Sunday, April 25, 2010


i dunno wat m i doing rite now which i supposed to slp ...
writting blog really defeat the purpose of shout out loau as in now i have lot of worries by hurting other else...

met eugene sen g jst now tats the only time i set my self free to crazpp..
thats too many things for me to do in teh camp as i dunow whether is my own prob s..
or they shoudl doubt my abilities as i m not that strong and capable..
i m screwed up with all the helpers as there is no flexibilities in arrangement...

i worried bout helpers
i worried bout main comms
i worried about slide show
i worried about game flow
i worried about sudden probs
i worried about night walk preparation
i worried about my mp..
as i have too many WORRIES TO WORRIED!!!!!!!

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