Saturday, January 10, 2009

ERGH!!!i hate sch ! i hate homework!

i hate!!! i hate!!
damn depress todae..slept at 7 am jsut to done my stupid art..continue inthe next whole day..and the outcome like shit! wtF! i really not going to touch tat again..!!

Coz of tat ! ihow mant things i haven touch! i havent do my comprog! study my quiz! my flow cHart! DAMN LOT!! ALL pass up by friday
reallly make me qi siao...

summore vry unlucky..watching the performance from the brigde...stupid wing blow my art book till the roof top ..wtheck! how am i gonna take!!use a pole..poking like stupid..standing on a big Dustbin...eweyh..@!! damn embarass..lastly alsostill need to get help frm the kaki tangan..thankzz to him only i can get bag my art boookkk....

phey..todAE really SUCKS!i hate u !ASSS sCH!!

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