Thursday, November 5, 2009


wats HAp*sAd stands for??

im home~ dearly home ..ya ..i m back at 10 plus after 3 weeks in sg..

finally home..

i m kinda moody yest...kinda nt feeling gd..

vry tired and stress ..

vry nervous...vry confuse..

vry wat eva...

yest i m struggle to join programme..i saw all the click together..makes me feel like joinning back the programme..but i know..again i might be liek last tiem cant commmitte....i dotn wanan be unfair to others..listen to Cp.. he say aud ..u should join too much of CCA...gonna maintain ur grade.. again..ya ask opinion on Jan..ya ..thanks to Jan she give me a firm answer..ya it makes my mined clear...

then after posting the notice board..went to opp sch for CCN day survey with yessy , davin and Long lost eugene...

Company eugene eating in the food court..

Usuall me... i m not taking any order..

this where smtg affect me again..

yessy askk...y u always dont wanan eat?wanna save money or wat?Y nvr buy things?

she dint saw me buy things ..ya mayb i seems vry kiamsiap to her..but its true ..i didnt really buy food...but i also spent money on stuff liek BOM for nth..jst wanan spent..(this wat according to weiling..lolz...)

i speechless for sudden.....coz...

even me also dunno y m i so stupid and struggling ....

i dont wanna buy food ..coz i forced myself ..not to eat...

MIND hav those concept..

"not to spent on unnesccary $ on foodd..since it will jst make me gain weight... i rather spent those on clothing..."

its a rite concept..i m phobia bout gaining weight after havin drastic change since after poly life started..

I dunno wher my money goes..ppl saw me seems spent kinda lil..same to me..i though i spent a lil..but not... i did spent a lot..but i dunno where..even me myself also puzzled...

mayb i spent on others more than myself..i need to save money to buy present..there are too many ppl birthday....

i m pretty stupid.. alswaays abuse myself...i easily get temp..but ya..i need to CONTROL~
DIeT + save money =win win situation~

written on thurs nite.. to be cont..

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