Monday, August 24, 2009


today..should bless..
i hav no much complaints bout the paper..
jst tat my luck wasnt good...choose either 4 or 16
i kkep erasing my num btwn this 2 for plenty times .in the end..ya thnks i choose the wrong one...
end up..the rest of the quest..all wrong..

today ..did a good deed..congrats eugene..
i kinda tired..yet no taking nap..studying chap 8=0 , sorry mj i forget to return ur book...
still need u come sch at night to collect the ps ..

no much feeling..way home..discuss bout clubs affair..seems lots couple being match makes..btw fun..
being called ...att girl ..yeah...its me...true me...wats the diff if i talk differently in real ? me still me...i wont change for others except there are some1 worth for me to change...
i persist with my vry own ass char..sit or stand up to u ..

lift open.. saw the squash guy..on the to lib to saw him again..a yet familiar stranger..x hav pretty much impression towards him..jst tat found him looks nice todae...wondering how come we being familiar stranger for so long..ha...met kinda lots during 1.1 squash audition..camps..camps...camps..yet..we are still stranger ;)

k thats the end.

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