Saturday, February 7, 2009

fridae hope~!

WEEE~~~i nTHe Lib~

those are nice idea which i found from the BOOKS~!woo hoo~hav a look~!

<-- reisistor earing..tis is wat i'm doing too~

hey saw the bag?i sew this~!---> DIY TECHNO BOOKS~! WhICH ALIGHT MY LIFE@@@@!!!! Book of HOPE!!

^the book tAT i picked~!

i like those~! enjoying reading it..perhaps tats really a hope~!
the steps to sew bags~

the day be4 ubin..

i m relief after taking my last quiz paper..

thankz to faiz ..i managed to safe my assignment marks which i already given up..

he do it for me while i m doing my stupid comprog.

' lunch time..they sms me that they are nt goin.. dissapoint man..coz waste my whole night saliva..haha..luckly there are still daniel and anthony who are going to jog with me..if not they get killed~


Goin for beyond boundaries interviewed...feel so streess and confuse..

dont feel liek joining it....forced? all my fault..itchy mouth say too many thing s to teacher ...however...really thanks to mdm sing who tat urged to ask me to join...but i really no time~~sob...

durring interviewed...i did my noobest ....simply answer..6 to 1

imagine how i answer their quest?

"wat ur weakness?"-i said..impatient...ermmok..(i forgot to say that I M SUPPER DUPER BLURR!!)..

"wat post do u wanna be?" ...publicity or logistic i think?

" y not president?or vice president?.." i stunned....i said..can i dont be the president?..

.i dunno wat to answer....cant jsut tell them cos i dont have the capabalityi just wanna take a normal post..."...-.-"..."

this wt reaction they givin ..hhaha..i answer question stupidly..hope tat they wont choose me as main coom..HOwever....i

still get it............i dunno whether is good or bad..perhaps that really fated..all i need to know is foollowwed...thx to mj who following me there~

need to reward myself..eating BeeF again,...AHHAHAA~!

finally went to my last class to met her ...full of wrinkles...perhaps she needs a husband...summit my art...change tis change tat..i really can t do..haiz..just pass up..print rd still need to show the comp to her ..damn troublesome.....get B for overall...not tat wasnt wat i want..

nvm..jogging at still have time hanging around at the lib..dont feel like revising..i wanna RElaX~! i had read few books~ my fav books..never the less the craft craft books~!u know ill picked those if u really knows me well~!^^


however i picked few books ..i like the rubbish books~ is really me~! see there is not too bad being a "trash girl"called by weiling and ming li-.-"

hey really smbody doin tat wat..

ehhe..all the books tat i tok usually are alll hand craft books...

omg..a book is bout fashiontechno..

cant believe tat ther are resistor ampliefier led in it!

someone invented those high tech engineen stuff in those hady craft!i m suprise~

i feel HOPE out of sudden


its a hope for wasnt the end of my passion although i futher my studies in eng industry~


there is a job which combination betwen handy craft and robotic components~haha~!!it was intersting~! really open my eyeS!


i m damn least i hav a aim...aim to be somebody like tat! my future wasnt thawt grey as wat i thought through


later on go jog....till 12++

didnt run much cozz..waiting for them..but quite relax..with the winddy wind~

reach home..they callled me...goin ubin?susprisingly weiling agreed~! just go~!see the next post~!to be continued~!

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