Friday, January 30, 2009

Wat a nice Fridae..


i m stuck with my "dare angel " mood to draw..intend to ask for advice.

talking bout friends today..lot of thoughts and feelings... human hearts..complicated..

i m sad in the morning ..really no mood...teacher doesnt interviewed us ... i waste my time.redo...yet i need to waste another week for tis.. really dissapointed.. the afternoon..mingli really can see me with a "stress" face..i m vry touched ..tat at least she realise tat..even though i knew ..her stress is much more than me...

at night ..ming li asked me to join her to yi ting's bbq gathering..thoughts of gathering? 6 of us only..

ya a good time for me to destress ....

EAT-Ing..My old way to destress...

wana bbq? weather turns..goin to rain soon?

changed plan..

we cooked at home..

so at 6 i reach home...start cooked with weiling...with a joy heart...

cut veg ,peel potato.. do tis do tat..3 pairs of hand really make things go fast...later on , mingli yi ting had gone back to prepared their dishes..

Mee hun is cooked~just any between this i realise 1 thing..evry cook has thier own way to cook even give same instruction..taste 'll still be diff ..Black papper and spices is my trade mark..i nvr neglect them.

i m happy with the mee hon for 6~it looks heavy but my arm really "suan"liek aching hahah..taste good? All thanks to the paste that given by weiling's dad lol...ahha

weiling pula make potato salad..slicing sausage ...peeling potato..smaching eggs..Done!the Mash potato salad..

Ok 6++ is time for us to move~with this-->

7..we reach there..

walking long distance really shuang..haaha

reach there..they already start to cook ...yiting had prepared her grilled chiz which marinated earlier for her bbq...once arrive..we had eaten lot..cant stop..althought we wasnt really hungry..mingli really pro..she cook the black sauce chic..looks so familiar..popo de dish~gt the feel..coz it was o o ...yiting pula cooking the dumpling soup...instead..there are lotltolotltol of veg and mushroom inside...woowoo..BOTH LOoKs GREAT~!

ok ..tats the last ..we are done~!the Soup looks great! we are excited to place all the setting..waiting for her 2 friends to come back...wait wait..wait..almost 1 hr since we cooked they havent come back...i can feel tat actually the excitedness had fade down..full of puzzle since they gone so long without picking up the phone.....we kept mum....all we can do is wait..

however .they called..we eat 1st...nvm....the excitedness still back..

i can see the joyfullness on our really touched and achived~we can cooked smtg like adults!

do u seen any rectangle meehun be4?

this is how it llooks like..haha.

4 if us are liek starving ghost...came out to eat thoe dishes...

this dinner really let me feel sense of feelings..

it really cure my more regrets staying..instead of listning to the craps that ah dong say..Happy new yr to me and to u ...

The food really lot...till i cant eat anymore..really full..fully revenge too...

Later on...talking craps in the dining hall...gossiping...wat gurls usually do...lot of unbelievable rumous...damn funny...teacher and students -havin affaiir..(gay~)..

haha..aroung 11++ ..we left her house....dont intend to go home..coz home=study..dont feel liek facing it...

we walk again to the park..really cant stop talking..3 of us..AMW (aud ming li weiling)..

talk bout freinds ..haunted stories....stressness..the cunningness..the cruelness ulgyness of the society..project...prob tat we gonna face~in the park while doing excercise..hahaha..

12++ only we wana go home....(wondering wat if daddy knows bout tis.)..

opening comp a habit bout charky..the stupid dolls..really spooky..nvm ..not importatnt...

review back to the video tat taken just now..realy have a diff feels..

RMBR..Nvr being stingy to take pic or videos...this is the only way to capture the precious time tat had flies...wont regret....

Mood swing faster than wind..when i really fras..i m hot tempered..cant deny..homework..plz leaeve me alone...

All the best...

audrey (522AM)

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