Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hehe day in thailand~

spent only 50 ~!!but i bought LOT STUFF~!WOHOO~NICE TRIP nice explore~!NICE FOOD THat weiling's father brought us ther!@!

asam jawa ~can be cook but heard be4 can be eat like tat!??haha

the ulam ther~

PICTURES TELL HUNDRENDS WORDS..so let the picZ show my journey`!~


all the ingredients~and jajan

nice stall`~!

this coconut damn NICE~!

the shoes in the pasar lot till can 砸死人!!!

toilet without flusher~

the streetZ

flower mango~?

i found smtg in ther~can u see it?? the NICE PANDAN inside~!

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