Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a WeLcome crap tat even me myself dunno wat m i typin ^^~

Yup hi every one.~I dint update my dearest blog quite a while rd..hah due to the OvERLOAD TASk and important exam tat given by the “freaky sch”..haha excuse thou..

Wat m I doing recently?? Loose weigth for the past few weeks?GAinWEIGHT AGAIN!oh my dearest aud..i pampered my self too much in the end..i gain double ….and wasted double of my jog effort I think after the end of the exam and start of the hols~..
Dear dear..i Vomit in the middle of the night ..i VFS the whole night ..can imagine how many foods tat I had wasted..and imagine..wat if the food really digest in my stomach..cant imagine my figure rite means wat? Thankz to the lousy stomach who vomited all the stuff??at 4 AM? And I cleaned it up myself after tat with a weak body …plz..i deserved it I too much till vomit..i think this is the rare case rite..ya..i think so ..such a ridiculous joke..laugh by all d the nx day..thankz to ibu mak nit and popo who pampered me too much..haha.

ya ithink its enough for my welcome back gift..hahha…

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