Saturday, March 7, 2009

erm..pic in those dayszz

ok stop here 1st this is only the trip be4 melacca .my father place....wait for the latest pic..hehe sorry ar too many to upload..

view frm dad's balcony

freak man

reverly hotel`!

ncie ring~?

i bought smtg i hav again while walking along jonker street..haizz..TYRE SHOE!DAMN NICE & CHEAP~!

our up 4 pieces..hehe..hotel cheeze cake~~thx ya dad~!

satay celup..after the nyonya laksa...

this wat we call the TAsTy CENDOL~

bruce partner~?

i m kissing the dragon~?

the tasty baba laksa for our "teabreak" haha after the chicken rice ball.haha

hehe..commercial lady~

super suckzzz
cendol i ever had..all SATAN MAN~! cutest baby...

can see our klg Most FAmous gunung Lambak~!
frm ibu's house~

JEmPUt-JemPut..hehe nice teabreak kuih~

Ibu & Mak nit delicious lunch dish~!
(*which make me vomit at night due to overload food in my stomach ..HAHAHA)

PoPo Ham Cha~THe tradision Hakka FOOd tat i ever Had~!

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