Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tell me ~help me know me more~

haha frm the email-thx to jean again..kinda true???~?
8月17日〔土星?星星〕代表人物:劳勃狄尼诺 个性坚强、执著,非常自信,充满理想和希望; 具有很好的直觉和判断能力,对文学和艺术有强烈的兴趣。 优点是认真、踏实、意志和毅力坚定;聪明,能力很强。 缺点是固执,缺乏变通;脾气刚硬,不好惹? (be carefull~aud eat human beings~)

now a days nth to do..explore more bout myself ..coz i realise tat i dont even know myself wel..
so for those who are free..feel free to give a comment bout me..let me know ME well...hehhe ..TQ~!

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