Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BaCk at the wrong time

here i m again..change my blog wall yesterday..have the x mas mood for sudden...long time didnt updte my blog due to overload time cusume ..(wasting time for nth)..lots of thing happen in btwn this few weeks ..frm bdae
to ibu visit
to bus incident
to take pic in custom..
to landlord steal pots
to diet plan
to working stuff
to exam mood..
to food temptation..
to Xmas winter clothing
to sneaking in action
to super hyper for my 1st xmas suprise
to self destress for pre exam..
till now ..cant wait for tmr exam to end....tmr picnic to COME~!

ya time for me to go back for my LAST MINUTE work again....
me really padan muke..wat to do ..hiakkeee hiakkkeee..
k bye~
in Xmas Mood~^^

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