Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100 appreciation and contented heart on 100th POST!!

hey people!! its my brithday today~!!!
i wanna say thanks you tahnks you by makin my 20th life so wonderful!
i love my friends and of course my dam cool supportive fam!!

i like the 1st suprise tat given by mingli and mingli at pu tian on 13th

i like the sweetness dare tat given by cute yan ming by giving me 2 cakes 3 dan tart 2 candles and on lighter

i love the little spike in the middle of the night for my official 20th birthday with a small choco cake from orgy (yan ming) ;deon tee ; and noob nnob wj tat kena areoplane by me

i wana thanks the cute cute little treat for MCD breakfast

i experince the tiredness and zoombieeness to YOG after the whole night chit chat ...

i APPRECIATE the little warmness from merlyn tat given by YOG incharged while i still slackin on table and slp~

i LOVlyLIKE the hardness tiredness unglamness unexpected suprise given by ALL my cliques and bb mate and my MP MATE~!!!the coolingness of having cold mango swendsens icecream .. the crazyness of cream fight!

and finally ..

i wanna thansk my loyalty deadly love cliques tat plotting a nice dinner white lies round and round( by jannah) and the CUTE DECORATIONS OF 7 CAKES In TOTALL!!! and the unfinished chicken bbq!!

i liek the sweet warm greeting msg and call from friends and family ...

i m touched by those ppl taht giving out wishes in facebook..i trying my vry best to reply each one of the ppl that put effort to sent me wishing greedings!!

the most important thing is
I WANAN THANSK the eefort of buying the gift that i unexpected yet my needest!
and the REALLY SUITES ME Product by WL and ML!!!

thou i m zoombie look allike 20 yrs old lady ;

i think i m lucky enough to deserve those..i m contented ...
thank you;
I LOVE MY 17 AUG 2010 !!!

LASTly, happy birthday AUDREY!!!

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