Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tagged by Jeannie!

Three names that your friends call you:

-weiwei(can more than 3?)

-Three most important dates in your life..

-17/08 every year
-25/12 every year
-erm...my future date?

Three thing you've done in the last 33 minutes..


Three ways to be happy..
-get achieved with my handy craft or things that i put effort on
-fun time with friends
-taking pictures (camwhore)hahaha

Three of your songs as for now...
-i can do better(avril)
-nobody knows(pink)
-anything but ordinary (avril)

Three of your favourite hobbies
-hanging out with friends
-day dream
-doing handcraft
-do stupid stuff/having stupid thinkin

Three places you want to go for vacation..
-kl-to buy cheap cheap stuff!
-euro-historical spot

Three favourite cartoon/anime characters..
-spices girls

-Three favourite malls you usually go...
-tampines mall
-jurong pont

Three favourite drinks..
-teh tarik
-green tea
-soft drink

Three favourite colours..

Top three hang outs..
-central park/bedok reservoir

Top three food you love so much..
-BEEF!!(wateva tat goes with beef)-die-.-"hahaaa

Top three things special to you..
-my inhesion
-wat i was(my everything)
-my surronded ppl

Top three attitudes you like..

Three things you'll be doing tomorrow..
-goin to lib?to study?
-goin to cook~
-goin to....JOg?slp?talk?crap?

Three reasons you answer this survey..
-coz been tagged by jean
-coz i m free
-coz i feel like doing~!

Three people you tagged...

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