Monday, September 21, 2009

selamat hari raya everyone!~

hello~! long time no see my friendsz...
heeeheh..being so long i havent update my blogz ya..
ya kind true from pre-forum at sp to forum at pulai spring....
to Today~! i already celebrated my 2nd of raye her in ibu's house ehehe... fun in sp ..IS eXtreme lluxury life by eating 6 meals perday sia (shall we call it food fest?)in pulai....
Is heaven eating in ibu house sia~ all the kuih like doubt..

okk ..otalk less bout PF, i gonna talk bout my raye celebration this year while waiting for the slide vid uploading in u tube..hehe..
the day be4 raye ..jst came back home arnd 10 after esc meeting..damn tired man.summore need to pack.the nx day ..BALIK KMPG~! early in the 5 alradey woke up....11 smtg reach home~
wanna hav nap? DREAM ON~!

dad already ask us to paint house sia...cant jst give me chance to nap..-.-
ppl raye..we also sibuk raye sia...heee..after that mummy pulak...
the one here in klg everyday cant do the cake mer? mst wait me do the last minute task...
K~ done is bake..few hrs later.after PACK to ibu house (pack again..-.-)
quickly go n nap after tat....

kk ..phew luckly the cake is nice~hehe....kk go ibu house and slp lo~!
k..after go ibu house..godness..gonna is full with joyness of raye by KIDS
..wondering how ibu manage to hav soooo many grandchild in such a short period~!omg..all so gov must be vry ENVY ~ahhahaa

k after chat chat teast teast..time for me to become santarina again...brouch for everyone...and special watch for angah~poor present this yr~ok luckly there are clappers given during poly forum..i managed to coop few....wahaha....opps...the clappers seemsnt enough for the kids sia..i coop 5 already man...
luckly each one have it...and some willing to give out;) thnakz fatin~

k ..then we need to prepare food for the nx morning...and also cut the pandan leaves into tiny tiny slices..for the "kubur tour" tmr..all stilll in raye mood.still having fashion show on wat to wear fr the nx morning..wat tudung to match..blablabla.end up ..i slpt at 3 smtg and neex to woke up at 6 ..jeszz

early in tthe morning..."visitation" to kubur wasnt a new things for us..i think i nvr missed a single time since ever i started it when i was 7 i thnk..however..kinda new for the kids and lead by us..the new generation~!
yeah yeah~ make up session is here by angah..thanks to her...ehehe..while waiting for the salaman session..

i think everybody is cam whore after get influenze by me..hahah..end up all of us taking lots lots lots of photo..stil rmbr ..along scoled and say ..dah lah...jgn main ambik gambar je...kau x nk makan anak nak makan...and end up abg KB say.... owh alarh..xpe ...diorang dah biase lapar...WAHAHAAH~! gosh..see larr.. adults also cant stand the power of CAM~

happy pixzzz..happy food...~ lil g=regret sia..forget to take pic of food..coz TOO HUNGRY RD~Q
thne after tat mummy they all came...jiu jiujiu mu popo auntie angie...all came..spoilt my mood sia...jiujiu jiumu came je wei..i thnk better dotn weat the baju kurung..u look damn fat..-.---..i already didnt wear my kebaya plz... baju kurung also look fat...i hav nth to say sia....the wheather already DAMN WARM!wear this is a tradision k..i also wish i can wear casual....ignorance is the best friend of mine....ignore them with smilleee..heeeee is wat i can do thou cut in my heart is bleedinnggg.

after tat...boboy fam also here to eat..then ..abg kb fam...then TEO~my only freind who came this yr for raye..hehe damn ps..still need her to be entertained in kitchen..hahaa..wat a sad this year jst OnE come over only..alangkah baik if joey is here.;)
later on..too tired ready..end up slpt on the sofa with jai's lapppy on my lap...sllppp till 8 plus...woke with kids chat talk watch tv eat play comp~make slide show..hehe slp...

that s the nth much ....most of my time i spent in kitchen..ppl hired indo maid..
this fam vryvry rich..hired a CHINA maid....wat a nice contrast..wahha thats wat they called me...water tap here nvr close i think i keep on washing the dishes the CUPSS...until craps sia..same cups can be seen non stop for few mintues...imagine how many times it is used..i think i gonna be wanita melayu terakhr...hahaha..kinda tired..but is fun~when there are companioon frm kids and also angah MAKnit..the crazy one...kept us talking ;)

In a nutshell...guys..plz stop drinking baverage...i wash the cups till i sienz..and plz dont place tghe oily and NON oily dish together~! ..for woman..plz dont cooknice food or drinks can!?@the guys watching tv outside cant tempp neither me sia~!!!eat enjoy slp is the only think i can do to spent my time so thats the end for our happening hashim family story~

thank you;)

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