Wednesday, August 25, 2010


hey yo ..yup today is the totally ends of 2 weeks yog which slotted in the critcal period of our mp..

btw..i m still glad tat i had joined this...and honestly ..

i gonna miss all this~

the cute racer from virgin island had won a gold medal!!

which is the most unexpected one ..

coz frm the beginning we thought tat he just look like an easy goin

with his worn outfit...

hey boy..if u still remember me, i m the blue eye girl tat u always said.."hey, ur eyes are blue again today~" lolz...

dint expect tat the boy tat always asked frm lunch frm us is the winner of the 1st yog ..good luck boy!! ;)

**here he is ---virgin islander ian barrows boys byte class II...;)

if time can be reverse ;

* for the spain coach tat givn us suprise every single day with his mesmerizing eyes..

i should had approarch him to take photo together ..

and i m still curious bout the last word that he whisper to me..

if i got chance to meet hope so ..he will telll me again tat u have a beautiful eyes~LOL!

* for the yog workforce, i should take picz with everyone of them~! lousy phone bat flatt in such critical day..haiz....

wires name tat had is ready forget to bring again..

card that should write dint able to pass

*during the competition period , i shouldn have talk to those athlets rather than just givin a polite smile..which is not me aud~ aiks.. we are too conservative ? lol..

* me and yan ming SHOULD BE COME on TIME at least once?

* i wanna say " hey u are really very pretty and unique , avatar girl , " lol

and compliment so go to the peru guys and usa girl ..

however , overalll is still vry memorieable as

we make alots of adults friend who really brought us to the higher rank of more lame jokes and crapping around..but with a lots of prank frm our funniest brother john..

who make us get peck on cheek and hand

besides, we also made kinda few funny suntec f&b boy where we work together during food distribution ... !

and of course!

the venue operation bell , molly , annie , kamariah yasmin and f&b head conrad and the transport ariff & media team kia and cute smiling man ...which brightent each day we having there ;)

and i wanna thanks for the FULL BUNCH(or consider box?) OF ENERGY BAR!! which really BRIGTENT our EYES!!

aunties ben se comes again...

thansk for reserving the bars for us , thanks for giving the sourvinier to us ..thanks for the caring heart from u all!!

thou i m kinda sad and sienz when we need to work fr 2 weeks time, and spent mins like years initially, i m glad tat i hav ym as companion , shifted to f&B to help up and meeet a lot of voluteers adults!!!

there wont hav this chance any more,
nice food;nice drink;nice teh tarik ;nice ppl ;nice experience;

NSC YOG ,u 'll never be forgotten !!!! ;)

#10 08 10---- 25 08 10#

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