Tuesday, March 17, 2009

todae-pandan aroma surrounded me~@!

this the pandan flower tat i found in hat yai toilet during my kedah trip

cutie flower prince~!

wAHHOOOOooo~damn nice smell~!@

the leaves

and this is wat i made~!

imagine each flowers need 2 LONG pandan leaves ..imagine how many leaves that i had plucked..kesian ibu..the plants all botak rd..

kinda tired..when to ibu house jst now..bringin my wires along...tend to do smtg there..
well been there..mak nit came bac ..mak ngah and her daughter here..
plcked few ..no t few ..is LOTS OF pandan leaves at ibu's backyard..the long one..damn itchy...still need to jemur it 1st .around 70??not bragging is truuth..
imagine i fold the flowers frm the aft till the late eve.my whole half day spending out side ..bitten by the mos and ant ..jst to finised it~~damn tiring..

luckly there are bunch of kids companying me out side..hahah..make me finished my task happily~!hehehee
p/s:hey give a try ~!its vry useful~~!nice smell and nice deco~!

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