Sunday, March 15, 2009

JAWS TODAY~! happening things happen today~..after been to kuala kedah tat day..we been ther AGAIN~!coz the uncle managed to brought back a 300kg shark back`!omg DAMN BIG thats the 1st time i saw it..such a big shark..dangerous..his uncle called us..we quickly rushed out of the the reporter..haha thankz to him and WL mom ..we managed to explore new things hhaa...300 kg~ a hard thick skin shark fish..heheee..sit on it heroine only..kinda stinky ..but no fear~lot of ppl took pic with it ..erhmm..small eye still opening bu ming mu ..hahatime for WL uncle to cut it into pieces..if there are baby inside..tats really lucky coz ..the baby is vry worthy~too bad..there are nth inside...she give birth rd...left with her huge liver inside~bloody...oh ya .lazy to upload ..btw can see frm my FB there are all the pic inside~blooddyy marry~~~

this was post few days ago..sorr

posted by buttonsinaudrey at 1:07 AM on Mar 12, 2009

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