Monday, June 8, 2009

Bb C@mPZ R0cKZ~!!!!PEnDuLuM~!

Ya..finally is the 2 weeks holidays for me...step ahead to the tougher bettle..
3 49 at kl , my aunt house now..
jst about to wake up after fed up connecting the internet to my pc at 10 + jst now...

finally are awake and wanna blog bout me CAMP~!WOOHoo~ PENDULUM..
jst came back frm my bb camp..
it was awesome..coz the turn out rate are quite high~unexpected return frm the camp..

1st of all ,be4 the camp start i m kinda moody ..honestly..feel kinda blue when qian yu and yan ming say they wasnt like storming(*krong ~!krong~!)when weiling callled me and say " one food poisoning and another one need to attend wedding" ha..i understand..coz really is diff for them also..ya i know...however ..luckly the wl gt come ...luckly ur devil side cant win ur angel side...and finally u came..thx alot.

Feeling nervous when i get to contact with my freshie at the 1st time..during ice breakiing..honestly..i cant break them well..luckly all are kinda sporting .but yet quite ..but yet diff to control..
during ice breaking period..others start to high rd..our group..are so dead..even me and mon cant bring them up..kindaworried ..and a little depress..i scared our group are so dead...
being stu ..i dont mind..haha as long i can warm them up ..
i tried my vry best to interlock them well..succed?i not sure..hahha..btw my super hyper active perhaps did a little effort in it?hhaaa..."hunks" are cooperative but not vry high..btw.thz to the girl who are vry is carmen -my freshie and another one is weiling-my dear..both girl are more hyper cooperative then guys lo plz...playing the 007 and chuckie chuckie are us well ~and also the punishement~whahahaa..damn stupid being running along the concourse level...and shout we lov engine*4.

after tat was the mass game..which combined all the 52 participant there..nice game for the squirell and tree~!i lov it..thou i m group leader.but i seems more enjoyed then them...ha!after that..dinner time...coz camp start at 4..we went opp sch to eat by group...decide to eat kfc?i asked them to run!coz i scared no place to sit..since ther are so many other group are eating opp sch....sorry bout tat....i made Jerup rolling on the floorr...scared me..luckly he is tough enough...
however..his falls are wasted..coz in the end we are eating at techno food court.ha! coz all no $, in the end,after ordered my drinks ..walk walk walk..-->i went appetite.take my bag and.cooked my half left the time i m back to techno..they already finished their dinner and about to be back to the end i ate in sch..

Game time after tat~woohoo.nice one...1st eat eat again~!this game is nice..just after eating ,we are asked to finished all the food given one by one..1st are the wasabi twisty..we as a group are like Hungarians..barbarian ...munch the snacks like no1 business ,drink condense milk together, peel and eat the sourish the disgust bitter grout tat i cooked(ha~!)..damn fun..i think we are the fastest team..€

later on around with lots of other game...running around the sch like mad fellow..leg are aching like hellll..(i cant even walk properly now-.-")
however , the most interesting part is the part we did our CHEER~! I LOVE IT!!!
"dum DUM dum DUM..pendulum*2 Pen pen PENDULUM!!"
the chim choreography are nice and amaze me~!i love the team work tat we hav..even they are mostly guys ..but they dont mind to be GAY~hahha..hard gay~wahhaa..i love the idea..i love the cooperation..thkz at lot..i like the enthuse of the "sub comm"they dont mind keep on changing the patterns the step ..the cheer..again again and agian till it was perfectly PERFECT!i like the way we cheer ,the respond tat given after leading the cheer...the way we called our self 'PEN PEN,or ben ben or even BEN10!!gahaah!..WE did bond together tightly tat time~
though it NG n messed up most of the time but i liek the spirit A LOT~!which i dont found it in the other camp be4..

frm wat i heard .yes..we did vry good for our 1st day...we are the fastest grup~congrats u guys~hehe..later on ..was the Tee designing stuff... I LOVE IT!!! we think of the lots of stu idea.thou not many respone or ideas tat given out by the sub comm..but we did came out with one templates ..NICE one~heheh...btw...the tougher parts are to cut the templates..the fabric paint given are we need to consider alot..after cut of the templates...n try to tab the paint smudged..
again...i cut vice versa of the design at...the stupid hard card board with my whole concentration till my back pain sia...i think at the moment ...i m more enthuse then them..ha..psps....
finnallay it cut..too bad..the returns are sucks worst to make it as a smudged seriously..feel like givin up...
however ...carmen and suey..did came across with a good idea and design...~!after several try and erro..hehe...we came out with smtg new~!.by having the concept of by not WASTING the ink.. came across to print the residue at the back instead of print on a paper~so waste...hehee
coz of tat we havin AWESome yet simple design tat diff frm others..
we are like a printing thing systematically..helping each better and better each time ....jokes around..
<--tamplets <---outcome tee~!

i m touched tat they willing to stay back and insist to accomplish it thou it was already late night and is optional for them to stay..i m so stress up when we cant hav a good tamplet and when printing time....i m vryvry glad when i heard the compliment..the encouragement and the good feed back frm them.phewww relief..happy!Thou we are last grup to leave but the hard work pay ~!vy the time we around 3 smtg...after tat only we went to bath...together..erm ermmi means girls k...

after tat...wasnt a time for me to slp k...while others are slpping..we still doing the cards for the usual.i m doing my favor task..twisting and coiling the wiress for 50++ ..can imagine how dead meat we are...-.-"6 plus..only we start to slp...-.-Zzzzzzzzz tired sia...

8 + woke up..alerted by my sub com who went home yest..mummbling on the phone..and finnally awake..after breakfast ..havin games again~again~we did do thing together..playing captains ball at the bb court..shiok ar..thankz to the strategy given by thinage..hehe we won some point~after tat was the tug the war...tat one kinda scary..we won in the 1st place with nice strategy frm suey..too confidence when vs the 22nd team we won..end up
some one felt down some one hurt his ankle..feel bad bout it..sorry sky n keith..coz y?thou all smal size..ther are a huge tat behind which we dint realise~!!!hahaaha...shiok exciting and fun...thou was damn warm..

~IQ EGG~!heehe..try be4 to drop ur eggs frm 8th floorr yet still remain its perfect view...hmm hmmm..bidding time~bid for material to do protect the egg ,1st time i can feel the nervousness by bidding..strategised..stragtegised..howeveer..haha..we dint managed to bought the 2 things tat we really needd....due to some miscommunicate and wrong strategy and being tricked by other group..haha we did learnt a lot~^^....all havin parachute.except out team...ha~..special one..with only masking tape string tissue and straw...we did a nice one.".dumpling ketupat"!...hahaha..its really miricle if the egg wont die terribly..hahhaah

show time~all land slow nice and steady..hahha except for ours..waha!POOM!fastest...hav a leakage..jst side of the dumpling flattent..haha..who cares?we are happy enough..with the outcome..thou we know..its already crack inside..hahahno leakage consider vry good enough~
later on the tembusu area...playing rush hour game...quite fun..but...we ..haha..the last team..hehe..stuckin the memorising part...kinda touched..when we hear tat cheer frm other empires...."p is for pendulum we go whooo ha who ha pendulum.."so touching~thankz guys!!
after few more small ends. and start debrief in The lt 33 ,our daily meet point..they show the slides of our camp...thankz to them...i saw my ugly pic in it...damn ps sia....hahha..
finally we did get into 3rd place~!!woohoo.kinda suprise..coz we dint do well in the 2nd a vry good bond for all of us....
i might be super 38..
i might be hyper active..
i might be super fierce and serious..
i might look scary with my greenish eye..
all i need to say is..i enjoyed...
the process we played..we design..we complaint...WE HAV FUN!!!!
thnakz for let me havin my happiest moment after my dull exam...

PEN ! PEN!!!


  1. very interesting story, though im far away, i can feel ur teamspirit. well done

    i kesian the eggs lar... lol.
    very cool camp! Plus you enjoyed.
    Take great care ya!!
    I'm still in Kluang till July.