Wednesday, September 2, 2009

黄 咏 薇


too bad..i give up...
i need to spent thousands time to write those han yu ping ying..

i ll try again..when i m patient~

actually lots to blog about..i m free..yet ..lot of stuff waiting for me to do..jst feel like wsting time..
dont u think so?

wasting my nature..back to nature..feeling so good..
9 plus woke up in the mor...dragging my time by stonning...10 plus only start to do some house handy craft...wat else? munching food....cant stop..

constipation these few days which makes dad and mom worried liek helll...kinda if i didnt constipate be4..wondering is it due to my long distance aunt?

ya..actually recently after having celebration with wl after exam..the nx day after buy yessy stuff..i rushed home meet my dear for while few hrs(thz for the lamp post!)..then rush to kl..
attend funeral...hmm an unsual funeral..(1. is too glam 2.she is young 3. her incident)
due to my rich grand uncle... her daughter in law had pass away due to colon cancer(gt link wit constipation )she is mother of 2 young kids...kinda pity her..late 30 i think..

the funeral is beyond my too glam..thou i m not vry close with her..but i really admire...her positive att to survive...she makes me think of anita mui..ya ..her att are like her..
to those who read newpaper ..u might saw her in the newpaper..(the star , zhong guo bao , xing zhou)on friday and sat..

May god bless in peace michelle aunt..

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