Friday, February 13, 2009

ya i m finally home..

hey ay.hooarrr~~
kinda tired today~

valentine's nite huh..oh y sat now..
ha..Happy valentine's to every one~

surprisingly i had one present too..thankz being too kind too me..haha..eventhougth i knew u jst pity me...sob sob..
hahah jkjk..nice necklace tq.

seriously ..when daniel pass it to me.. no awkward feel..hehe..doesnt like wat i usually met on...good good..tis Wat friends call..hhehhee
cant understand? hey me too~! (*high 5!)

p/s i m not siao...

I M thrifty~!!!

this wat i wanna mention be4 u scroll down.....

today i did spent a lot..

but nnot for me ..i dint buy lot things for myself k..i declare 1st*

today after sch..10++ dont feel like we went to book shop..small shop..seems nobody..but we like mad there happily..she saw her rubbish staionary..i bllinged~ coz i saw my SNACKSZZ`~
omg..snackz remains me of adrian and ppl in normally i dont lookat had buy lotlotltolottlot ..nearly 6 buckz jst for stupid titbits to bring home..

choco ..choco...jap chewin gum...sweet...jelly....stu stuff....
but i still bought it....

later on after waiting mee soto with jannah..i go value shop pula..
at ther...i Buy things again...
like addicted~!cant stop buying stuff~i bought cute jeelly for yew hui..jst becoz the packaging is nice-.-"..then again buy stuff for adrian..coz the wat cheezy macoroni looks nice~~
haiz..spent money again..

in few minutes ..i had spent ten dollar plus plus ...omg..i reeally can go can be exceptable
cozz things wasnt for me ...

i saw a polo tee..wanted to buy for dad..but cheat lo the uncle~last time 3 dollar now 5 dollar...although still cheap but i still dint buy~yes!i can resist!!!

then go home do nth relax on9 pack bring back all the stuff spoilt like shoe which can buy new huhu~!

then they give the present..kinda shock haha..btw tq
then 3 plus go bac msia..
on the way to tampines mrt, i going to buy adrians bdae present..OMG..ii cant find the stall rd..vanished~!..

scary..luckly there are pasarmalam held neawrby.
.quickly walk there..luckly they the 1st stall..
the ben10 watch had capture my attention..looks so cool yet so cheap~!jst 350~but i m seeking for pencil unluckly they finished the time i wanna buy the watch..sienz..the one and only ben10 watch cant work..-.-"speechless..

so i walk to the 2nd stall..they sell~ with a higheer price-.-pencil box for
5 50 and the watch is now 4. cheat...ask for discount ?the max is 9..funny shoopekeepr still whisper to me.."hey come tomorrow lar..i can give u 8 dolllar..u live nearby only rite?today the lady bosss is here ..i cant give u latest discount.."erh.....tis wat i said..he seems good ..but seems hamsap lou only..btw thx for the kindness..i called ming li she ask me to buy deal~! i spent another 9 dollar again...-.-

5 smtg arrived ..

1st station-FOS.
still early..need to wait daddy til 789...
so i walk in to the fitting room with a big big beg
try changed
i think the fellow see my face till fed up rd..coz each time jsut can bring 4 clothes in..but yet i trued lots of shirt..sommore similar one..
i also paiseh
i vry tired rd..
so normally i will sit there..slack..take pic ..dragging my tat it will pass faster...
wondering wat the promoter will think wat the hell m i doin inside...haha..
vry sooon...i been in the SHop for few hrs..really geng....i peifu myself...
but yet..i just bought 2 clothes..summore is RM15 only much contrast man...haiz.i m abusing myself..take so long to buy frickle minded..dunno which to choose...inthe end just buy 2 pieces of clothes only

nearly 8 i sms dad..he ate his dinner d .so i went to mcd..for so long dint eat proper dinner rd..i ordered a BIG MAg..again rm10 ++..cant believe it..i feel full when i eating half way.. feel like forcing to finished to whole my math book..blank in my mind..ok forget bout it..listening to my annoyest ear pieces which is sot sot one side..spoilt my moood..

finnally get the rite enterenceto get into the car..damn sleepy..after showing offf my sutff to slp till klg...

sasmpai klg~!hehhe!!! mummy say i SLIMMER RD ~!well done she said..keep it up~!hehhehe..jog and diet really WorkS!@@hahhaa..feeel so achieved! later on i showed them wat i had bought for them..adrians present..their clothes...wahaa..tell story...oh y asummore show them my magic tricks~!hehehe...hahaha dad cant figure it out~really shuang~! at least they give face rather than the coldest blanket..haha..feeel so achieved~!
tell mom bout the valentines story..feel so funny..
tell her i pierce my nose..
she really take it real...the expression i cant forget ahaha~!

later on..try clothes again try take out try take out..thx mom..buying the pants and clothes frm kl~haha..though now only i received my cny clothes hahah..

ya then only i returned to my normal routine..on9
ya tats all the end of the day~hhehe

i spent a lot lot lot today...
i m not money waster..
i m not baiga lui..
coz all i buy is for my fam..except for the 2 shirt..jst to balance up ..
i had save lot for dad when i m in sg
i just spent 100+ for my daily expenses..even skip my dinner
i think money spender can be forgiven ???
ok ..sorry u guys who viewing my blog..
coz i m crapping..long winded.and i m just finding excuse to reduse my guiltyness ..hheewho can finished reawding my blog really geng coz even me lazy to read...ok end..
good night everybody...

Happy valentine's day!@-----

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