Sunday, March 8, 2009


TOWN of paddy.


i jakun ..this is the precious paddy~ falling angle~?hahah

they sell
crystal at the gunung~

plantation ~!


weiling's mother wonderful LAKSA~!our "TEABREAK"~

our hr be4 the laksa..can imagine`??

our "tea tea break" after the laksa ..hahahhaha

ok 1st of all i really neeed to thankz*10 WEILING~!!!!!!
hehe..i really damn full now..thankz to ur great great family who bring me all around today~!AND ALSO THE LOBSTER~!OMG~!!!never the less..THE LAKSA ..(i goin to eat again later)..and the SUCCCESFUL CHEEZZZ CAKE~!WOHAHAAH~!
damn happy..damn appreciate..

got lot lot stufff to write down ..
omg today trip is wonderful..we~thankz to the father bring us to more kampung place which near a gunung~
wah nice gunung ..nice paddy ..nice plantation~!wahoo ..this wat i can describe..

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