Sunday, July 5, 2009

lolz...happy for a while?

let me be happy for a while..ya..
double happiness frm larlene and bea..destress for a little while?hehe
after a big storm happen on Wednesday in my sg house..
ya just for anyone information..
yeah i m moving out soon...frm a..
(disappointed land which used to be my wonderland)
to a new room which few blocks apart.yeah..out tricks work~really gt sombdy called us..
thanks to pc who help me distribute those notes whithin the few days...and also Mr eugene...haha who accidentally become our WITNESS for our new rental agreeement ..(which make eugene proud of it..)lolz~!

Big storm on tat day..which i already annouced to most of my friend..haha..
perhaps i like to blame or tell ..
due to this mayb ppl think wat for u keep on telling everyone bout it..try to get pityness frm others? ..
no i m not..i wanna shout out coz.i jst cant keep things in my heart...perhaps i m vry childish..k tats me..u can choose nt to listen thou...

ok no matter wat..thou i m vry sad bout it bt seriously only tat i really know tat i m wrong..frankly speaking ..after a big scoled frm her..perhaps i really WOKE UP frm my ass attitude (as wat she say) ..thankz for scolding me far..i havent get a big scoled frm "STRANGER"...
haha ..thhankz for this incident ..i really GroWn up..and
the moral of the story is..
@think more for others..
@DONT BE TOO NAIVE..( be good infront dosent mean she really mean it)
@BE MORE ALERT..(plz get the hints frm others..)
@dont cross over the border line btw landlord..and tenant...liek wat ml say....
"there is no such things as a forever freinds.."mayb she is summore we are jst a relationship btw tenant and landlady..all the past are fake...ya..mayb u dont even treat me as friend...
i m wrong..i apologise here...but ther are smtg tat i wanna say..i used to be vry appreciate..the kindness and the easy goin of u...however..after the electric cut incident..drastic changed btw our realtionship..we end up movin out with a akward situation ...k thats the end..

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