Friday, March 6, 2009

1st day in kedah~

ok well is 1.00 am..after having a vry 1st great day in kedah..wohoo..kinda nice...its really far.cant imagine i really make it to be here..hehhe...then nicest part wasnt the tourist spot or anything else..spent most of my time in the house...but yet very happy~Y??

coz...there is FOOD`~~..
omg..weiling having a great mom which reawlly a role-mom..haha..she is rewally sweet and nice~!haha
sian qi lian mu..tats wat i can reawlly describe her..hahaht
my 1st time get along with her fam..hav a nice sis, bro n a fit father..haha~!a decent sis which study all day long~while bro vry talkative like my bro friendly~!
ok stop this..oh..her mom's cooks~!
impress me...heheh..i come here really not to shop around kedah..
is tasted all the kedah FOOd~!wahhaaa..i ate again today....shitz~!
eat meehon in the morning then read bunch of cake recipe..hehe goin to bake cheese cake tmr~!then eat HEavy LUNCh in the afternoon..sotong fish veg soup..wasnt does shoould eat at night?hahaha
later on ..teabreak~wahhaa...fried nian gao~omg..oily I CANT RESIST IT~!after eat..felt dizzy(slp lar)then look throught the photo ..then.hehhe take nap! stomach full of food yet i still take my great slp..

EAt the whole day again hope this time i wont vomit again we go JOG in the eve after the nap..wah..1st time WL volunteer to bring me jog man..Grab this chance so i can eat more night ..hahha
DINNER~!her mom cook nice food~!..sea cucumber lar..summmore the KERABU~!mango salad damn nice~!eat a lot again..jog jst an excuse to reduce my guiltness..CHE!hhaa..later on go lot SUPPER AGAIN~!eat bahulu eat yun yong eat shark fin soup~omg..
summore constipation..dono when my stomach goin to burst.hhaanvm...tmr still gt cheese cake waiting for us~!

1 comment:

  1. Wah seh.. Your stomach bigger than universe..
    How you can eat so many things ar?
    Really sweat..
    At first i was envy of you of all the foods..
    Somehow, at the end.. i feel like vomit..
    Too much foods..