Saturday, October 10, 2009

wat should i feel?

where should i start..start form?

REFRESSSHH my memorryyy....
k come back to msia....after my bdae outing with tei yw and em they all...

while having evening lunch with teo and em..get called to OFFICE LADY~
woohoo.. for 3 days....

coz wat..coz i need to rush back to sg again for meeting and also camp~~~
3 days working..dont even ask bout $$ coz i already prepared to really jst gain experience..working in chia sin travel last day of working..however total up i jst work for 7 days only ..HA! ..3 days be4 camp 4 days after camp --

these few days i manage to get rm140..hard earn money seh.... (btw..convert to sg..i really able to get that amount in 2 days time..but on the other hand , ii wont experience that much if i work in its still consider worth it ..)

good i get my salary..ha...really unexpected "salary"..
the only things is i try not to go there to frequent coz..
in order not to be toooo free , i need to bring my new moon there to read to spent my time..hence i go alternate days.. coz i wanna collect more task to do in one day... when they ask me to work again after i came back frm camp..hehe..

is true..i did learn lot of things..especially on fill up passport~~~ can recognise the faces ready sia..and also VISA~ hehe..china visa ? india visa? no problem..ask me next time~
heheh....smmore need to type type type..translate trip schedule..gosh..make me nervous only...see my eng already knwo how broken it is..

on tues, during my off day..intend to pluck the tooth rd...damn ass..closed pula..
luckly go find yewhui..happy happy her for while ...
scare me sia cox i hav no much time to pluck out my tooth ready since i need to take out the thread
on wed night i m damn tired ready lar ..yet still cant slp ..coz i still need to rush "smtg" before i gonna pluck my tooth on thurs.. ALL BECOZ OF THAT ~ make me miserable..make me disgrace..make me sacrisfied..make me ..squueeeze my brain..

i manage to go on thrus during my off day as well..i wasnt tat painful , perhaps i m more BRAVE~ or mayb can say i m jst too used to it..
cant even talk due to the stitch....dont even wish to talk plz...
..the next day ..still need to talk on the phone..wasnt a good task to be an operator during this time~..phew..luckly som1 created pain killer..

erhm..overall i m still happy with the job..hope tat i can be tour guide next tiem XD ~ !
erhm..nth much to say jst wanan say happy birth day ayah and dawisha!~ hav a nice food fest ibu house 3 in one...laksa johor...nasi serai....roti jala....
and also kfc treat in chia sin..with may, kat , anita , eugene dll....

and sorry to miss yw..that cancelled her bdae steamboat celebration coz of me?? lolzzzz..k lar..oh ya..and today i bought another sandal again..heee..(choose damn long..untill i get paiseh sia...) too many mouth spoilt the mood....
k thats all my recent story about~thank u~

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