Sunday, February 28, 2010

BLESSED night after EXAM

yohoo..friday is the greatest K night !

Bleesed to be 0ne of the 6 in thr group..
LOVE u guys !!!

hrhehee..fed up and half give up on the exam..sayless..
glummy face is gone..this is worst..
Never slp for the whole day for the stupid paper still need to drink CHICKEN ESSENCE Summore.end up ..come out with the only quest that i dint only thoughts after exam is DEMORALISED!

after exam --11 30am is the moment we cant wait to reach~
WOHOoo..finally exam is over..gonna find teacher for the mp proj(*damn kiasu )
luckly teacher is not around..go home and changed my demoralised outfit..tat totally suckzz

wohooo..changed to my bling bling ROCKER outfit man..~hehehe
damn sad without my phone the heck m i gonna pose? gonan take picz man..
thanks for u guys tat laugh at my CUTEST phone huh...

after change change change (our so called wedding dress)lol! meet them at bus stop ...
with my damn nerdy spec! lololol!!!

all the way to the AIPRORT whoohoo..jst for....
our LUNCH celebration..
on the way to the swensens are all photo taking session like tourist.hahhaa
professional camera women trying their veryhard to take my slimmest photo damn disgust arms are so hard to "charmoflush "..take this pose tat pose finally we reach there!

damn hungry image at all .eating the free flow salad like siao..hahha!!! so fun...
finally food is served !@too bad ..all are chicken lover (or can say their choice are restricted)lolz!!
jst me ! the one eating BEEF whahaha my FAV man ..

poor jannah and qian yu..they need a SAW or Chopper to chop off their chick chop i think ~lolo!!eat eat crazy crazy..i feel so bad to qy..
i pulled down her sexiest spaghetti strip singlet and the *** bounce out man..i dont really meant it... it was so embarassseeed~
we stay there for lunch hour to tea brake hour ..,.we are disgustingly full until cant move...
seriously have the intention to treat ready wat ..feel so happy after treat them the lunch..this is also my 1st time treat such alot~ this bunch of girls ar..ask me to treat when i treat shocking pula ..

again on the way back ..all crazier taking pics like nobody biss.oh well ..u know us..the craziest girls...

NEXT STOP ~ 4D station~!lolz..we go to eunous and mj gonna buy 4D for her bf..heard tat i will win few milliion dollar~lolol...

then our final destination~! yan mings HOUSE !!!
cute cute yan ming have cute cute parents cuttie man ~ really cuttie~!!
so freindly summore ..playing majong at home lol~ change location here and there..

craziest and FANATIC WOMENSSS ..stripped ...tear... whistlings.. like the room .shout u and doubt..our cliques girls are the most PERVERTIC girls i met..smtimes really doubt their femininity ..are they guys?!

last ProGRAmmE!
KARAOK!! hehee.. the sound system are super duper good man!
thou i liek to sing..but intially i really really really nervous and paiseh..not only this time is EVERYTIME..i know i need sometimes to warm up..its so awkward singing at home with the parents there~..i squuezze ..i squeeze the mic untill it gonna brake already ..i jst dont have the courage to sing~lol..
HOWEVER~after i started..gosh..i change to a ROCKER!!! heehehe..crazy mad fellow ..liek possseded..luckly have mj the ZHaou Sia diva~! popopoppoker face all teh way ~! lolz...
qian yu & wl the soft & slow songs singer.. the pervetic camera woman jannah..and THE SUPER VOCALIST..the one that memorised me the most..MRS CHOO YAn MING~! gosh..she melted my heart man~

In the end..thansk to yanming ..we are all ADDICTED TO BECAUSE OF U@@@!! we fully use up our STRENGTH! sang and sang and sang ..shout and shout and shout ..end uo sore throat~ ahhahah.JESS is morealess 10 times!!! like crazy~!! our final conclusion is.the song can digest the food we ate in the afternoon and also DESTRESS MAN!!! i wish we could refresh the posture of weiling when she sang tat song!LOLZ!! she is like gonna beat up the ppl man!! hahah !!!!!SCARY~!!!!

wokey ~! after that we go back happyly ~! goodnite!;)

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