Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GonG Xi Fa CaI 2010

thank you once again ..another chinese new year reminds me of my "20" cny .....

omg . I M OLD!

ok .. in yiyi house now... jst reach ..i kinda luckier than last years at least i manged to balike kampg to KL this year... at least meet my grand pa and relative here....last but not least ..is the super shopping mall~!!!

kinda fed up... next week gonna exasm already..this is my 1st tiem being so not prepared.. and exam is jst after teh new year~ how the heck i m gonna study?~! i m totally LOST..

today is my 1st time on line after the cny ..stuck up again..stupid msn..cant on at all ..-.---""
phone also crapzz..things all gone wrong ..cant press cancel cant uncall..indicates wat? it shows that i really need to get a new ph~

cny = valentines..wat we will do the day be4? shock and toughest day for me.. haaaaaa.......
perhaps when ppl get older ..the cny mood really gone lower and lower and lower untill i get terrified..i forced myself to bring myself into the mood...in the end ..i liek get slpping syndrome.. i kept slpin and slping and slping..and it waste my day by day.. hanging out wtih my cousin realy a good time to spent our freeee time..i really no idea wat m i doin ..cny=visiting relative= for the sake of culture and tradition..i feel pathetic when i have those kind of feelings...

for the sake of have the new year feel..i forced myself to gamble for while.... coz i nvr win $$ be4..who know..its always opp when u nvr expected d return..i won few 10dollar notes..but feel nth...

all money frm dad and mom. goes to.... DRESS.. SHIRT.. i a lil gone crazy again.. but i jst cant stop myseld.stupoid red shoe..i jst started to pay more attention and love it .. its flipped again...*open its rubber mouth when i was shopping ..-.--""

1st cny ..my 1st time giving out angpow to dad and mom..feel kinda akward and liek wat the helll... giving out $ still feel embarass..its kinda true..i dunno wats the excuse to give them ..but can see mummy is so happy with her 100 sing dollar...it take me so much courage to give it to her ... coz i still finding reason to give... the notes is still printed with 520~ i love u~!woohoo..

stupid dad..give him angpow still kecoh kecoh ..say its equal the same..he intend to ask me bank in back to POSB.it rotate back again for my monthly living expenses...WATS THE POINT?discount huh? my expression was like -.--"""*wth~

who say parents will be thankful and treasure it liek gems when u give them $$...yes sombody but definitely not my parents. .end up they gonna spent it happily~

normally dream of other ppl die.. parents die..friends die..yesterday i dream of me myself is dying ... is DIED........... so this time round..wat does it indicate?

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  1. wa lao one pathetic dream u take it so seriously... hey girl u gotta losen up.... this is getting ur nerves.... i ve lost the cheerful feipo that i once know.