Tuesday, March 10, 2009

day in KUALA KEDAH~!!!!!

omg!there is too many things to tell~!
i dunno how to decribe and tell out todays happening story..its so coincidence tat i can met ma nit here~!instead of meeting in jb lar klg lar..yet we meeting here~! reawlly"kong ngam dak ngam kiu"..so ngam i came to kk today..she also jst arrived kk today~!yet both kampung is jst side by side seperated by a so called rainbow bridge~one call kampg cina one call kmpg ulu ..so funny yet contrast~!whahahaa..reawly fated~
1st time go kk..kinda far ..all fish monger..her popo vry nice person..so cheerful and strong..unique small house..NICE FAMILY~! rupenye ther are lotlot of udang lipan at her popo house~!they distrubute to the buyers..so ther are bunch bunch of prawnzZ~lot of malay ladies and kid...peeling of the shelll..damn fast....

for while only the lunch is ready..FAT PRAWNS TAT U LL JEALOUS~!sHIOK~!!!!(btw...the cook x eat..coz scared of these..they throw sometimes ..coz muak rd..wasted wasted..)

see how FAT JUICY IS THE PRaWNZZthe size of the bowl~!

the PRaWNSSS~!

the wording ont eh wall are all ph no..seee.who say adults dint conteng~?!?

ok i stop here 1st tmr i continue the scenary part WHAHAH~!

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