Sunday, March 29, 2009

CAMP IN WEeKK ZZZer00000~!!!!

our garmet and our girl`~!
our garmet and our man~

nasi emak porridge ? nice TEh tarik`!i drink alot man`!



bettle game tat i totally dunno how to play..ahhaaha

poor prisoner?

nat looks so sweet~!
crazy cheer..

me and yessie~!

me chew yan and weiling~
the 1st dinner tat make me choke...however i hav smtg to mention..i do rewally appericiate the offer of water by the organiser if without their
supervise and urge i wouldnt drink tat much of water..i really will DEHYDRATE tat time..and end up faiting ....hahhaa..thats wat i really appericiate..tq~

me jing xin and chew yan`~
ok ..1st of all..i m infront of the comp for the whole day ..but yet ..i dint even accomplish a single things tat i wanna do..hope this will be done by todae....

happening camp..i did get in this camp by chance..out of sudden ..some one ask me to join..out of sudden ..i get in..out of sudden ..freindsz not joining but yet i m here~..3 days 2 night..wasnt a long day..but yet quite tiring..seriously...
the day be4 i met kat in msn..she is rushing her way here tmr......wat a good siprit that we should learnt frm...kinda suprising

the 1st day i go.. hope i will be same group as yessie or kat or some one i know..yet i m in the bechelor group~the group tat i m not familiar with?..kinda akward the 1st tiem i met my group members..seems all ppl havin their own freinds that they knew,..but..i m kinda ..out?i dont even know a single of them ..gosh...

ya tat day i met weiling and yan(i liek her HAIR STYLE;damn cool!) as weell..they are kinda nice too...especially weiling .sounds so besstie's name~~!
lol..bout the guys..seriously ..i really no much impression for the 1st day...hehhehee..i m more intersted towards girls?(hahha..guys dont kill me~)whaaah..but lately ..i found that most of them are quite to active ;active to noisy~whaha..few days after..i found it sooem really talkative....ehheeh.never the less..the ACtiviest? the few bob guys....cant forget their cheer voice man...i found it mosly the girls did quite freindly..honestly while paige really a leader..she did lead us most of the the 1st day i nearly thought she was our ll instead of mentor only...hahha while nat..i kinda close with her in the morning period?when the mor dance?she did vry PRETTY ~! in the pic that we took together~

last but not least..our ll~i did liek our ll vry much..ther are good...the closest ll tat i could rmbr is kak pah ..wenda.. hui ning and rownny...all are the besstiie~kinda touch when they still contacting me todae liek kak pah and rowny~hahha
Lmao~i also like the part we win our race~!the 100sec race...we got champion~!that was unexpected gift~!hahha..no1 pose tat captured in the camp is the greatest gift for the champion i think~~haha very happy tat time thou lips are swollen terribly(full of burns aroma frm cilli padi man haha)1sst time i urge to eat the wires worm so much..ahhaa..and also POKKY..1st time wanna finished the pokky so much..1st tiem nearly kena kiss..ahhaa OopppSS ..hhee luckly is NEARLY~(hhaha..alangka baik..if the one is lee hom..ha.....)
kk erm.. then due to the excellent perform .we manage to get lot material for the nx day road show event..
hehee ..designing~!out of sudden..half girl half boy came out frm my mind....gosh...liek into it..gonna suggest,...jst wanna suggest..really dont expect to lead..feel paiseh..coz i not a good leader..hhehee...btw..i did really think of it the whole night at the lt while watching the horro mov that not vry horro ..waiting for teh excitement of night walk till geting bored..

Nite WAlk...sounds so horro~kinda excited~!yet frm 8 30 to 10 ++ waiting the whole day makes me a bored and slpy gurl man.....i m kinda ppl seems lesser and lesser..finally cant tahan rd ....hands up .i go 1st...meeting with a guy in opp Lt..kinda paiseh man ..holding his hand when get in that time..luckly i declared myself 1st haha..kinda creeepy inside..thought of smtg will poop~! out..along the class our own imagination too good rd...actually for the 1st florr one inside to scared us also ~all are probS!..yet i still walk damn fast...not even look at the scene clearly ..kinda regret haha..the LEG part really scary man~!suddenly drop down~!not even me..i think the guy shout louder then me thou`~hahha!!..walking to the nx level..liek finaly gonna end..of of sudden ..someone cling my leg man~!SHIT ..both us scream liek crazy...ahahaw wat a shame man~phewwww..finally out of that..hahaa mingli missed it..its quite funlar..mayb is due to my "good imagination"?which makes me more terrified~!whaha..tat night realy long i even fal asleep in the lt...btw..stilll eating mcd in the middle of the night man..hehehe cheese burger~
waha~!the nx day..perform time..we did helping each other to deco wesley NICEly..the semi guy semi girl..we should called him SEMI then ..wat a nice name haha...thanks to the help ~we did design a nice garmet for him..thou the design wasnt as perfect as the one tat we sketch out..hahha..poor wesley..wearing a hot armor which can becoem a rosted wesley hahaha..luckly we did managed to won a BEST DRESSING award..really happy enough..;)
after tat we did play another ..fenng sui game?(which i think the loser are the 1st winner)
hahhaa..coz its was realy under the hot sun..thank to alvin ..i still managed to leave the camp with my actual skin coulour for my face..but not arms are black and white now.haha~
thou..that was the last game we havin it was tougher...the wind..the sun.the sweat..the heat..really challengin..ahhaah by not able to burn even a single string..i did enjoy being cuddle with everone tat time `haha~!huu ha HUUu HA~!

last but not least the greatest awaard go to best MENTORS and TT~u guys deserved it!!!~
finally ..its the end .ehehe ..ALL THE BEST AND HOPE TO MEET U GUYS AGAIN!
soorry bout the long and nonsense blog that u are viewing..any way ..,muckz

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