Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy NEW yeaR??

Is reallly 2010 is my new Happy Year??

i really hope soo...hope so...

10 yrs back when i was a kid ..i m so excited to step into 2 digits world...
Now i m one yr older.. i m no longer under the TEENAGE category ..

frankly i reawlly dont feel like growing up...
i have a important regretments in my teenage life...

2010 really is the year i gonna say Bye to my 19th last teenage life..
will i still act like teenage? or i m a young adult already ? i dunnoo...

Teenage life really hav a lil of regretment...
omg..i think i really gonna be OLD CRAcK single ? a bechelorette till the day it ends....

I m not choosy ....jst that the right one havent appear or i dont even hav one? ..i doubt myself ..perhaps i m too lousy to deserve the Gd one..

I WISH....
to have the mate that i really wanted..
NO more Busy life..
No more pressure ..
No more house moving ..
BB & friend are bonded ever more stronger... neither msia or sg..
SLIM and pretty ..
Maintain my result..
I wanna have HIGHLIGHTS in my 20th life..~!!!!!!

all e best my friend ..MY ur 2010 wishes come true... I hope mine come true also~!!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

NuDe SnoW

heloo every one is me again..with a lil luck here ..i manage to on9 in the hotel lobby~
jst after out snow crazzzy ness trip.wahhahaaa....

too early to happy...i jst get informed tat my LOA is not being approved~ jezzz..
2 days more i gonna reach sg already~ then straight away school in the next day...(* homework * assignment..make me drozzy again..

finally there are snow here after we went to a nice expereince~hahha....

today early morning we went to the nude spa~haha imagine..naked infront of others liek nobody bussines...ya ..tat is wat we forced to do..Oooppss..drooling guys dont envy me~hahahha can see lot of sexy chio bu there.hahaha ....

then eat eat eat....thats all wat we do~
k tired+ good but somehow not in a good moodd....
k lar byebeye;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Korea Xmas??

hello everyone is me again~ MERRY X MAS~!!!


yah..stil in korea ..i doubt there are lot of ppl envy-ing me rite??

too bad..i wanna say.. now kprea time 11 20 time for me to slp..i dunno whether the korea trip is nice or not~? is noce..but its always end damn early ..imagine i celebrate my 19th Xmas just within one 9 smtg to 10?? yah..tats all..a lil dissapoint...haa....

btw ..really damn tired ..jst after my SKI ~wahahhaa..i hope all my friends were here~ we are still crazying here all day long~ suddenly ...i MISS u GUYS~!!!!

but....i hate to go back too..i really dont hope to do my home workk...jeeszzzz plz help me~

really feeling like crying....gosh......

i hope i will still be happy.... neverthe less... homework and burden of house finding still bothering xmas wish...

i hope to settle all my home work and get my new "room".....
i dunno y ..i dont feel good now ..a llil sad..dunno y ..

wake up aud~! i should enjoy my trip to the fulllest~!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

should i ?

lot of things happendz.. frm happy excited to
stress and shock..
well mix...

working and assignment really stress me up..
goin to work i still need to pray ...the feeling are jst like exam
assignment havent done anything yet..

once again ..we need to move out..-.-...
again prob btwn landloard and landlady...
bout $$ again that bring us out...haiizzz..

will korea any longer be fun for me?
i have no idea....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BaCk at the wrong time

here i m again..change my blog wall yesterday..have the x mas mood for sudden...long time didnt updte my blog due to overload time cusume ..(wasting time for nth)..lots of thing happen in btwn this few weeks ..frm bdae
to ibu visit
to bus incident
to take pic in custom..
to landlord steal pots
to diet plan
to working stuff
to exam mood..
to food temptation..
to Xmas winter clothing
to sneaking in action
to super hyper for my 1st xmas suprise
to self destress for pre exam..
till now ..cant wait for tmr exam to end....tmr picnic to COME~!

ya time for me to go back for my LAST MINUTE work again....
me really padan muke..wat to do ..hiakkeee hiakkkeee..
k bye~
in Xmas Mood~^^