighter

i love the little spike in the middle of the night for my official 20th birthday with a small choco cake from orgy (yan ming) ;deon tee ; and noob nnob wj tat kena areoplane by me

i wana thanks the cute cute little treat for MCD breakfast

i experince the tiredness and zoombieeness to YOG after the whole night chit chat ...

i APPRECIATE the little warmness from merlyn tat given by YOG incharged while i still slackin on table and slp~

i LOVlyLIKE the hardness tiredness unglamness unexpected suprise given by ALL my cliques and bb mate and my MP MATE~!!!the coolingness of having cold mango swendsens icecream .. the crazyness of cream fight!

and finally ..

i wanna thansk my loyalty deadly love cliques tat plotting a nice dinner white lies round and round( by jannah) and the CUTE DECORATIONS OF 7 CAKES In TOTALL!!! and the unfinished chicken bbq!!

i liek the sweet warm greeting msg and call from friends and family ...

i m touched by those ppl taht giving out wishes in facebook..i trying my vry best to reply each one of the ppl that put effort to sent me wishing greedings!!

the most important thing is
I WANAN THANSK the eefort of buying the gift that i unexpected yet my needest!
and the REALLY SUITES ME Product by WL and ML!!!

thou i m zoombie look allike 20 yrs old lady ;

i think i m lucky enough to deserve those..i m contented ...
thank you;
I LOVE MY 17 AUG 2010 !!!

LASTly, happy birthday AUDREY!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

99 sad post

again..depressed..and tired..
using freinds lab to do the stupid c4d since 6...
i m really tired doin stuff with stupid matter..wat can i do other than tat?
i always wondering y m i doin things with slow pace yet without any good outcome...
324 material for me to fill in one by one tracing the material make me insane man..
please help me..i really dont wanna stay here doin nth man..its really holding me on ! i really got lot undone task... shitz..y i always looks so stresss?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

i m tired

i seriously tired trice again...
i dunno wat kind of thing happened to me again..

i had cried badly just after i saw her pm..i know smtg tat gonna happened again..
i cant controlled myself when i heard mom's weeps...
i dint know tat i m tat emotions..
i dint know tat i care about her so much until she was gone..
is a sudden death
a tragedy ..
a single minute...

if now ask me to describe about one minute..i would say ..
please give methe one minute to bring her back...

i cried i cried i cried....
i cried a lot this few weeks since after i back from msia...
i have no idea wat m i doin ..
"personal taste" the korean drama truly brightent my day ,
i end up feel depress when the show is ended..
those star struck feel came back again
which i hate the most..

i m totally moodless to do drug addict..
i kept ask myself to be active liek how i used to be..
but facts cant lie...
my face dosent showed tat i m happy thou i m still crapping...

i fall , i forgot , i panic , i lost , i depress ,i emo though out the whole week and finally yah
let me cried as loud as possible..
good luck for tmr PR1?
will it come true ..
today is like a dream to me....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trust worthy

y trust is important ..
bcuz u can damage it just by once;
u take ages to built it back;
or mayb game over....

no matter how naive u are ; how childish ; how immature .....
all can be forgiven by trust ....
liar are hard to forgive ....
moreover a closest liar ...

trust once ; trust twice ,
being asked :"y are the ppl so stupid?"
they are not stupid at all ..but yah ..they are stupid at once point..
they betrayed by "TRUST"

today i m seriously dissapointed to the max ..this feeling come again since after 3 yrs ago ..
i m speechless.. advice are no longer applicable to me coz i m in my own world ..with my own said and anger..

i might be wrong stubborn unolerate and selfish ..
i pity ppl that is have faith for her so much ...
she will dissapoint a lot of ppl like me ..
the people that i thought who they are is no longer there..
mean while
trust is no longer applicable to this ppl .....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i m seriously tired

i m tired now... one day without slepping really not good for me..i can se all my dark circle are OBVIOUSLY out! ..i dunno whether is a right choice for me to stay yesterday ..i make everyone worst and tired..i dont think i do the right decision..the out come wasnt as good as wat i intend to have..i dint do my best ..coz i really tired..i m sorry to everyone..
i sorry to myself too....

crapper come again..coz i m seriously tired ...
BUT! there is no way to defeat me!
i still need to hold through out this important camp
no longer for myself..
no longer for reponsibility..
this is the camp for everyone...
is for the main comm and my helpers that i really can see thier cares and sincerityy.....

we can make it!!!!whoooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo

Sunday, April 25, 2010


i dunno wat m i doing rite now which i supposed to slp ...
writting blog really defeat the purpose of shout out loau as in now i have lot of worries by hurting other else...

met eugene sen g jst now tats the only time i set my self free to crazpp..
thats too many things for me to do in teh camp as i dunow whether is my own prob s..
or they shoudl doubt my abilities as i m not that strong and capable..
i m screwed up with all the helpers as there is no flexibilities in arrangement...

i worried bout helpers
i worried bout main comms
i worried about slide show
i worried about game flow
i worried about sudden probs
i worried about night walk preparation
i worried about my mp..
as i have too many WORRIES TO WORRIED!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

BLESSED night after EXAM

yohoo..friday is the greatest K night !

Bleesed to be 0ne of the 6 in thr group..
LOVE u guys !!!

hrhehee..fed up and half give up on the exam..sayless..
glummy face is gone..this is worst..
Never slp for the whole day for the stupid paper still need to drink CHICKEN ESSENCE Summore.end up ..come out with the only quest that i dint only thoughts after exam is DEMORALISED!

after exam --11 30am is the moment we cant wait to reach~
WOHOoo..finally exam is over..gonna find teacher for the mp proj(*damn kiasu )
luckly teacher is not around..go home and changed my demoralised outfit..tat totally suckzz

wohooo..changed to my bling bling ROCKER outfit man..~hehehe
damn sad without my phone the heck m i gonna pose? gonan take picz man..
thanks for u guys tat laugh at my CUTEST phone huh...

after change change change (our so called wedding dress)lol! meet them at bus stop ...
with my damn nerdy spec! lololol!!!

all the way to the AIPRORT whoohoo..jst for....
our LUNCH celebration..
on the way to the swensens are all photo taking session like tourist.hahhaa
professional camera women trying their veryhard to take my slimmest photo damn disgust arms are so hard to "charmoflush "..take this pose tat pose finally we reach there!

damn hungry image at all .eating the free flow salad like siao..hahha!!! so fun...
finally food is served !@too bad ..all are chicken lover (or can say their choice are restricted)lolz!!
jst me ! the one eating BEEF whahaha my FAV man ..

poor jannah and qian yu..they need a SAW or Chopper to chop off their chick chop i think ~lolo!!eat eat crazy crazy..i feel so bad to qy..
i pulled down her sexiest spaghetti strip singlet and the *** bounce out man..i dont really meant it... it was so embarassseeed~
we stay there for lunch hour to tea brake hour ..,.we are disgustingly full until cant move...
seriously have the intention to treat ready wat ..feel so happy after treat them the lunch..this is also my 1st time treat such alot~ this bunch of girls ar..ask me to treat when i treat shocking pula ..

again on the way back ..all crazier taking pics like nobody biss.oh well ..u know us..the craziest girls...

NEXT STOP ~ 4D station~!lolz..we go to eunous and mj gonna buy 4D for her bf..heard tat i will win few milliion dollar~lolol...

then our final destination~! yan mings HOUSE !!!
cute cute yan ming have cute cute parents cuttie man ~ really cuttie~!!
so freindly summore ..playing majong at home lol~ change location here and there..

craziest and FANATIC WOMENSSS ..stripped ...tear... whistlings.. like the room .shout u and doubt..our cliques girls are the most PERVERTIC girls i met..smtimes really doubt their femininity ..are they guys?!

last ProGRAmmE!
KARAOK!! hehee.. the sound system are super duper good man!
thou i liek to sing..but intially i really really really nervous and paiseh..not only this time is EVERYTIME..i know i need sometimes to warm up..its so awkward singing at home with the parents there~..i squuezze ..i squeeze the mic untill it gonna brake already ..i jst dont have the courage to sing~lol..
HOWEVER~after i started..gosh..i change to a ROCKER!!! heehehe..crazy mad fellow ..liek possseded..luckly have mj the ZHaou Sia diva~! popopoppoker face all teh way ~! lolz...
qian yu & wl the soft & slow songs singer.. the pervetic camera woman jannah..and THE SUPER VOCALIST..the one that memorised me the most..MRS CHOO YAn MING~! gosh..she melted my heart man~

In the end..thansk to yanming ..we are all ADDICTED TO BECAUSE OF U@@@!! we fully use up our STRENGTH! sang and sang and sang ..shout and shout and shout ..end uo sore throat~ ahhahah.JESS is morealess 10 times!!! like crazy~!! our final conclusion is.the song can digest the food we ate in the afternoon and also DESTRESS MAN!!! i wish we could refresh the posture of weiling when she sang tat song!LOLZ!! she is like gonna beat up the ppl man!! hahah !!!!!SCARY~!!!!

wokey ~! after that we go back happyly ~! goodnite!;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i m officially missing u~

i misss .
i missss...
i realllllly miissssss....

i miss my phone!!~!
i minss my little red clip that kept me company long my fringey day..
kept my hair "tidy" at least i dint look like a ghost....
the little red that brightent my all day black "costume" to sch to work to town...
the clip tat clipped my head phone &avoid it from movin..

i m sorry i misclip u ..and i dunno where u go ..kinda sad..but ...sad to say..

bye my clippy....thou u are small and cheap but i jst love u ..and thank u....

always no luck in exam always glummy after exam it a habit or i m really tat unlucky..
works wont pay if u are not worth ...i m seriously think i m tat bad..y nobody understand me?~!

friday treat~woohoo...scaryyyy clique~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

grateful trip

i dunno how many stuff i had bought .how many clothes that we had is COUNTLESS it was more then 20 shirts that we had bought after i came back frm sg..... is totally omg.....

i m surprise that daddy bought me the BIG FRAME SPEC~!whoohoo

thansk to daddy and mummy ..thank you thank you....
thanks to yiiy tat bring me back to sg ..thou i dont feel like coming back so early...

i m already back to sg...i miss the time pula.. haiz..but i doin nth there...till today ...

i feel sorry by not communicate much with my aunts and grand parents.. i spent more time facing the stuffs and clothes then ppl..this is wat how the story end..

btw.. i stilll love u all ~!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GonG Xi Fa CaI 2010

thank you once again ..another chinese new year reminds me of my "20" cny .....

omg . I M OLD!

ok .. in yiyi house now... jst reach ..i kinda luckier than last years at least i manged to balike kampg to KL this year... at least meet my grand pa and relative here....last but not least the super shopping mall~!!!

kinda fed up... next week gonna exasm already..this is my 1st tiem being so not prepared.. and exam is jst after teh new year~ how the heck i m gonna study?~! i m totally LOST..

today is my 1st time on line after the cny ..stuck up again..stupid msn..cant on at all ..-.---""
phone also crapzz..things all gone wrong ..cant press cancel cant uncall..indicates wat? it shows that i really need to get a new ph~

cny = valentines..wat we will do the day be4? shock and toughest day for me.. haaaaaa.......
perhaps when ppl get older ..the cny mood really gone lower and lower and lower untill i get terrified..i forced myself to bring myself into the the end ..i liek get slpping syndrome.. i kept slpin and slping and slping..and it waste my day by day.. hanging out wtih my cousin realy a good time to spent our freeee time..i really no idea wat m i doin ..cny=visiting relative= for the sake of culture and tradition..i feel pathetic when i have those kind of feelings...

for the sake of have the new year feel..i forced myself to gamble for while.... coz i nvr win $$ be4..who know..its always opp when u nvr expected d return..i won few 10dollar notes..but feel nth...

all money frm dad and mom. goes to.... DRESS.. SHIRT.. i a lil gone crazy again.. but i jst cant stop myseld.stupoid red shoe..i jst started to pay more attention and love it .. its flipped again...*open its rubber mouth when i was shopping ..-.--""

1st cny 1st time giving out angpow to dad and mom..feel kinda akward and liek wat the helll... giving out $ still feel embarass..its kinda true..i dunno wats the excuse to give them ..but can see mummy is so happy with her 100 sing take me so much courage to give it to her ... coz i still finding reason to give... the notes is still printed with 520~ i love u~!woohoo..

stupid dad..give him angpow still kecoh kecoh ..say its equal the same..he intend to ask me bank in back to rotate back again for my monthly living expenses...WATS THE POINT?discount huh? my expression was like -.--"""*wth~

who say parents will be thankful and treasure it liek gems when u give them $$...yes sombody but definitely not my parents. .end up they gonna spent it happily~

normally dream of other ppl die.. parents die..friends die..yesterday i dream of me myself is dying ... is DIED........... so this time round..wat does it indicate?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010









Saturday, January 23, 2010

hommy aud

hi me again ..the ODD..

thanks for reading my blog and i m comfortably typing on my KEY key board really makes a diff...

I m really busy for this past few weeks and this is my 1st time back home this year~ and it really makes me feel great especially there are still in stresses period in sg..come back to msai really make me throw every single prob away for temporary ...

i thought i will have lots of things to tell to complaints to dad and mom..but suprisingly ..i m still the Odd audrey ..didnt talk much ..coz i really come back to relax only.... really to relief my own..lolzz....

quite a happy trip this time..suprising ly mom 7 dad say i loose weight already which i though i gain my weight .wat a mean mom " i was vry angry before i see u when i was waiting for u in the car , but when come over and i see u loose weight it makes me feel better , not tat angry already ..." **wtf ...speechless..

thansk to popo ..i straight away looks PLUMP inthe next day after the Big bowl of curry tat u all ask me to tuck in... its still uselless for me to go for mountian climbing today..its too late...fats already here... afternoon eat toast bread & teh +mee siam + favorite typical malaysian breakfast ..i miss it..~neverthe less , i still eating the same things ..toast bread teh meesiam and nasi lemak summore...7 plus again eating my favorite MIN FAN GOU!~ woohoo..popo is teh besta~ i eat 2 bowlzz~ again..i m tucking in and it really burst my belly..thanszzz..-.-

8 plus yesterady actually was really starving ..but be4 goin to popo house bring me again~
to Aunties Paradise.... DISCOUNT BOUTIQUE~! haha..loook here look there.. can imagine? we bought clothes of 6o over dollars because we wanan get the pair of show which is not for sales.. (* in conclusion ..girls are not rationale when they are in a "me"less condition ..) quite supprise that mummy really willing to buy for me~!haha..i a lil unrationale too..keep on converting RM to $ ..thou its looks much more cheaper which it excite me to buy more( sINCE I WORK SO HARD !!!) but yet..i have no $$(RM) ,a ll still depends on my mom..--.-- ZZ jess...
a 60 over plus wasnt an issue..the prob is.. mom also dint bring enough $$..luckly manage to get contact with go and meet him and i be the hostage..stay still in the shop..Oppzz..

thansk to popo who luckly like the CNY blouse for her..glad to see her happy ..glad to see mummmy and adrian happy after bought shirt and toy for them;)
glad tat everone is happy so i will be happy as well;) cya ..goin ns tmr!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


thanks to u .things is solved ..plz forgive me if i really think bad of u ..but really hope that u wasnt tat wat i hope it wasnt...

and being of a tution tutor is worst then working in a dental..3 hrs of talking really make audrey a slping zoombie... less then 5 min after the 4 hrs tuition..i m falling asleep liek a zombie on the bed...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i feel liek ARWH~H!H!!~!!

OH MY HOLY BASKET~!!!!!! i hate i hate this kind of feelings!!! y m i so dumbo~!!?!??!bastard ~!!holy shit and cow..1!!JEZZI jst wannaSHOUT IT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M I DOING THE RIGTH DECISION!?~!?!?!DAMN DEPRESSS AND STRESSUP@@!!!!!

I dont know am i doing the rite thing from the beginning..i reallly really reallly hope ..u help me with ur sincerity ... plz dont harm me..i m harmlesss......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

last day and the begin of the day

today is my last day in my 2nd house..kinda sleepy but dont feel like sleeping....a lil cant bear to leave this place...thou is jst a few months..
but thanks to ahdong..we able to move almost 90 % of our home stuff over with the most important tools..thnaks to BB trolley`! life..hope this 3 nurse curse wont elongate summore...lolz.. ;)

* cant online this few day ready ..take care ya people ;)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

its me again..

hello being like ages for not updating my blog..heee..
TOday is my FIRST 20th yrs old blog...
Sooo should i changed my style of writting??

BE more mature???
lolz..2010 doesnt seems welcomed by most of the ppl..ppl tend to Haiz..when come to 2010 ..

No longer teenage...i should grown up...
Countdown in marina square like usual.thou high.. but my heart is mixed of sorowwness and happiness... i m confuse as well..
** i kinda lazy to type wats in my heads...thou lots happened..

hang out lots with clique..especially dongs..mostly everyday can see him sia...hang out spent ..hang out spent.. 40 dollar jst withdraw..i finished in 2 days time -.-...dunno where it goes...

i reallly cant stand my plastic "cinderella " shoe.. SHop for 2 days with them ..I CANT EvEN FIT IN the show i size .. no right colour.. really gonna gone crazy when the desire is stronger and stronger...

Went to aunt house straight after meeting dong and eugene... damn tired ready lar...
Oppss..sms till thought smby propose to me sia..DAmn MALu SIa.... talk talk talk with yiyi tat one tat non stop talking... woke up early in the next day summore..its bdae party~ yi's twin baby party..
kinda borred ..all are mummies and daddies tat make me feel so akward lar... luckly there are kids around..hehehe

i become the kindergarden teacher~!! whoohoo..hide inside the room... saw colour pencil and diary book..start scribble and yah..! i draw ballons and notes for the kids~!!! JEss it is much better for me to spent my time with kids rather that sitting there taking photo!!!! love it..@!!
tired like hell after the party..hp still on my hand ..and i slpt with it like koma....
after my nap..bath and start to go home~

wanna buy shoee!!! sandals!!! cant wait .. coz i m already a manaic~! diedie must shop jurong point be4 went i went in shoop shopp..finally i saw a pair of sandals..DAMN COOL!! gosh ..i like it..but too bad it cost 20 ..wasnt too exp..but i jst cant bear to buy it for myself... so i walk and walk saw another .. 40 super duper comfartable..brain is already blockage ..really have the URGE to buy that simple shoe on the spot...

there are like devil and angel on my each shoulder..gonna gone crazy..then shop again...
SALES!!!! 10 buckz...auntie style~! rush there and grab ..omg..the shoe i wanted in far east~ wear it and try ..-.--- guess wat ..NO SIzE AGAIN!!! another one ..hav size diff clour pula.. dissapointed man...I REALLY wanna bang wall ....
ok ..forget bout it..i really cant think... kinda pissed off rd.. so i jjst anyhow take a shoe..which dont hav my size again`! forget bout it..glad it hav one size bigger..jst anyhow wear... coz .. i really cant wait to buy shoe.. .
the moment i pay.. GOSH ~ holy cow... 15 dollar ..thank you..-.---- ass show 10 dollar lo plz... wat the heck... but wat..i still need to pay.. MAy as well i go and buy the 20 dallar one lar!!!

GOSH GOSH ..i reallly dunno wat to do also pissed off dint buy even pissed off.. no companion i really dunno where to vent!! keep on consulting..physco myself... jst forget out it.. think good bout it... cool down aud.. cool down..
ya ..go home .. really started to wreck out everything to mingli..luckly she manage to physco me..lolz..

nx day wearing it to work happyly ..saw a SUPRE CUTE korean mixed kid~! GOSH I LOVE HIM !!!!!!! again..i become the kindergarden teacher...heard that for 2 days frm kids really make me think of become a kidergarden teacher..hmm not bad it..thanks for the praise on my crazy kiddy arts.. appreciate it ya.. miss and mr~!heehhehee...

then goes to bea.. no time to call her on that day sunday after noon ..cant get through.. after work night only i started to call.. hwo knows she is already in NS..heard tat she is lonely and sienz.. dunno y .. a lil worried bout her..which i normally wont.. a bit miss her man ** @@

tuesday... teacher talk to me again ...bout the photo shooting stuff.. i really dare not to be too ecited which i normally wont get the wish when usually the thing i wanna ...but god bless..i really get the shooting..i m so happy..but need to make really screw me up... thansk the help of jannah and ming jing ..they really liek the professional make up artist.. heee.. i m also puzzled y teacher choose me.. my face really plump!!!! i dare not to eat on that night after working .... doc insist us to join for dinner... and doc venn say : " dont eat now wont make u loose weight tmr ..-.-..ya its true,, and she say " eat now u ill only gain weight one week after .lolz.. me and wl stund..and started to eat without guiltyness...lolz!!!" funny doc still said ;" y they choose u as model? iziizt because they wanna find blur blur model??? " reallly make me speechleess...

choose clothes for the whole night..kinda excited .. but makes wl frastruated..thanks to ml..tat one that also happy for me ..thansk for the advise... hee........finnalaly is the next morning...
woke up damn early .. still use HAIR DRYER man.... 30 mins later..dunno wat m i blwing.... wl say ..har??ur hair stilll the same?~!? ya..precisely .. my hair still messy like wheat ... useless for me to style my hair with crazy amount of gel and moouse...

went to sch ..jst for 30 min...9 30 make u time..liek flim star like tat ..still need 2 mak andam..damn cool.. hahah..they make up for me until i cant recognise myself~!!!wahaa!!!!
jeszzz..really appreciate it..thou vry NOT me..lolz

went to ICS ..teacher cant recognise me man.. woo luckly saw vennessa freshie..she also become one of the gal model and another one also the guy lucky ;) sunndely i feel so old.. when standing with them lolz!!
its kinda nice experience ..really fun..really liek those shooting in studio.. got lights furniture green backdrop and everthing..neeed to act..which is kinda fake..hahhaha...

so far so good... ya..;)still no chance to call mummy to talk bout tis~

in btwn also gt some prob with freinds..share out $15 for present to not vry close freind coz they jst wanna kept her mouth shut?? is ridiculous....i dont mind if its really wat she deserve too.. to kept her mouth shut liek vry wrong ... y we need to do so by spending our $$... (*a bit aggressive ..i know..oppss sorry coz.. feel a bit unbalance since after i bought the 15 dollar shoe and depress on the whole journey back to tampines..)

then is time to sign in for week zero rd..again.. i m confuse..coz need to make ppl no longer bond as last time.. all the previous programme cliques are still under programme..seriously miss them n feel liek joining..but i really cant promise to committee..really feel left nice it could be if i live in sg...

lets decide by the nature... k ya ..cya .. nx nx time..after i move out...

** it took me 2 days to write the stupid blog...dunno y..those who read..are dumbo too ....
suddenly miss the time taking photo with izuan..
suddenly wanan thankz to doctor owh tat treat us always..
suddenly vry sienz to heard that how many bf u hav be4..
suddenly vry miss the camp busyness.. dont really have the camp feels now..
suddenly no feel with my $345 income...

i m ..
k miss ya tmr goin for outing rd.. cheerr~