Sunday, February 15, 2009

i m happy..can i stay?

i m happy today..
everything goes smoothly..

i never being so sampat ready..i can laugh wat eva i like ,,,i can talk wat eva craps i like..
time pass.but i can find back "my high sch me !" which can totally igonring stresss~~

laugh wat eva i like ..non stop laughing..coz..those day in laugh wasnt tat shiok...
i m glad i m here with u ~ my high sch friends~!!!

I love u ~! teo and yin wen~!
thz to u=yin wen and ewen

early in the morning playing tennis though not really "playing" but we havin fun in bbq ing our self ahhaa~..thz to ewen who burnthe cd to me...hheeeheh..
though i was totally fat in the pic~

thanks to u guys..who having breakfast with me..thankz for listen to my complaints~
thanks for making me refresh our high sch life~ the unforgetable memories~
thanks to daniel who let me still remember how am i when i waas in stk..

my "frankness" haha...really dont expect tat u stiill rmbr wat i say~haha
"i still rmbr the 1st things u tel me when the 1st time i saw u 'haha."u say , y u choose sara she so fat~..."i totally forget bout tat..sorry dan..i knew u stil keep on repeating these infront of teo ..haha
ya bads come to me~now i becoome fat rd hahah~!!

later on .go back for while..l open the pic in sentosa tat burn by ewen..seriously..i m a FAt mummy in the pic..omg..i really cant imagine...wat happen to wonder zw will say i slim down a bit rd..coz tat time i really fat till~~

later on..yinwen call me agin...cant bear to leave me i think~haha..she ajak me and bea out again..not even more than 1hr..we meet agin..haha perhaps she really miss me much huh~haha..
yw fetch us to pizza again...hahah..1st time i talk to a waitress thaat dunno wat the hell is REFILL..reallly wanna vomit...thz for the late delivery ..each of us managed to bargain another cup of coke ~hah
we reawllly ful until cannot tahan..bea go rd ,..o we go shop at kp digest our food hahha....

so guilty..dunno how m i gonna diet many cheezzz..omg...night need to eat summore..

today gnie come..i also forget..take a nap at home better ..prepared to host nicely tonight adrians bdae~ night..stilll doing nth..last minute only wanna prepared the tools cards and those kind damn clumsy...out to town..we go to the castle..wanted to eat chinese food? hav a look..seems nobody come out again ..went to the western food restaurant? get in..suddenly chinese restaurant chef(they know each other) call popo..go into the chinese res again..even sitting down ther rd..HAiz.the stu adrian face turn black agin.start emoing ther again..sienz spoilt the mood..daddy cant tahan his baobei like tat...All of us say soory just walk of get into the western res again..damn embarass..dunno wat hte hell are we doing....

nvm..once changed is changed ..Adrian is the king of we are jst jsut qian jiu him...ok while waithng the food ..i start to perform..the tricks..the gift ...the notes tat i had prepaared easlier in clumsy form...hahha...luckly he quite coooperative today..i managed to performed and "Plead" him successfully..haha..Glad he likes the presents a least is worth it to run her and ther to buy his stuff ahhahh...RElief...and eat my late dinner haha..
my 1st time doing tis i m much more excited than him..after eating the meal tat doesnt filling at all..we go eat tong sui sumore..adrain had fall asleep..till now..can see he reawlly sleepy..glad tat he dint lao gai at all..we managed to eat peacefully..hahha...

while i m stil happying..i is not think..i fats~ rise up tripple of my normal intake...everythings hav the good and bad..So tmr..i need to jog again looo~~~~

Btw thankz for today..though i havin a tired day..but can i donty go back to sg? least is worth for me to come back...
Lastly.may god bless me and every one~!;)

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