Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Co. Okies


Ok ..hi….ok cookies day start todae..
Now is 4 10 am..the last day to countdown for Chinese new year..
I haven’t slp coz I m still waiting for my “cookies” in the kitchen..
I do it start frm 12 till now..Its very trouble some..and..i wish I could slp ..ZzzzZZzzzz
Lets start to intro this COoKies …

It ‘s so called Snowy Mountain”by me .. 4 24..finally done successfully..still waiting for last tray to be kept~!
Ha…..its really tough doing this since it was my first time doing this after eating once at class which bought by Jannah..
Baking these cookies may be the contribution of mine towards my fam in this Chinese New year!
I’m quite satisfied with wat I gain in during these~At least I can did mostly the same as Jannah’s.
Although I been failed few times just now..

1st- I get the soft soft snowy which taste like chewy gum.(Followed the instruction~still cant get the hard snowy?)

2nd-I put the temperature a little higher to 150”C instead of 130..however,it become harden but still say nice..but then I still cannot take I do again another half portion of the ingredient given.

3rd-Do the same step again…measured ..Beat the eggs white which really really tiring..woooo the time I wanted to mix the cornflixs ..the egg white that is beaten already turns watery…OMG…I waste all my half an hour effort!

Its then tougher and “spendy” part overall..wat to do …I dare not to take the risk to just mix them up..ignore mom’s suggestion…I secretly took out another egg white and do it again till I get it….although it means I need to REDO everythings again…

Another troublesome task…the corn flakes tat are mix in the ingredient is the one cause then snowy become only that we realize that we need to toasted the flakes be4 mix them up…ok ..i willing to toast..

However….thanks to yingying…She had mix the corn flakes with the choco chip.. -.-“~~
Haiz..they say nvm lar ..just baked it lo..No WAY~!I NeVER giVe Up easily!~?i dint get any perfect cookies yet!
Finally…. I really picked out the chips one by one..

perhaps I m really stupid..stubborn.. But I rather like tat then regret being doing imperfect cookies thou they don’t know the taste..
Each tray just can filling few 20 ++..overal …I suppose waited for only 3 tray which cause we only (40 min *3)… I really cant get it..dunnwanna give up… So I baked the baked cookies again again and again till I get the exact taste as the actual one.
Tats y….Instead of 3 trays .. i had use for 5 tray times to done it accomplishedly..
I used to it..coz I always do double work..y?
Coz it is Me….
Although it was just few ..less than 2 tins which fully used of my time..
I m sleepy…tired…. worth least ..
I did something during this “super short” CnY break…

Good nite (-.Z)
(5 00a.m)

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